Mobs by Zone: The Shire

Adalgrim GoodbodyThe Shire The Party Tree 
Adelard TookThe Shire Great Smials 
Adelgar Brandybuck (Heavy Armour, Skirmish), TraderThe Shire Skirmish Camp (The Shire) 
Aesseledh (Cook's Guild Leader), TraderThe Shire Cook's Guild Hall  
Ailward Chubb (Inn League Member)The Shire The Party Tree 
Aldo Topleaf, Medium Armour TraderThe Shire Bywater 
Alf GoodcliffThe Shire Little Delving 
Alken ChubbThe Shire The Green Dragon Inn 
Alric Banks (Inn League Taxidermist), TraderThe Shire Inn League, The Bird & Baby Inn 
Amabel Redfern (Travelling Farmer)The Shire The Hill 
Amber Whitfoot, AuctioneerThe Shire The Shire Auction Hall 
Andfast Tunnelly, Stable-masterThe Shire Michel Delving 
Andy Brockhouse (Michel Delving Housing Broker)The Shire The Delving Fields 
Andy Smallburrow (Light Armour, Skirmish), TraderThe Shire Skirmish Camp (The Shire) 
Angelica Bolger, ProvisionerThe Shire Budgeford 
Angry BroadtoothThe Shire Bindbole Wood, Hobbiton-Bywater 
Angry Hill-toadThe Shire Frogmoors 
Angry TuskerThe Shire Bree-fields, Tookland 
Annie Hayhurst (Cook's Guild Reward Vendor), Expert CookThe Shire Cook's Guild Hall  
ArdoThe Shire Overhill 
Ardo Aleford, Minstrel TrainerThe Shire The Michel Delving Training Hall 
Assistant FallohideThe Shire Michel Delving 
AthglokThe Shire Scrag-dells 
Auction HallBree-town, The Shire, Thorin's Gate  
Aytrop BolgerThe Shire Inn League 
BadgerThe Shire Bridgefields, Greenfields, North Bridgefields 
Balbo Grubb, Novice WeaponcrafterThe Shire Michel Delving 
Baldo MudfootThe Shire The Party Tree 
Baldwin Foxtail (The Mathom Society)The Shire Mathom House 
Barmy Rootknot, Tavern KeepThe Shire The Green Dragon Inn 
Belba Bracegirdle, Novice WoodworkerThe Shire Michel Delving 
Belco BrockhouseThe Shire Tuckborough 
Belgo Brockhouse (Inn League Games-master)The Shire Greenfields 
Belgo Redsmith, BowyerThe Shire Brockenborings 
BellflowerThe Shire Sandson's Farm 
Beneger Bolger, Novice ScholarThe Shire Budgeford 
Bert Cotton (Medium Armour, Skirmish), TraderThe Shire Skirmish Camp (The Shire) 
Berylla Goodchild, Novice JewellerThe Shire Michel Delving 
Betony Diggins (Crafting, Skirmish), TraderThe Shire Skirmish Camp (The Shire) 
Betony Hornblower, Novice JewellerThe Shire Budgeford 
Big Black BearThe Shire Bindbole Wood 
Big FrightThe Shire Tookland 
Big Tom (Brigand)The Shire Green Hill Country 
BillinaThe Shire Sandson's Farm 
Bindbole SpinnerThe Shire Bindbole Wood, Lob's Grove 
Bindbole WeaverThe Shire Bindbole Wood, Lob's Grove 
Bingo BolgerThe Shire Budgeford 
Biting GnatsThe Shire Rushock Bog 
Biting ShrewThe Shire Bree-fields, Tookland 
Black RiderThe Shire Budgeford 
Black-bear CubThe Shire Greenfields 
Blossom Proudfoot (Mistress of Apprentices), Master of ApprenticesThe Shire Michel Delving 
Bluebell Grubb (Inn League Member)The Shire The Plough and Stars 
Bluet Bracegirdle (Race-master)The Shire The Delving Fields 
Bob BurrowsThe Shire Inn League 
Bodo GoodbodyThe Shire Brockenborings 
Bog-toadThe Shire Rushock Bog 
Bogo Chubb, Stable-masterThe Shire Hobbiton 
Bold WolfThe Shire Bridgefields, Puddifoot's Fields 
Bollo BolgerThe Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Bolo Boffin, Hunter TrainerThe Shire The Michel Delving Training Hall 
