Zone: The Shire
Type: Town
Quests: Starting: 5, Involved: 3
Mobs: 3

Serving as a connecting town to Michel Delving in the west, Hobbiton in the east and Needlehole in the north, the village of Waymeet resides in the heart of the West Farthing. There is much trade to be had and news collected; indeed, it is not rare to see a company of travelling dwarves among the hobbits. Not that the hobbits care much for this news, but the dwarves find it a very convenient place to halt and re-supply. Yet despite the protection and peace the village provides, there are wolves on the borders! A frail young hobbit - Dora Brownlock - has been driven from her home on the count of these vile beasts. What has become of the comely Waymeet?


The small village of Waymeet will be the third hamlet that aspiring hobbits will encounter. Whilst there is not much to be had in viable player trade or aspirations, there is a bountiful amount of quests; even a number against wolves! Yet there are a few more besides: players should feel quite busy in Waymeet. Unfortunately, however, there are no merchants or trainers: you must return to Michel Delving to sell your loot or train new skills.

Major landmarks, NPCs and other points of interest


  • Dora Brownlock's Farm (31.3S, 72.7W)
  • Sandson's Farm (32.1S, 74.4W)
  • Wolf Den (30.3S, 72.8W)
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