Zone: The Shire
Type: Town
Quests: Starting: 5, Involved: 4
Mobs: 7

Nestled along the eastern border of the West Farthing, the village of Hobbitton is one of extraordinary repute; for it was here that Bilbo Baggins first wandered off with a company of strange dwarves and returned with gold and jools. Indeed, the wealth of Bilbo Baggins has become quite the legend among young hobbits and is the chief talk amongst the older gents; none that is too desirable for the most part. Bilbo is often called queer and strange; the wizard Gandalf lay the most blame in that. Then even young Frodo Baggins has been accused of the same thing, particularly after he was adopted as Bilbo’s heir; a fact much detested by the Sacksville-Bagginses.

The village of Hobbitton is busier then Needlehole but not as much as Michel Delving, the chief township of the Shire. There are many agricultural endeavours – indeed fewer fields are more bountiful then in Hobbitton – but not much commercial activity goes on in this sleepy village. Yet if anyone – hobbit or no – makes the trip out, a view of the Party Tree or legendary Bag End itself is certainly in order!

Hobbiton is roughly the same size as Michel Delving but certainly doesn’t sport has many services; but it does have very rich land for prospering farmers. There are also many quests to be found – most of which lead north to Overhill – but the worth in Hobbiton is the sights: Old Sandyman’s Water Mill, the Party Tree and Bag End itself! Players should certainly make the trip to Bilbo’s old hole – currently occupied by Lobelia Sacksville-Bagginses – and see the wondrous sights of the magnificient home.

Major landmarks, NPCs and other points of interest


Crafting Merchants / Trainers

  • Olo Proudfoot, Expert Farmhand (30.4S, 70.9W)
  • Porto Brownlock, Novice Farmhand (30.5S, 70.7W)

Crafting Stations

  • Oven (29.6S, 71.5W)
  • Superior Pipe-weed Fields (30.5S, 70.7W)
  • Superior Vegetable Fields (30.4S, 70.9W)
  • Superior Workbench (30.4S, 70.7W)


  • Appledores: 29.5S, 72.0W
  • Bag End (29.4S, 71.3W)
  • Bywater Bridge (30.9S, 71.2W)
  • Dora Brownlock's Farm: 31.2S, 72.7W
  • Old Sandyman’s Mill (30.9S, 71.2W)
  • The Grange: 30.4S, 71.4W
  • The Ivybush Inn (31.4S, 71.1W)
  • The Party Tree (29.9S, 71.5W)
  • Wolf Den: 30.3S, 72.8W


  • Tavern Keep, Tavern Keep (31.4S, 71.1W) [inside The Ivy Bush Inn]