BounderBree-land, The Shire Buckland, Buckland Gate, Bucklebury Ferry, Little Delving, Michel Delving 
Bounder Boffin (Bywater)The Shire Bywater 
Bounder ChubbThe Shire Needlehole 
Bounder PrimstoneThe Shire Brockenborings Watch Office, Greenfields Warren 
Bowman Whitfoot, ProvisionerThe Shire Michel Delving 
Brago Puddifoot (Hobby Master), TraderThe Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Briffo Burrows, Novice JewellerThe Shire Bywater 
Brigand BossThe Shire Narrowcleave 
Brigand KnaveThe Shire Green Hill Country, Old Odo's Leaf-farm 
Brigand PoacherThe Shire Narrowcleave 
Brigand RobberThe Shire Green Hill Country, Narrowcleave 
Brigand WaylayerThe Shire Green Hill Country, Old Odo's Leaf-farm 
Brinley Gardener, One-handed Weapon TraderThe Shire The Michel Delving Vendor Hall 
Britho Woodvine, Medium Armour TraderThe Shire Budgeford 
Bungo Bolger (Skirmish Exchange), TraderThe Shire Skirmish Camp (The Shire) 
Bungo Chubb, AuctioneerThe Shire The Shire Auction Hall 
Bungo Puddifoot (The Mathom Society), SupplierThe Shire The Mathom House 
Burrowing ShrewThe Shire Bridgefields, Budgeford, Green Hill Country, The Marish 
Buttercup Grubb (Outfitter), OutfitterThe Shire The Michel Delving Vendor Hall 
Buzzing GnatsThe Shire Rushock Bog 
CallumThe Shire Frogmoors 
Cam PuddifootThe Shire Budgeford 
Carl Proudfoot (Race-master)The Shire The Delving Fields 
Carlo Blagrove, Tavern KeepThe Shire The Bird & Baby Inn 
Carlo WilliamsThe Shire The Bird & Baby Inn 
CatBree-land, Bree-town, Lone-Lands, The Shire Bree, The Forsaken Inn, The Party Tree, The Prancing Pony 
ChildThe Shire The Ivy Bush Inn 
CinerariaThe Shire Sandson's Farm 
Citrina Brockhouse, Novice ScholarThe Shire Brockenborings 
Clem Underhill (Escrow Broker)The Shire Michel Delving 
Cloaked FigureThe Shire The Haunted Burrow 
Clover Diggins, AuctioneerThe Shire The Shire Auction Hall 
Clover Took (Jewellery and Cloaks), TraderThe Shire Skirmish Camp (The Shire) 
ConeyBree-land, Lone-Lands, The Shire Annunlos, Bree-fields, Far Chetwood, Greenfields 
Cora Brownlock (Inn League Member)The Shire The Party Tree 
Cotman Brown, Novice MetalsmithThe Shire Michel Delving 
Crazed BroadtoothThe Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Crocus StonybanksThe Shire Overhill 
Curious HobbitThe Shire Green Hill Country 
Daddy TwofootThe Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Daisy BrockhouseThe Shire Michel Delving 
Daisy HornblowerThe Shire Woodhall 
Daisy Newbuck, BowyerThe Shire Budgeford 
Daisy Sandyman (Overworked Vendor)The Shire Bywater 
Daylily Bolger (Inn League Member)The Shire The Floating Log Inn 
Death-monger (Lieutenant of the Enemy)The Shire Tookland 
Dire Grass-stalkerThe Shire Greenfields 
Dob Deepfurrow, TraderThe Shire Skirmish Camp (The Shire) 
Dob Proudfoot (Crafting Guild Trainer), Crafting Guild TrainerThe Shire Michel Delving 
Dora BrownlockThe Shire Waymeet 
Dora's ChickenThe Shire Bree-fields 
Dourhand HunterThe Shire Pinglade, Rushock Bog 
Dourhand Storm-keeper (Lieutenant of the Enemy)The Shire Tookland 
Dourhand TrackerThe Shire Pinglade 
Dourhand TrapperThe Shire Rushock Bog 
Drogo Boffin, ProvisionerThe Shire Bywater 
Drogo Whitfoot (Keeper of Gifts), TraderThe Shire Michel Delving 
DrunkardBree-land, Bree-town, The Shire Bree, The Prancing Pony 
