Mobs by Type: Other

Amarthiel (Mirobel)Eregion Mirobel 
ArassielEnedwaith Galar Culch, Hall of the Huntsman 
AzgothAngmar Carn Dum 
Baleful Willow-rootBree-land Old Forest 
Binding Marsh-striderNorth Downs Meluinen 
BirdBree-town Bree 
Broken Oak-rootBree-land Old Forest, Old Muddyfoot's Hill 
Chronicle of EventsRivendell The Spire of Meeting 
Ctrl+J (Skirmish Join)Middle-earth Global 
Defiler's Totem (Ally of Fotak)Mirkwood Anug-stazg 
Defiler's Totem (Ally of Grishbugud)Mirkwood Burgul-stazg 
Defiler's Totem (Ally of Burzthrang Poisoner)Mirkwood Gathburz 
Defiler's Totem (Ally of Moria Orc-defiler)Lothlorien Uruk-gashan 
Defiler's Totem (Ally of Moria Orc-sapper)Lothlorien Uruk-gashan 
Defiler's Totem (Ally of Frumhon Defiler)Mirkwood Burgul-stazg, The Dourstocks 
Defiler's Totem (Ally of White Hand Defiler)Dunland Ak-ghru 
Defiler's Totem (Ally of Mordor Defiler)Zelem-melek Baiurz-mur 
Defiler's Totem (Ally of Largzurm Defiler)Nud-melek Nud-melek 
Defiler's Totem (Ally of Ghash-hai Summoner)Moria The Library of Steel 
Defiler's Totem (Ally of Orc-shaman)Lothlorien Taur Hith 
Dora's ChickenThe Shire Bree-fields 
Draining Mushroom (Ally of Globsnaga Captain)Foundations of Stone Dalgum-ru 
Fearsome Marsh-striderNorth Downs Meluinen, Merenost 
Fen-crawler BinderTrollshaws High Moor, The Blooming Fens 
FrogBree-land, Bree-town, The Shire Bree 
GollumMirkwood The Scuttledells 
GuardArchet (pre-instance) Archet (pre-instance) 
GwenaewenEnedwaith Hall of the Huntsman 
LavanethEnedwaith Hall of the Huntsman 
MunfaerilEnedwaith Hall of the Huntsman 
Rauta-lehma WarriorNorth Downs Fashat Laug 
Sneaking Creature (Troubled D)The Great River Thinglad 
Torech NaurAngmar Norbar, The Rift of Nurz Ghasu 
Umheryn (the vile cauldron)Evendim The Northcotton Farm 
Unstable Mushroom (Ally of Globsnaga Skirmisher)Durin's Way Buzun-ghar 
War Banner (Ally of Balak)Bree-town Bree, Bree-town Hall 
Wolf MaggotThe Shire The Marish 
Wolf Totem (Ally of Ythel, Gauradan Warlord)Forochel Bregmor's Den 
Wolf Totem (Ally of Nadelek)Forochel Barad Gaurhoth 
Wolf TotemForochel Ja-kuru 
Wolf Totem (Ally of Gauradan Raid-leader)