Mobs by Zone: Middle-earth

Bando Brandybuck (Race-master)Middle-earth The Taste of Hobbiton  
BoduanMiddle-earth Morthond 
BritouMiddle-earth Morthond 
Burdy Gamwich (Contestant)Middle-earth The Taste of Hobbiton  
Ctrl+J (Skirmish Join)Middle-earth Global 
Daffodilly Hayward (Contestant)Middle-earth The Taste of Hobbiton  
Dodder Twofoot (Race Trader), TraderMiddle-earth The Taste of Hobbiton  
DorweMiddle-earth Morthond 
Gladdy Chubb-baggins (Contestant)Middle-earth The Taste of Hobbiton  
Gondorian SoldierMiddle-earth Morthond 
Iarvund (Player) (Soldier of Minas Ithil)Middle-earth Morthond 
IsildurMiddle-earth Morthond 
King RiocMiddle-earth Morthond 
Mudric Rumble (Contestant)Middle-earth The Taste of Hobbiton  
Orc MarauderMiddle-earth Morthond 
Smasher of Garth LothegMiddle-earth Morthond 
TownspersonMiddle-earth, The Shire Brockenborings, Budgeford, Frogmorton, Hobbiton, Little Delving, Michel Delving, Needlehole, Scary, The Bird & Baby Inn, The Hill, The Ivy Bush Inn, The Mathom House, The Taste of Hobbiton , Tuckborough, Waymeet, Woodhall 
UrchenebMiddle-earth Morthond