Items by Weapon Type: Halberd

Alagonnen iconAlagonnen38   7s 32c    
Anorchathol iconAnorchathol   5s 50c   Quested From: An Ancient Story of Evil (23)  
Arnorian Commander's Halberd iconArnorian Commander's Halberd40   16s 80c   Sold by: Celegdes  
Battle Halberd iconBattle Halberd31   3s 17c   Sold by: Githa Hawkweed  
Battle Halberd iconBattle Halberd34   3s 38c   Dropped by: Hillmen Skirmisher  
Battle Halberd of Might iconBattle Halberd of Might37   4s 31c    
Battle Halberd of Might iconBattle Halberd of Might40   4s 56c   Dropped by: Blogmal Warlord  
Battle-captain's Halberd iconBattle-captain's Halberd58   10s 12c   Sold by: Cathorn  
Beast-eater iconBeast-eater48   8s 72c   Sold by: Coldfells QuarterMaster  
Belegur iconBelegur48   8s 72c    
Beveled Halberd iconBeveled Halberd46   4s 22c   Dropped by: Dourhand Blaster, Dourhand Blaster, Dourhand Excavator, ...  
Breeland Watcher's Halberd iconBreeland Watcher's Halberd20   4s 80c   Sold by: Austar, Classic, Curugardh, ...  
Broad-head Halberd iconBroad-head Halberd28   2s 96c   Dropped by: Deadly Wight, Edan, Esyld, ...  
Broad-Head Halberd iconBroad-Head Halberd31   3s 17c    
Broad-head Halberd iconBroad-head Halberd38   4s 39c    
Broad-head Halberd of Inspiration iconBroad-head Halberd of Inspiration37   4s 31c    
Broad-head Halberd of Wounding iconBroad-head Halberd of Wounding35   4s 14c    
Captain's Arm iconCaptain's Arm50   13s 50c    
Captain's Halberd iconCaptain's Halberd15   4s 10c   Quested From: An Inspiration to Men (15)  
Captain's Halberd of the First Age iconCaptain's Halberd of the First Age59   None   Sold by: Basil Woodhouse, Nosseron, Osgild  
Captain's Halberd of the First Age iconCaptain's Halberd of the First Age60   None   Sold by: Basil Woodhouse, Nosseron, Osgild  
Captain's Halberd of the Third Age iconCaptain's Halberd of the Third Age53   None   Sold by: Basil Woodhouse, Nosseron, Osgild  
Captain's Halberd of the Third Age iconCaptain's Halberd of the Third Age55   None   Dropped by: Mordor Archer, Mordor Captain, Mordor Defiler, ... Sold by: Basil Woodhouse, Nosseron, Osgild  
Captain's Halberd of the Third Age iconCaptain's Halberd of the Third Age57   None   Dropped by: Largzurm Defiler, Largzurm Marauder, Morvul-worker Sold by: Basil Woodhouse, Nosseron, Osgild  
Captain's Halberd of the Third Age iconCaptain's Halberd of the Third Age59   None   Dropped by: Globsnaga Fungus Collector, Globsnaga Guard, Globsnaga Pulpum, ... Sold by: Basil Woodhouse, Nosseron, Osgild  
Captain's Halberd of the Third Age iconCaptain's Halberd of the Third Age62   None   Dropped by: Frumhon Guard, Goblin-deserter  
Celebnel iconCelebnel22   5s 8c    
Cleaved Halberd iconCleaved Halberd15   2s 5c   Sold by: Allan Coal, Dirk Crowhaven  
Cleaved Halberd iconCleaved Halberd17   2s 19c   Dropped by: Dreadful Tarkrip Sold by: Allan Coal, Dirk Crowhaven  
Common Halberd of the Watch iconCommon Halberd of the Watch20   7s 93c    
Constable's Halberd iconConstable's Halberd   3s 4c   Quested From: The Goblin Leader (22), The Goblin-leader (25)  
Crafted Halberd of the Watch iconCrafted Halberd of the Watch20   8s 67c    
Crescent Halberd iconCrescent Halberd40   3s 80c    
Death-splitter iconDeath-splitter26   5s 64c    
Defender of Aughaire iconDefender of Aughaire   8s 2c   Quested From: Fushath The Beast (45)  
Defender's Halberd iconDefender's Halberd54   5s 74c   Crafted  
Defiler's Doom iconDefiler's Doom   3s 30c   Quested From: Vile Poison (25)  
Delicate Halberd of the Watch iconDelicate Halberd of the Watch10   6s 57c    
