Zone: Bree-town
Type: Town
Level: 9 - 75
Quests: Starting: 95, Involved: 19
Mobs: 142

The village of Bree is home to a friendly community of Men and Hobbits, a peculiar but excellent arrangement. According to their tales, the Little Folk have been there for most of the Third Age, but the Big Folk lived there before the first king sailed to Middle-earth from Númenor—and they lived there long after the last King fell.

The Hobbits of the Shire consider the Bree-Hobbits uncouth, but they are decent and no more rustic than their distant relatives. The population has dwindled since the North Kingdom fell, and fewer travellers use the roads. But those that do find a welcome respite at The Prancing Pony Inn, safely located within the gates of Bree. It’s a favorite meeting place for the idle, the talkative, and the inquisitive.

Forge: 29.7s, 52.3w

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