Dudo ChubbThe Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Dudo Greenacre, Two-handed Weapon TraderThe Shire The Michel Delving Vendor Hall 
Edilina ProudfootThe Shire Tuckborough 
Egbert Took (Trickster)The Shire The Party Tree 
Emerald BoringsThe Shire Michel Delving 
Ernald Boffin (Outfitter), OutfitterThe Shire The Golden Perch 
Ernulf Brandybuck (Inn League Member)The Shire The Golden Perch 
Ernwyd Brandybuck (Quartermaster), TraderThe Shire The Party Tree 
Esilia Took (Grocer), GrocerThe Shire Tookland 
Esmerelda BurrowsThe Shire The Bird & Baby Inn 
Estmar Bolger (Hobby Master), TraderThe Shire The Bird & Baby Inn 
Ethuillos (Explorer of Eregion)The Shire Michel Delving 
Eustoma Muddybanks (The Mathom Society)The Shire The Mathom House 
Everard HolebourneThe Shire Overhill 
FangThe Shire Bamfurlong 
Farmer Maggot (Respected Farmer), GrocerThe Shire Bamfurlong 
Farmer SandsonThe Shire Sandson's Farm 
Felderic Willowwood, Light Armour TraderThe Shire Brockenborings 
Festival Announcer (Shire) (Stable-master)The Shire Michel Delving 
Festival Announcer (Town Crier), TraderThe Shire Bywater 
Fibur Foul-heart (Dourhand)The Shire Pinglade 
Fierce Black-bearThe Shire Greenfields 
Filibert BolgerThe Shire Needlehole 
Filimer Took, One-handed Weapon TraderThe Shire Bywater 
Filzof (General of the Enemy)The Shire Tookland, Tuckborough 
FithrokhThe Shire Tookland 
Flitting BatThe Shire Greenfields 
Fogo FallohideThe Shire The Golden Perch 
Folco Boffin, GrocerThe Shire Scary 
Foraging ShrewThe Shire Green Hill Country, Tookland 
Foraging Wood-bearThe Shire Bindbole Wood, Bolestones, The Hill 
Fosco Boffin, GrocerThe Shire Scary 
FoxThe Shire Green Hill Country 
Foxglove Grubb (Inn League Member)The Shire Brockenborings 
Foxglove TunnellyThe Shire The Party Tree 
Frago Sandheaver (Inn League Trader), TraderThe Shire Inn League 
FrogBree-land, Bree-town, The Shire Bree 
Fuchfia Proudfoot, Novice WeaponcrafterThe Shire Bywater 
Fuchsia Proudfoot, Novice WeaponcrafterThe Shire Bywater 
Fulk Proudfoot (Inn League Member)The Shire The Green Dragon Inn 
Gabby Burrows (Skirmish Captain), TraderThe Shire Skirmish Camp (The Shire) 
Gaffer Gamgee (Respected Gardener), GrocerThe Shire Hobbiton 
Gammer Boffin, GrocerThe Shire Overhill 
Gammer Took (Bard of the Shire), BardThe Shire Michel Delving 
Gammer TunnellyThe Shire Tuckborough 
Gandalf (Anniversary Event)The Shire Methel-stage 
Gardenia Bracegirdle, HealerThe Shire The Bird & Baby Inn 
Gardenia Grubb, Novice WeaponcrafterThe Shire Brockenborings 
Garnet Brockhouse (Legendary Items), TraderThe Shire Skirmish Camp (The Shire) 
Garnet Grubb, Novice TailorThe Shire Bywater 
Geirr (Chapion Trainer)The Shire The Michel Delving Training Hall 
Gentian Bolger (Provisions, Skirmish), TraderThe Shire Skirmish Camp (The Shire) 
GeorgeThe Shire Sandson's Farm 
Gerd Whitfoot, GrocerThe Shire Bywater 
Gerebert TookThe Shire Old Odo's Leaf-farm 
Gerenr (Rune-keeper Trainer), Rune-keeper TrainerThe Shire The Michel Delving Training Hall 
GhashfogThe Shire Tuckborough 
Gib Hawthorn (Brigand)The Shire Green Hill Country 
Gilda Sweetwater (Light Armoursmith Trader), Light ArmoursmithThe Shire The Michel Delving Vendor Hall 
Gilly Bracegirdle (Medium Armour Trader), Medium ArmoursmithThe Shire The Michel Delving Vendor Hall 