Exceptional Halberd of the Watch iconExceptional Halberd of the Watch40   None    
Feeble Halberd of the Watch  iconFeeble Halberd of the Watch 10   6s 15c    
Fine Halberd of the Watch  iconFine Halberd of the Watch 30   10s 35c    
Flanged Halberd iconFlanged Halberd17   2s 63c    
Flanged Halberd iconFlanged Halberd20   2s 88c   Dropped by: Nurzurz  
Flanged Halberd of Might iconFlanged Halberd of Might19   2s 79c    
Flanged Halberd of the South Kingdom iconFlanged Halberd of the South Kingdom21   2s 96c    
Forged Dwarf-Craft Halberd iconForged Dwarf-Craft Halberd31   3s 80c   Crafted  
Forged Elven-steel Halberd iconForged Elven-steel Halberd42   8s 30c   Crafted  
Forged Steel Halberd iconForged Steel Halberd16   4s 66c   Crafted  
Galadhrim Halberd iconGaladhrim Halberd60   10s 40c   Crafted  
Gamzhurm's Woe iconGamzhurm's Woe   9s   Quested From: The Lord of Porth Cadlus (50)  
Gleaming Halberd iconGleaming Halberd55   5s 82c   Dropped by: Gazathrug Enforcer, Gazathrug Lurker, Gazathrug Shadowbrand, ...  
Gleaming Halberd of the Hunter iconGleaming Halberd of the Hunter54   5s 74c   Dropped by: Orkish Veteran, Uruk Battle-master  
Gleaming Sickled Halberd of the Goblin-wars iconGleaming Sickled Halberd of the Goblin-wars25   3s 30c    
Gleaming Spiked Poleaxe iconGleaming Spiked Poleaxe34   4s 5c    
Gloin's Halberd iconGloin's Halberd   8s 30c   Quested From: Chapter 5: The Last Refuge (43)  
Glory of Dominance iconGlory of Dominance48   8s 72c   Sold by: Coldfells QuarterMaster  
Glosthoron iconGlosthoron49   8s 86c    
Gondranc's Halberd iconGondranc's Halberd34   3s 88c   Quested From: Techniques of the Masters (34)  
Halberd of Stamina iconHalberd of Stamina57   5s 99c   Dropped by: Morroval-mistress  
Halberd of the Eglan-guard iconHalberd of the Eglan-guard32   10s 35c   Sold by: Freagyr  
Halberd of the Swamp-wardens iconHalberd of the Swamp-wardens   8s 86c   Quested From: The Strongest Back (50)  
Halberd of War iconHalberd of War   12s 87c   Quested From: Implements of War (50)  
Halved Halberd iconHalved Halberd34   3s 38c    
Halved Halberd iconHalved Halberd37   3s 59c    
Halved Halberd of Fleetness iconHalved Halberd of Fleetness50   5s 40c    
Hardened Bright Steel Halberd iconHardened Bright Steel Halberd21   5s 36c   Crafted  
Hardened Iron Halberd iconHardened Iron Halberd15   4s 52c   Crafted  
Heavy Bright Steel Halberd iconHeavy Bright Steel Halberd21   3s 22c   Crafted  
Heavy Iron Halberd iconHeavy Iron Halberd15   2s 46c   Crafted  
Keen Broad-head Halberd iconKeen Broad-head Halberd42   4s 72c    
Keen Sickled Halberd iconKeen Sickled Halberd26   3s 38c    
Kraibag's Ruin iconKraibag's Ruin   9s 84c   Quested From: Out of the Darkness (54)  
Krithmog's Slayer iconKrithmog's Slayer   7s 60c   Quested From: A Collar for the King (41)  
Leader's Veneration iconLeader's Veneration48   9s    
Lithuifin's Halberd iconLithuifin's Halberd   4s 56c    
Long-bite iconLong-bite50   9s    
Master-crafted Halberd of the Watch iconMaster-crafted Halberd of the Watch40   None    
Mirrored Ancient Steel Halberd iconMirrored Ancient Steel Halberd47   13s 50c   Crafted  
Mirrored Gondorian Halberd iconMirrored Gondorian Halberd27   5s 78c   Crafted  
Nightward iconNightward50   9s    
Notched Halberd iconNotched Halberd43   4s 1c    
Numenorean Halberd iconNumenorean Halberd59   6s 16c   Dropped by: Oshadhur  
Numenorean Halberd of Might iconNumenorean Halberd of Might67   6s 83c   Dropped by: Dunlending Archer, Dunlending Captain, Dunlending Guard, ...  
