Zone: The Shire
Type: Town
Quests: Starting: 8, Involved: 5
Mobs: 20

In the far north reaches of the Shire, east of the Bindbole Wood and south of the Greenfields, lies the prosperous hamlet of Brockenborings; the commercial centre of the north farthings. The settlement is uniquely placed between the labour-intensive Overhill to the west and the mining colony of Scary to the east; these factors encourage the nearby hobbits to travel and participate in the increased commercialism prevalent.

Brockenborings also has a deep history, including being the site of the last great battle in the Shire: the conflict against Golfimbul and his goblin minions! In years long past, his goblin forces invaded the Shire through the Greenfields and the great hero, Bullroarer Brandobras Took was summoned and hewed his head off – the manner in which golf was invented! Since then no goblin has dared set foot in the Shire, fearing the club that is now housed in Michel Delving. Yet, there are rumours that descendents of Golfimbul are brooding and that means ill to Brackenborings!

Brockenborings is deceptively small for all the services it offers; indeed, there is nearly every crafting station and many different merchants are prevalent as well. There are also many quests to be found in Brockenborings; even the epic prologue quest line – which is the beginning of the grand story of the Lord of the Rings Online – has a set path through the hamlet that ends with a dreaded fight against the goblin Lubach! Also, for crafters, just to the west of town are two hobbits that can prepare work orders for nearly any kind of hide: seemingly invaluable when players are slow in their supplies.


Crafting Stations
  • Forge (27.5S, 68.3W)
  • Study (27.5S, 68.1W) & (27.6S 68.1W [inside The Plough and Stars Inn])
  • Oven (27.6S, 68.2W)
  • Workbench (27.4S, 68.3W)
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