Glad Goodbody (Fireworks Vendor), GrocerThe Shire Methel-stage, The Party Tree 
Glory Hornblower, Novice ScholarThe Shire Bywater 
Gogo Bracegirdle (Barter Vendor), TraderThe Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Goldie TunnellyThe Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Gorhendad Greenholm, One-handed Weapon TraderThe Shire Budgeford 
Graland WhitefootThe Shire The Delving Fields 
Gramsfoot AdvancerThe Shire Bindbole Wood, Greenfields, Hobbiton-Bywater 
Gramsfoot BattlerThe Shire Golfimbul's Hole 
Gramsfoot DefilerThe Shire Greenfields 
Gramsfoot GuardThe Shire Golfimbul's Hole, Greenfields, Greenfields Warren 
Gramsfoot HurlerThe Shire Golfimbul's Hole, Greenfields, Greenfields Warren 
Gramsfoot PiercerThe Shire Bindbole Wood 
Grass-Stalker TrackerThe Shire Greenfields 
Great Brown BatThe Shire Greenfields, North Bridgefields 
Greenfields BiterThe Shire Scary Quarry, The Quarry 
Greenfields QueenThe Shire Scary Quarry, The Quarry 
Greenfields Tree-weaverThe Shire Scary Quarry, The Quarry 
Greta FallohideThe Shire Budgeford 
Grey SquirrelBree-land, Ered Luin, North Downs, The Shire, Thorin's Gate  
Greylond Bottomley (The Mathom Society )The Shire Mathom House, Michel Delving 
Griffin Bunce, BowyerThe Shire The Michel Delving Vendor Hall 
Griffo BoffinThe Shire Needlehole 
Grim MawThe Shire The Delving Fields, Wolf Den (The Shire) 
GripThe Shire Bamfurlong 
Gunderic Grubb, Tavern KeepThe Shire The Golden Perch 
Gundo Bracegirdle, Stable-masterThe Shire Brockenborings Watch Office 
Gytha Lainey (instance)The Shire Overhill 
Haerel (Explorer of Eregion)The Shire Michel Delving 
Hal HornblowerThe Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Hale Chief's ManThe Shire Tookland 
Hale Gramsfoot RagerThe Shire Tookland 
Hale Gramsfoot SpearThe Shire Tookland 
Half-orc TrapperThe Shire Narrowcleave 
Halfred Bolger, Novice TailorThe Shire Michel Delving 
Halfred Greenhand, Novice TailorThe Shire Brockenborings 
Halros (Ranger of the North)The Shire Greenfields, Greenfields Warren 
Halson Tubwort, Tavern KeepThe Shire The Plough and Stars 
Hammy MaggotThe Shire The Marish 
Hamo Brockhouse, Novice JewellerThe Shire Brockenborings 
Hardo Thorney, Two-handed Weapon TraderThe Shire Bywater 
Hart HolemanThe Shire Overhill 
Harvest FlyThe Shire Bridgefields, Green Hill Country, The Marish 
Hasculf TookThe Shire Inn League 
Hayley Carver, Captain TrainerThe Shire The Michel Delving Training Hall 
Heartsease Whitfoot (Harvest Provisioner), Tavern KeepThe Shire The Party Tree 
Heartsease Whitfoot (Spring Provisioner), Tavern KeepThe Shire The Party Tree 
Heartsease Whitfoot (Lithe Festival Provisioner), Tavern KeepThe Shire The Party Tree 
Hending Gamgee, Stable-masterThe Shire Needlehole 
Hereward Loamsdown, Tavern KeepThe Shire The Ivy Bush Inn 
Herluf (Inn League Member)The Shire Needlehole 
Hildibras Took, Novice ScholarThe Shire Michel Delving 
Hill TuskerThe Shire Green Hill Country, Tookland 
Hobbit Home-ownerThe Shire Stock 
Hobbit (Bear)The Shire The Haunted Burrow 
Hobbit (Ghost)The Shire The Haunted Burrow 
Hobbit (Skeleton)The Shire The Haunted Burrow 
Holba Blackiron, Light Armour TraderThe Shire Bywater 
Holfast BurrowsThe Shire The Party Tree 
Holly HornblowerThe Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Honesty Goodbody (Cook's Guild Recipe Vendor), Expert CookThe Shire Cook's Guild Hall  