Numenorean Halberd of Stamina iconNumenorean Halberd of Stamina60   6s 24c   Dropped by: Oshadhur  
Pitchfork iconPitchfork   42c   Sold by: Maneser Goodbody  
Poleaxe iconPoleaxe22   2s 54c    
Poleaxe iconPoleaxe25   2s 75c    
Poleaxe iconPoleaxe29   3s 64c   Dropped by: Corrupted Blood-maple, Twisted Blood-maple, Twisted Blood-oak, ...  
Poleaxe iconPoleaxe34   4s 5c    
Poleaxe of Strengthening iconPoleaxe of Strengthening28   3s 55c    
Polished Ancient Steel Halberd iconPolished Ancient Steel Halberd47   9s   Crafted  
Polished Gondorian Halberd iconPolished Gondorian Halberd27   6s 20c   Crafted  
Polished Westernesse Halberd iconPolished Westernesse Halberd35   7s 32c   Crafted  
Sickled Halberd iconSickled Halberd19   2s 80c   Sold by: Allan Coal, Dirk Crowhaven  
Sickled Halberd iconSickled Halberd22   2s 54c   Sold by: Allan Coal, Dirk Crowhaven, Gestr Quicksilver  
Sickled Halberd iconSickled Halberd23   3s 13c    
Sickled Halberd of Arda iconSickled Halberd of Arda21   2s 96c    
Sickled Halberd of Might iconSickled Halberd of Might22   3s 5c    
Skillfully Crafted Halberd of the Watch iconSkillfully Crafted Halberd of the Watch30   9s 93c    
Spiked Poleaxe iconSpiked Poleaxe25   2s 75c   Sold by: Gestr Quicksilver  
Spiked Poleaxe iconSpiked Poleaxe28   2s 96c   Sold by: Gestr Quicksilver  
Spiked Poleaxe iconSpiked Poleaxe32   3s 89c   Dropped by: Ivar the Blood-hand  
Spiked Poleaxe of Determination iconSpiked Poleaxe of Determination36   4s 22c    
Spiked Poleaxe of Fate iconSpiked Poleaxe of Fate31   3s 80c    
Spiked Poleaxe of Wounding iconSpiked Poleaxe of Wounding28   3s 55c    
Steadfast iconSteadfast50   9s    
Stone-troll Bane iconStone-troll Bane   7s 60c   Quested From: More Confused Than Usual (42)  
Strong Halberd of the Watch iconStrong Halberd of the Watch30   None    
Superior Halberd of the Watch iconSuperior Halberd of the Watch40   12s 45c    
Swept Halberd iconSwept Halberd43   4s 1c    
Swift Flanged Halberd of Might iconSwift Flanged Halberd of Might24   3s 21c    
Swift Halved Halberd of Fleetness iconSwift Halved Halberd of Fleetness44   None   Dropped by: Glumir, Overland Bomber, Overland Guard, ...  
Tempered Dwarf-Craft Halberd iconTempered Dwarf-Craft Halberd31   6s 76c   Crafted  
Tempered Elven-steel Halberd iconTempered Elven-steel Halberd42   8s 30c   Crafted  
Thain's Halberd iconThain's Halberd58   10s 12c   Crafted  
The Keeper's Fall iconThe Keeper's Fall   5s 6c   Quested From: Mul Kholum, the Keeper of Books (48)  
Tirchathol iconTirchathol   3s 63c   Quested From: A Symbol of Hope (28)  
Torchathol iconTorchathol50   13s 50c   Sold by: Coruchador  
Tordirith iconTordirith50   9s    
Truce Breaker iconTruce Breaker   9s 84c   Quested From: The Killing Blow (56)  
Tuokki's Halberd iconTuokki's Halberd   7s 60c   Quested From: The Far Reaching Hand (42)  
Weakened Halberd of the Watch iconWeakened Halberd of the Watch10   5s 73c    
Well-made Halberd of the Watch iconWell-made Halberd of the Watch20   8s 25c