Mobs by Zone: Thorin's Gate (pre-instance)

Anglor (Guardian Trainer), Guardian TrainerThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gates 
BalinThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Silver Deep Mine 
Bjarni (Tomb Guard)Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) The Berghold 
Bolli (Frerin's Court)Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Frerin's Court (pre-instance) 
Calthendin (Warden Trainer), Warden TrainerThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
Cave-clawThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Silver Deep 
Cold-fanged BarghestThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
Corrupted SpiritThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Mirkstone Tunnels 
Cursed Mountain-wightThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Mirkstone Tunnels 
Dori (Silver Deep Mine)Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Silver Deep Mine 
Dori (Thorin's Gate)Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
Dorniel (Survivor of Edhellion)Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Refuge of Edhelion (pre-instance) 
DorollasThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
Dorongur WhitethornThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Refuge of Edhelion (pre-instance) 
Dourhand (Provisioner), ProvisionerThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Frerin's Court (pre-instance) 
Dourhand Axe-manThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
Dourhand ChiefThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
Dwalin (Introduction)Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Frerin's Court (pre-instance) 
Dwalin (Silver Deep Mine)Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Silver Deep Mine 
Dying Mountain-bearThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
Elladan (Thorin's Gate)Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
Elrohir (Mirkstone)Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Mirkstone Tunnels, Mirkstone Tunnels (oustide) 
Evil SpiritThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Mirkstone Tunnels 
Frost-wolfThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
Gandalf (Silver Deep Mine)Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Silver Deep Mine 
Gimli (Silver Deep Mine)Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Silver Deep Mine 
Glanwen (Hunter Trainer), Hunter TrainerThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gates 
Gloin (Silver Deep Mine)Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Silver Deep Mine 
Gormr DoursmithThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
Grimr (Champion Trainer), Champion TrainerThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
Grizzled Frost-wolfThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
Highland CubThorin's Gate, Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Refuge of Edhelion, Thorin's Gates 
Highland ProwlerThorin's Gate, Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gates 
KapallThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Silver Deep 
Lennasthrieln (Rune-keeper Trainer), Rune-keeper TrainerThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
Malthendring (Champion Trainer), Champion TrainerThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gates 
Mean DourhandThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
MerethenThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
Methgil (Warden Trainer)Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
MonsiThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Silver Deep 
Naithriel (Survivor of Edhellion)Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Refuge of Edhelion (pre-instance) 
Narl (Rune-keeper Trainer), Rune-keeper TrainerThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Frerin's Court (pre-instance) 
Nial (Minstrel Trainer), Minstrel TrainerThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
Nos Grimsong (Frerin's Court)Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Frerin's Court (pre-instance) 
OlinThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Silver Deep Guard House 
Otur (Silver Deep Mine)Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Silver Deep Mine 
Pennastan (Lore-master Trainer), Lore-master TrainerThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gates 
Reklar (Hunter Trainer), Hunter TrainerThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
Shrill BatThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Rockbelly Pit 
Sickly Mountain-wightThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Mirkstone Tunnels 
Snorri (Guardian Trainer), Guardian TrainerThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
Thalchyl (Minstrel Trainer), Minstrel TrainerThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gates 
Thorin OakenshieldThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Silver Deep Mine 
Tombes (Lore-master Trainer), Lore-master TrainerThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Frerin's Court (pre-instance) 
TownspersonThorin's Gate, Thorin's Gate (pre-instance), Thorin's Hall, Thorin's Hall Homesteads Blue Stone Garrison, The Festival Arena, Thorin's Court, Thorin's Gate, Thorin's Gates, Thorin's Hall, Thorin's Hall - The Forging Hall, Thorin's Hall - The Great Hall, Thorin's Hall - The Maker's Hall 
TrollThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Silver Deep 
TryggwiThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
TvisturThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Silver Deep 
UnnarThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Frerin's Court (pre-instance) 
VitnirThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Silver Deep 
Weak Cave-clawThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Silver Deep 
Wriggling WormThorin's Gate (pre-instance) Mirkstone Tunnels 
Young Cave-clawThorin's Gate, Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Mirkstone Tunnels, Mirkstone Tunnels (oustide), Rockbelly Pit, Silver Deep, Silver Deep Mine, Thorin's Gates