Quests starting in Shire Homesteads

The Taxidermist of Bree 15 Shire Homesteads Homestead Provisions (The Shire) 

Quests involving Shire Homesteads

Building the Michel Delving Homestead 8 The Shire The Hill 
Homesteads of Eriador (Bree) 15 Bree-land Bree 
Homesteads of Eriador (Falathlorn) 15 Ered Luin Duillond 
Homesteads of Eriador (The Shire) 15 The Shire The Delving Fields 
Homesteads of Eriador (Thorin's Gate) 15 Ered Luin Thorin's Hall - The Great Hall 
The Fox in the Hen House 1 Middle-earth Global 
There's No Place Like Home (The Shire) 15 The Shire Southfarthing Gate