Hugo BroadbeltThe Shire Michel Delving 
Hungry HobbitThe Shire The Marish 
Hyacinth TookThe Shire Tuckborough 
Iger Brockhouse (Dance Leader)The Shire The Party Tree 
Imbert TookThe Shire The Great Willow 
Indor Weaver, One-handed Weapon TraderThe Shire The Michel Delving Vendor Hall 
Ingwaldur (Games-master), TraderThe Shire Michel Delving 
InnkeeperThe Shire The Golden Perch 
InulaThe Shire Overhill 
Ioco Underhill (Inn League Member)The Shire The Bird & Baby Inn 
Iris ChubbThe Shire Needlehole 
Iris Goodbody (Town Crier)The Shire The Delving Fields 
Isembard Took IIThe Shire The Great Willow 
Isengar Bolger, Novice MetalsmithThe Shire Budgeford 
Ivo BrockhouseThe Shire Brockenborings 
Ivy Tunnelly (Inn League Barmaid), Tavern KeepThe Shire Inn League 
Jack LewisdownThe Shire The Bird & Baby Inn 
Jaspera Noakes, Novice CookThe Shire Bywater 
Jewel Underhill, Expert CookThe Shire Michel Delving 
Jolly CottonThe Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Jolly SmallburrowThe Shire The Delving Fields 
Keeper Brombard FoxtailThe Shire The Mathom House 
Krankluk (Sone-troll)The Shire Rushock Bog 
Largo Proudfoot (Novice Farmhand), Novice FarmhandThe Shire South Fields 
Laugfut (Warg)The Shire Bridgefields Wall 
Laugzok (Warg)The Shire Overhill 
Lilabet Roper, Burglar TrainerThe Shire The Michel Delving Training Hall 
Lily ProudfootThe Shire Scary 
Linda BolgerThe Shire Budgeford 
Lobelia Sackville-BagginsThe Shire Bag End, The Haunted Burrow 
Lobelia The ToadThe Shire Frogmoors 
Long-grass SwineThe Shire Bindbole Wood 
Long-grass TuskerThe Shire Greenfields 
Long-tooth ShrewThe Shire Greenfields 
Longo BurrowThe Shire Longo Burrow's Farm 
Lorgo BoffinThe Shire The Bird & Baby Inn 
Lotho Sackville-BagginsThe Shire Bag End, The Plough and Stars 
Lubach (Gramsfoot)The Shire Greenfields Warren 
Madulas Brandybuck, Novice WoodworkerThe Shire Budgeford 
Maneser Goodbody (The Mathom Society), SupplierThe Shire The Mathom House 
MangemawThe Shire Rushock Bog 
Marigold Grubb, SupplierThe Shire Michel Delving 
Marigold TwospadeThe Shire Michel Delving 
Marmadoc Bolger, HealerThe Shire The Plough and Stars 
Mary HornblowerThe Shire Inn League 
Mat HarfootThe Shire Stock 
Mature Black-bearThe Shire Bridgefields, Greenfields, North Bridgefields 
Mature Hill-bearThe Shire Bear Dens (Shire), Tookland 
May GamgeeThe Shire The Party Tree 
Mayor Will Whitfoot (Mayor of the Shire)The Shire Michel Delving 
Melilot HaywardThe Shire The Party Tree 
Milo BolgerThe Shire Bridgefields 
Milo Brockhouse (Fireworks Announcer)The Shire Methel-stage 
Milo HornblowerThe Shire Frogmorton 
Mimosa Proudfoot, Novice WeaponcrafterThe Shire Budgeford 
Miner From Scary The Shire The Plough and Stars 
Mirabell Gammidge, Medium Armour TraderThe Shire Brockenborings 
Misty Bolger (Fishing Supplier), SupplierThe Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Moonlight The Shire Sandson's Farm 
Moonlight Sandheaver (Inn League Member)The Shire The Ivy Bush Inn 
Moro Brockhouse, Novice MetalsmithThe Shire Brockenborings 
Mosco SmallburrowThe Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Mundo Hornblower (Curiosities), TraderThe Shire Skirmish Camp (The Shire) 
