Level: 30 - 40
Quests: 104 starting, 37 involved
Mobs: 216

Lorebook Description

Of the Wilderlands of Eriador, the Trollshaws are amongst the most untamed. Men and Dwarves come here seldom, and even then only follow the course of the Great East Road. As the name suggests, this land is the haunt of wild Hill-trolls. Rivendell is North-East of the Trollshaws, beyond the Ford of Bruinen. This is a hidden Elf-refuge and the home of Elrond Halfelven, chief of the White Council. There, the fate of Middle-earth will be determined.

Travelling through this zone is always a challenge but more so at night, as that is the time that this region demonstrates the reason it is called the Trollshaws. Elite Stone Trolls will be found wandering about the place once the sun goes down and woe to the traveller who thinks the path is safe because he has been through here before, for they will catch you and throw you in a sack and squash your bones to jelly for their biscuits!

Actually, truth is the Trolls are only Threatening. They will not attack unless you stay in aggro range too long so as long as you keep moving you can run right by them. Everything else in the zone is as aggressive as you would expect them to be.


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    Amon Nendir
    Amon Varadh
    Barachen's Camp
    Barad Glamgil
    Barad Remmellad
    Bruinen Gorges
    Cirith Ulunn
    Crumbled Cellar
    Delossad (Sithad)
    Echad Candelleth
    Echad Gauradan
    Eryn Singor
    Forgotten Monument
    Lost Temple
    Minas Ciliant
    Nan Tornaeth
    Ost Belegram
    Ost Brandras
    Ost Chall
    Ost Durgonn
    Ost Thondol
    Tal Bruinen
    Taur Ornolf
    The Blooming Fens
    The Ford of Bruinen
    The Gates of Imladris
    The Stone-trolls' Glade
    The Wovenvales
    Torech Ullug
    Trapdoor Lair
    Vault of Celebrain's Legacy