Mobs by NPC Type: Grocer

Alger Hazelhurst (Fireworks Vendor), GrocerBree-land Festival Grounds 
Bogi, GrocerThorin's Gate Frerin's Court 
Brethilwen (Grocer), GrocerNorth Downs Lin Giliath 
Calengil, GrocerEred Luin Duillond 
Captain Trotter, GrocerNorth Downs Trestlebridge 
Esilia Took (Grocer), GrocerThe Shire Tookland 
Farmer Maggot (Respected Farmer), GrocerThe Shire Bamfurlong 
Folco Boffin, GrocerThe Shire Scary 
Fosco Boffin, GrocerThe Shire Scary 
Gaffer Gamgee (Respected Gardener), GrocerThe Shire Hobbiton 
Gailthin (Grocer), GrocerEred Luin, Thorin's Gate Gondamon, Thorin's Gate 
Galiana Squibb (Wardens of Annuminas), GrocerEvendim Tinnudir 
Gammer Boffin, GrocerThe Shire Overhill 
Gerd Whitfoot, GrocerThe Shire Bywater 
Glad Goodbody (Fireworks Vendor), GrocerThe Shire Methel-stage, The Party Tree 
Graham Larkspur, GrocerBree-land Adso's Camp 
Hana the Young, GrocerLone-Lands Ost Guruth 
Harry Plowright (Grocer), GrocerEvendim Tinnudir 
Himloc Grouse, GrocerBree-land Staddle 
Huni (Fireworks Vendor), GrocerThorin's Hall Thorin's Hall Inn 
Ketill, GrocerEred Luin Noglond 
Laergil (Grocer), GrocerEred Luin Celondim, Haudh Lin 
Leigh Putnam (Grocer), GrocerNorth Downs Lorn Pass, Trestlebridge 
Liv Selwood (Pipeweed Vendor), GrocerBree-land Festival Grounds 
Orlygr, GrocerEred Luin Gondamon 
Oxi (Pipeweed Vendor), GrocerThorin's Hall Thorin's Hall Inn 
Posco Boffin, GrocerThe Shire Scary 
Regin, GrocerNorth Downs Othrikar 
Rollo Boffin, GrocerThe Shire Woodhall 
Stan Chesham (Grocer), GrocerEvendim Ost Forod 
Turbert Took (Pipeweed Vendor), GrocerThe Shire The Party Tree 
Whelan Appledore (Grocer), GrocerBree-town Bree, Bree-town Hall 
William Asquith, GrocerEvendim Oatbarton