Mundo Sackville-BagginsArchet (pre-instance), The Shire Archet (pre-instance), Little Delving 
Mungo BurrowsThe Shire Greenfields 
MurbarashThe Shire Tuckborough 
Myrtle OddfootThe Shire Frogmorton 
Ned DigginsThe Shire Michel Delving 
Ned LongbottomThe Shire The Party Tree 
Neddie Grub (Quartermaster), TraderThe Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Neldo Oaklane, BowyerThe Shire Bywater 
Newborn Spider HatchlingArchet, The Shire Lob's Grove, Sprigley's Cellar 
Nibs Cotton (Farmer)The Shire  
Nick CottonThe Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Nob Hornblower (Quartermaster), TraderThe Shire The Party Tree 
Novice Cook, Novice CookNorth Downs, Rivendell, The Shire Budgeford, Rivendell Valley, Trestlebridge 
Novice Jeweller, Novice JewellerNorth Downs, The Shire Budgeford, Trestlebridge 
Novice Scholar, Novice ScholarNorth Downs, The Shire Budgeford, Trestlebridge 
Novice Tailor, Novice TailorNorth Downs, The Shire Budgeford, Trestlebridge 
Novice Woodworker, Novice WoodworkerNorth Downs, The Shire Budgeford, Trestlebridge 
Odo Chubb (Skirmish Trainer), TraderThe Shire Skirmish Camp (The Shire) 
Odo MudbottomThe Shire Frogmorton 
Odo PipesThe Shire The Bird & Baby Inn 
Odovacar Bolger (Prominent Bolger)The Shire Budgeford 
Oger Brockhouse (Dance Leader)The Shire The Party Tree 
Old CroakerThe Shire Frogmorton 
Old RootThe Shire The Great Willow 
Old SallyThe Shire Tookland 
Olo Brockhouse, Novice WoodworkerThe Shire Brockenborings 
Olo Proudfoot (Expert Farmhand), Expert FarmhandThe Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
OlwirThe Shire Pinglade 
OnarThe Shire Needlehole 
Opal GoodbodyThe Shire The Hill, The Party Tree 
Opal Stonefield, Two-handed Weapon TraderThe Shire Budgeford 
OrthirThe Shire Abandoned Elf Camp 
Osbert Fallowhide, Vault-keeperThe Shire Michel Delving 
Otho BroadbeltThe Shire Overhill 
Owen FarfieldThe Shire The Bird & Baby Inn 
Pansy ProudfootThe Shire The Golden Perch 
Pansy TunnellyThe Shire Scary 
Party PlannerThe Shire The Party Tree 
Party-goerThe Shire Bywater 
Pasco GrubbThe Shire Michel Delving 
PatronBree-town, Evendim, Lone-Lands, The Shire Oatbarton, The Forsaken Inn, The Plough and Stars, The Prancing Pony 
Peaseblossom Tunnelly, Clerk of KinshipsThe Shire Michel Delving 
Peony GrubbThe Shire Michel Delving 
Peridot Bolger, HealerThe Shire Budgeford 
Pervinca TookThe Shire Great Smials 
Petunia Greenhand, Novice CookThe Shire Michel Delving 
Petunia HornblowerThe Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
PimpinellaThe Shire Sandson's Farm 
Pink TunnellyThe Shire Inn League 
Polo BrockhouseThe Shire Michel Delving 
Polo ProudfootThe Shire Tookland 
Polo PuddifootThe Shire The Party Tree 
Pond FrogThe Shire Frogmoors, The Marish 
Ponto Hopsbloom, Tavern KeepThe Shire The Floating Log Inn 
Ponto HornblowerThe Shire Brockenborings 
Poppy CottonThe Shire The Party Tree 
Poppy GrubbThe Shire Scary 
Porto Brownlock, Novice FarmhandThe Shire Hobbiton 
Porto Chubb, Novice WoodworkerThe Shire Bywater 
Posco Boffin, GrocerThe Shire Scary 
Posey ChubbThe Shire Inn League 
Postman BoffinThe Shire Overhill 
Postman BolgerThe Shire Budgeford 
Postman CottonThe Shire Bywater 
Postman DigswellThe Shire Scary 
Postman DigwellThe Shire Scary 
Postman GrubbThe Shire Hobbiton 
Postman MoresbyThe Shire Brockenborings 
