Mobs by NPC Type: Stable-master

Adelin Swiftrunner, Stable-masterNorth Downs Trestlebridge 
Andambeth (Stable-master), Stable-masterMirkwood The Haunted Inn 
Andfast Tunnelly, Stable-masterThe Shire Michel Delving 
Andy Deepwell, Stable-masterEvendim Oatbarton 
Arochon, Stable-masterNorth Downs Esteldin 
Asur (Stable-master), Stable-masterThe Water-Works Harazgund 
Avan Brocktull, Stable-masterEnedwaith Maur Tulhau 
Baidhrochiel, Stable-masterEregion Gwingris 
Bailey Willowlark, Stable-masterNorth Downs Trestlebridge 
Bert Goldenleaf (Stable-master), Stable-masterBree-town Bree, South Bree 
Bill Rosewood (Stable-master), Stable-masterBree-town Bree, West Bree 
Bogo Chubb, Stable-masterThe Shire Hobbiton 
Breglobor, Stable-masterTrollshaws Thorenhad 
Celenath (Stable-master), Stable-masterEnedwaith Harndirion, Thror's Coomb 
Colchyl, Stable-masterEred Luin Duillond 
Curuhen (Stable-master), Stable-masterMirkwood Estolad Mernael 
Dannasmeth (Stabble-master), Stable-masterAnnuminas Echad Garthadir 
Darren Crane, Stable-masterNorth Downs Trestlebridge 
Demur (Stable-master), Stable-masterEnedwaith Echad Dagoras 
Earl Beechwood (Stable-master), Stable-masterBree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Ferrif (Stable-master), Stable-masterEnedwaith Echad Daervunn 
Festival Announcer (Stable-master), Stable-masterEred Luin Low Lands 
Fith (Stable-master), Stable-masterThe Great Delving Durin's Threshold 
Gundo Bracegirdle, Stable-masterThe Shire Brockenborings Watch Office 
Gwin (Wulf's Cleft) (Avanc-luth), Stable-masterGap of Rohan Wulf's Cleft 
Hal Fincham, Stable-masterNorth Downs Trestlebridge 
Hending Gamgee, Stable-masterThe Shire Needlehole 
Horth (Stable-master), Stable-masterAngmar Gabilshathur 
Hurien (Stable-master), Stable-masterMirkwood Echad Sirion 
Inurochon (Stable-master), Stable-masterLothlorien Cerin Amroth, Cirin-en-Galadh 
Ira (Stabble-master), Stable-masterForochel Pynti-peldot 
Jack Cloverdale, Stable-masterBree-land Combe 
Kirsikka (Stable-master), Stable-masterForochel Kuru-leiri 
Kormak (Stable-master), Stable-masterFoundations of Stone The Shadowed Refuge 
Ladrochan (Stable-master), Stable-masterRivendell Elrond's Stables 
Lalli (Stabble-master), Stable-masterForochel Suri-kyla 
Leiknir (Stable-master), Stable-masterEred Luin Noglond 
Loboelen (Stable-master), Stable-masterTrollshaws Echad Candelleth, Tal Bruinen 
Loborcheron (Stable-master), Stable-masterAngmar Gath Forthnir, Himbar 
Loborwen (Stable-master), Stable-masterLothlorien Echad Andestel, Nimrodel 
Maercherves (Stable-master), Stable-masterMirkwood Helethir 
Midhram (Stable-master), Stable-masterMirkwood Mithechad 
Nat Collop, Stable-masterEvendim Tinnudir 
Pasi (Stable-master), Stable-masterForochel Kauppa-kohta 
Pip Wortley, Stable-masterLone-Lands Annunlos 
Pothlir, Stable-masterNorth Downs Amon Raith 
Rangi (Stable-master), Stable-masterDurin's Way Jazargund, The Stone Hall 
Rimdal (Stable-master), Stable-masterEttenmoors Glain Vraig 
Rimdareil (Stable-master), Stable-masterLothlorien Egladil, The Vinyards of Lorien 
Rochdur (Stable-master), Stable-masterEregion Echad Eregion, High Hollin 
Rocherves (Stable-master), Stable-masterEregion Echad Dunann 
Roherdir, Stable-masterEred Luin Celondim 
Rohiril (Stable-master), Stable-masterLothlorien Caras Galadhon, Egladil 
Rory Primstone, Stable-masterThe Shire Brockenborings 
Saeradan, Stable-masterBree-land Saeradan's Cabin 
Sam Pickwell, Stable-masterNorth Downs Othrikar 
Santhiriel (Stable-master), Stable-masterLothlorien Caras Galadhon 
Sibbi (Stable-master), Stable-masterDurin's Way The Door to the Clouds 
Sigdan, Stable-masterEred Luin Gondamon 
Skolm (Stable-master), Stable-masterThe Silvertine Lodes The Deep Descent 
Solsi (Stable-master), Stable-masterMoria, Nud-melek Nud-melek, The First Hall 
Stable-master, Stable-masterNan Curunir Dagoras' Camp 
Stable-master (Limlight Gatehouse), Stable-masterThe Great River Limlight Gatehouse 
Stable-master (Aculf's Camp), Stable-masterThe Great River Aculf's Camp 
Stable-master (Echad Naeglanc), Stable-masterDunland Echad Naeglanc 
Stable-master (Etheburg), Stable-masterThe Great River Etheburg 
Stable-master (Forthbrond), Stable-masterGap of Rohan Forthbrond 
Stable-master (Grimbold's Camp), Stable-masterGap of Rohan Grimbold's Camp 
Stable-master (Haldirith) , Stable-masterThe Great River Haldirith 
Stable-master (Mansig's), Stable-masterThe East Wall Mansig's Encampment 
Stable-master (Parth Celebrant), Stable-masterThe Great River Parth Celebrant 
Stable-master (Rohirrim Scout-c), Stable-masterDunland Rohirrim Scout-camp 
Stable-master (Stangard), Stable-masterStangard Stangard 
Stable-master (Tharakh Bazan), Stable-masterDurin's Way Tharakh Bazan 
Stable-master (Trum Dreng), Stable-masterDunland Trum Dreng 
Styrlak (Stable-master), Stable-masterDurin's Way The Chamber of the Crossroads 
Sully Brandybuck, Stable-masterBree-land Buckland 
Taf (Stable-master), Stable-masterZelem-melek The Twenty-first Hall 
Tavas (Stable-master), Stable-masterAngmar Aughaire 
Thalamab (Stable-master), Stable-masterLothlorien Mekhem-bizru 
Thalfi (Stable-master), Stable-masterRedhorn Lodes The Orc-watch 
Toriel (Stable-master), Stable-masterMirkwood Ost Galadh 
Trevadir (Stable-master), Stable-masterEvendim High King's Crossing 
Unni (Stable-master), Stable-masterLone-Lands Nain Enidh 
Walerand Puddy, Stable-masterEvendim Ost Forod 
Walter Mabbot, Stable-masterNorth Downs Trestlebridge 
Wani (Stable-master), Stable-masterThe Water-Works The Rotting Cellar 
Warr (Stable-master), Stable-masterThe Flaming Deeps Anazarmekhem 
Wes Brittleleaf (Stable-master), Stable-masterBree-land Adso's Camp, Southern Bree-fields 
Wili, Stable-masterThorin's Gate Thorin's Gates