Trophies by Crafting Use: Special

Achathling's Mandible iconAchathling's Mandible1   3s 7c   Dropped by: Achathling  
Achathrin Spinneret iconAchathrin Spinneret1   2s 60c   Dropped by: Achathrin  
Adamant Shard iconAdamant Shard   1s 68c   Dropped by: Blogkritar, Driftmane, Dunlang, ... Sold by: Betony Diggins, Branhiril, Broddi, ...  
Ancient Emblem iconAncient Emblem   1s 10c   Dropped by: Oath-breaker Archer, Oath-breaker Captain, Oath-breaker Chieftain, ...  
Ancient Steel Bolts iconAncient Steel Bolts   1s 98c   Sold by: Bedrawd, Binir, Crisdur, ...  
Aquamarine Shard iconAquamarine Shard   2s 88c    
Asht's Tooth iconAsht's Tooth1   2s 47c   Dropped by: Asht  
Beryl Shard iconBeryl Shard   2s 16c   Dropped by: Akhan Scorn-eyer, Akharn, Beleguan, ... Sold by: Betony Diggins, Branhiril, Broddi, ...  
Black Huorn Heartwood iconBlack Huorn Heartwood   1s 98c    
Blackclaw's Claw iconBlackclaw's Claw   2s 24c   Dropped by: Blackclaw  
Blackened Boar Intestine iconBlackened Boar Intestine   32c   Dropped by: Wild Tusker  
Bleakwind's Tongue iconBleakwind's Tongue   2s 71c   Dropped by: Bleakwind  
Broken Neekerbreeker Horn iconBroken Neekerbreeker Horn   65c   Dropped by: Biting Neeker-breeker, Cave Neeker-breeker, Dun Neeker-breeker, ...  
Bunch of North Downs Hops iconBunch of North Downs Hops   6c   Crafted  
Burzrit's Mandible iconBurzrit's Mandible1   None   Dropped by: Burzrit  
Bushel of Poor Yellow Onions iconBushel of Poor Yellow Onions   None   Crafted  
Chillgrip's Horn iconChillgrip's Horn   2s 89c   Dropped by: Chillgrip  
Colnor's Scale iconColnor's Scale1   None   Dropped by: Colnor  
Driftmane's Fang iconDriftmane's Fang   2s 89c   Dropped by: Driftmane  
Eitor-kalsak's Mandible iconEitor-kalsak's Mandible   2s 24c   Dropped by: Eitor-kalsak  
Fair Yellow Onion Crop iconFair Yellow Onion Crop   1c   Crafted  
Gem-encrusted Nails iconGem-encrusted Nails   3s   Dropped by: Blade-beak Digger, Scavenging Cave-claw Sold by: Anglaer, Celeblas, Curiosities, ...  
Green Moss iconGreen Moss   2s 61c   Dropped by: Moss-back  
Grish's Tail iconGrish's Tail   2s 61c   Dropped by: Grish  
Jagged Aurochs Horn iconJagged Aurochs Horn   2s 55c   Dropped by: Grazing Hoar-mantle, Hoar-mantle Calf  
Karnasht's Tooth iconKarnasht's Tooth   2s 77c   Dropped by: Karnasht  
Kindlemaw's Fang iconKindlemaw's Fang1   None   Dropped by: Kindlemaw  
Kraur's Paw iconKraur's Paw   2s 61c   Dropped by: Kraur  
Limbgirth's Bones iconLimbgirth's Bones1   1s 94c   Dropped by: Limbgirth  
Mad Badger's Tail iconMad Badger's Tail1   32c    
Neekerbreeker Ichor iconNeekerbreeker Ichor   2s 7c   Dropped by: Corrupted Norboglir  
Padded Pristine Armour Recipe iconPadded Pristine Armour Recipe   6s 19c   Dropped by: Gramsfoot Slasher, Gramsfoot Spear-flinger, Scouting Tomb-robber, ...  
Polished Agate iconPolished Agate   44c   Crafted  
Polished Amethyst iconPolished Amethyst   44c   Crafted  
Polished Bloodstone iconPolished Bloodstone   66c   Crafted  
Polished Opal iconPolished Opal   66c   Crafted  
Polished Sapphire iconPolished Sapphire   1s 10c   Crafted  
Prepared Green Hill Hops iconPrepared Green Hill Hops   53c   Crafted  
River-Maiden's Thread iconRiver-Maiden's Thread   1s 10c   Dropped by: Ancient Hoar-mantle, Defiant Hoar-mantle, Hoar-mantle Bull, ... Crafted  
Ruby Shard iconRuby Shard   1s 20c   Dropped by: Gazatbag, Khurshat, Nurzurz, ... Sold by: Betony Diggins, Branhiril, Broddi, ... Quested From: Bounty: Soggy Mushroom Mash (29)  
Sagrurz's Tooth iconSagrurz's Tooth   3s 1c   Dropped by: Sagrurz  
Sapphire Shard iconSapphire Shard   72c   Dropped by: Blaghorsha, Corintur, Naegarch Sold by: Betony Diggins, Branhiril, Broddi, ... Quested From: Bounty: Big Enough for Rugs (20), Bounty: Wight-skulls (20)  
Silverclaw's Claw iconSilverclaw's Claw1   2s 66c   Dropped by: Silverclaw  
Skulkmire's Moss iconSkulkmire's Moss1   None   Dropped by: Skulkmire  
Skybreaker's Scale iconSkybreaker's Scale1   None   Dropped by: Skybreaker  
Snowback's Claw iconSnowback's Claw1   None   Dropped by: Gabilazan Defender, Gabilazan Guard, Gabilazan Lieutenant, ...  
Squishy Boar Intestine iconSquishy Boar Intestine   65c   Dropped by: Hill Tusker  
Steelmaw's Paw iconSteelmaw's Paw1   3s 15c   Dropped by: Steelmaw  
Strong Iron Chain iconStrong Iron Chain   1s 10c   Crafted  
Tuft of Ironhide's Fur iconTuft of Ironhide's Fur1   None    
Umling's Mandible iconUmling's Mandible1   None   Dropped by: Umling  
White Claw iconWhite Claw   2s 84c   Dropped by: Blighted Wood-troll, Brutal Hill-beast, Deadly Ironscale, ...  
Wildthorn's Bark iconWildthorn's Bark1   None   Dropped by: Wildthorn  
Windscreamer's Claw iconWindscreamer's Claw1   2s 84c   Dropped by: Windscreamer