Postman Newbuck (Barter Exchange Trader), TraderThe Shire Little Delving 
Postman OddfootThe Shire Frogmorton 
Postman RedsmithThe Shire Needlehole 
Postman SmallburrowThe Shire Brockenborings Watch Office 
Postman SpinnerThe Shire Woodhall 
Postman TookThe Shire Tuckborough 
Postman TwofootThe Shire Waymeet 
Postmaster ProudfootThe Shire Michel Delving 
Primrose ProudfootThe Shire Stock 
Primula Diggins, Expert WoodworkerThe Shire Overhill 
Prisca UnderhillThe Shire Scary 
Prowling WargThe Shire Overhill 
Putrid Bog-slugThe Shire Rushock Bog 
RabbitThe Shire The Bird & Baby Inn 
Rasco Chubb, Light Armour TraderThe Shire Budgeford 
Rathgeir (Ale Association Member)The Shire The Party Tree 
Red FoxArchet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree-land, North Downs, The Shire Archet Dale, Archet Dale (pre-instance), Bree-fields, Bridgefields, Chetwood North, Chetwood South, Green Hill Country, North Bridgefields 
Red SquirrelBree-land, Evendim, The Shire Bindbole Wood, Blackwold Headquarters, Parth Aduial, Staddle 
Redric Woolytoes (Master Crafter), Master CrafterThe Shire Michel Delving 
Reeking Bog-slugThe Shire Rushock Bog 
Restless BroadtoothThe Shire Bindbole Wood 
Ribbon SnakeThe Shire Frogmoors, The Marish 
Rob Hemming (Warden Trainer), Warden TrainerThe Shire The Michel Delving Training Hall 
Rollo Boffin, GrocerThe Shire Woodhall 
Rollo BunceThe Shire The Plough and Stars 
Rollo Hemming, Guardian TrainerThe Shire The Michel Delving Training Hall 
Rollo NewbuckThe Shire Michel Delving 
Rory Primstone, Stable-masterThe Shire Brockenborings 
Rosa Hornblower (Fall Festival Trader), TraderThe Shire The Party Tree 
Rosebud Bolger, SupplierEvendim, The Shire Budgeford, Oatbarton 
Ruby HollowbanksThe Shire The Floating Log Inn 
Ruby PrimstoneThe Shire Michel Delving 
Rue Goodbody, Expert ScholarThe Shire The Mathom House 
Saffron Proudfoot (Cosmetics), TraderThe Shire Skirmish Camp (The Shire) 
Sancho Chubb, ProvisionerThe Shire Brockenborings 
Sapphira BolgerThe Shire Budgeford 
Sarabeth Gardener (Spring Rewards Vendor), TraderThe Shire The Party Tree 
Sawlo Puddifoot (Game-master), TraderThe Shire The Party Tree 
Scared HobbitThe Shire The Haunted Burrow 
Scarred Wolf-leaderThe Shire The Delving Fields 
Scavenging RatBree-land, The Shire Buckland, Gerebert's House 
Second Shirriff Bodo BunceThe Shire Michel Delving 
Serlo Brockhouse, SupplierThe Shire Brockenborings 
Shallot GoodbodyThe Shire Inn League 
Sheep FarmerThe Shire The Plough and Stars 
Shepard Snowden, Lore-master TrainerThe Shire Michel Delving 
Shepherd Snowden, Lore-master TrainerThe Shire The Michel Delving Training Hall 
Shire White-tail BuckThe Shire Bindbole Wood, Bree-fields, Greenfields, North Bridgefields, Rushock Bog, The Marish 
Shire White-tail DoeThe Shire Bree-fields, Bridgefields, Green Hill Country, The Marish 
Shirriff Robin SmallburrowThe Shire The Ivy Bush Inn 
Sigismond North-tookThe Shire Greenfields 
Skinner Grubb (Hide Worker)The Shire Bindbole Wood 
Slippery Marish-SlugThe Shire The Marish 
Small Harvest-flyThe Shire The Marish 
Small Hill-bearThe Shire Bear Dens (Shire), Tookland 
Snarling WolfThe Shire Bree-fields, Tookland, Wolf Den (The Shire) 
Sorrel North-tookThe Shire The Party Tree 
Sperling Took (Overworked Supplier)The Shire Bywater 
