Old Forest  

Zone: Bree-land
Type: Wilderness in Old Forest
Level: 15 - 22
Location: 32.3S, 61.0W
Quests: Starting: 9, Involved: 14
Mobs: 28

Old Man Willow

“…the hearts of trees… were often dark and strange, and filled with a hatred of things that go free upon the earth, gnawing, biting, breaking, hacking, burning… But none were more dangerous than the Great Willow.”

- The Lord of the Rings™

Deep in the heart of the Old Forest, Old Man Willow looms over the Withywindle River, spreading his rooted wisdom and malice to nearly every tree in the ancient woodland. He despises mortals for their assaults upon the living Forest, and uses his dominion over the trees to ensnare anyone foolish enough to enter this ancient remnant of a vast, forgotten wood.

Tom Bombadil’s House

“There was Tom Bombadil’s house before them, up, down, under hill. Behind it…the land lay grey and bare, and beyond that the dark shapes of the Barrow-downs stalked away into the eastern night.”

- The Lord of the Rings™

Tom Bombadil, the master of wood, water, and hill in the Old Forest, lives in a simple stone house adorned with beautiful flowers and lush gardens. Travelers in trouble may hear his merry singing and be granted refuge in the home of the River-daughter, where an ancient strength keeps the shadows of the Barrow-downs at bay.