SquirrelThe Shire Great Smials 
Stinging GnatsThe Shire Green Hill Country, Tookland 
Stolen SheepThe Shire The Scrag-dells 
Stone-trollThe Shire Pinglade 
StorytellerThe Shire The Green Dragon Inn, The Ivy Bush Inn 
Tala Handyman, Two-handed Weapon TraderThe Shire Brockenborings 
Tanner Boffin, Leather WorkerThe Shire Bindbole Wood 
Ted SandymanThe Shire Hobbiton 
TelltimeThe Shire Sandson's Farm 
Thain Paladin Took IIThe Shire Great Smials 
Thieving ShrewThe Shire Bree-fields 
Tobias Brockhouse (Inn League Games-master)The Shire Greenfields 
TownspersonMiddle-earth, The Shire Brockenborings, Budgeford, Frogmorton, Hobbiton, Little Delving, Michel Delving, Needlehole, Scary, The Bird & Baby Inn, The Hill, The Ivy Bush Inn, The Mathom House, The Taste of Hobbiton , Tuckborough, Waymeet, Woodhall 
TownspersonArchet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree-land, Bree-town, Evendim, Lone-Lands, The Shire Archet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree, Bree-town Auction Hall, Bree-town Hunting Lodge, Combe, Festival Grounds, Hobbiton, Little Delving, Oatbarton, Ost Guruth, South Bree, The Forsaken Inn, The Prancing Pony, Trestlebridge, West Bree 
Trouble-makerThe Shire Green Hill Country, Stock 
Tulip Chubb (Barber), BarberThe Shire The Bird & Baby Inn 
Tulip Goodbody (Weapons, Skirmish), TraderThe Shire Skirmish Camp (The Shire) 
Turbert Took (Pipeweed Vendor), GrocerThe Shire The Party Tree 
Uffo Bracegirdle, Novice MetalsmithThe Shire Bywater 
Uithil (Herald of Rivendell)The Shire The Delving Fields 
Ulfar, SupplierThe Shire Needlehole, Pinglade 
Vengeful Spirit (Ally of Death-monger)The Shire Tookland 
Venom Blood-arrow (Lieutenant of the Enemy)The Shire Tookland 
VeronicaThe Shire Budgeford 
Violet UnderhillThe Shire Green Hill Country 
Visiting TookThe Shire The Plough and Stars 
WaiterThe Shire The Plough and Stars 
Wald SandsonThe Shire Sandson's Farm 
Walerand Bolger, Novice TailorThe Shire Budgeford 
Walkelin Bolger, Novice CookThe Shire Brockenborings 
Walking-treeThe Shire Lob's Grove 
Wanno Proudfoot, Novice CookThe Shire Budgeford 
Weak Gramsfoot RagerThe Shire Tookland 
Weak Gramsfoot SpearThe Shire Tookland 
Weak Gramsfoot WarriorThe Shire Tookland 
Wilcome TunnellyThe Shire Scary 
Wild BroadtoothThe Shire Bindbole Wood 
Wild GramsfootThe Shire Golfimbul's Hole, Greenfields, Greenfields Warren 
Wild Hill-toadThe Shire Frogmoors, Green Hill Country, Tookland 
Wild TuskerThe Shire Bree-fields, The Delving Fields, Tookland 
Wilimar BolgerThe Shire Budgeford 
Will Whitfoot (Mayor)The Shire Bywater 
Willow-flyThe Shire The Great Willow, Tookland 
Wistan Whitfoot (Notary), NotaryThe Shire Michel Delving 
WolfThe Shire Bridgefields, Bridgefields Wall, Green Hill Country, Puddifoot's Fields, The Marish 
Wolf (dog)The Shire Bamfurlong 
Wolf HunterThe Shire Bridgefields, Greenfields, North Bridgefields 
Wolf LeaderThe Shire Dora Brownlock's Farm, Wolf Den (The Shire) 
Wolf MaggotThe Shire The Marish 
WolfhoundThe Shire Green Hill Country 
Wood-bear CubThe Shire Bindbole Wood, Bolestones 
Wood-bear MotherThe Shire Bindbole Wood, Bolestones 
Wydo BoffinThe Shire Little Delving 
Wymarc Grubb (Festival Organizer)The Shire Sandson's Farm 
Young Wood-bearThe Shire Bindbole Wood, Hobbiton-Bywater