Objects by Zone: Dunland

Ancient PlacardQuest   Dunland Mundfaeril's Shrine 
Apple-woodQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
BagQuest   Dunland Starkmoor 
Balanced StaffQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
BandageQuest   Dunland Flam-cadlus 
Banded CofferResource   Dunland, Gap of Rohan, Isengard, Nan Curunir Bonevales, The Bone Quarry 
Banner of the DunlendingsOther   Dunland The Culling Pit 
Banner of the White HandQuest   Dunland Avardin 
Barnavon Mine ForgeQuest   Dunland Barnavon Mine 
Basket of ApplesQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Birch BranchesResource   Dunland, Gap of Rohan, Isengard, Nan Curunir  
BoatQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Bog-reedsQuest   Dunland Dunbog 
BraigiarQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Broken ToolQuest   Dunland Barnavon Mine 
Bucket of WaterQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Cairn-entranceQuest   Dunland Bonevales 
CampfireQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Captain's TableQuest   Dunland Rhuvel-cadlus 
CarrotQuest   Dunland Cartrev Andras  
CartQuest   Dunland Starkmoor 
Cart WheelQuest   Dunland Flam-cadlus 
CaudronQuest   Dunland The Slade of Shadows 
Craban EggsQuest   Dunland Pren Gwydh 
CrateQuest   Dunland Starkmoor 
Crate of Black FireQuest   Dunland Uvel-cadlus 
Crate of GoodsQuest   Dunland Starkmoor 
Crates of SuppliesQuest   Dunland Upper Barnavon 
Crushed VesselQuest   Dunland Bonevales 
Dead CowOther   Dunland The Hound's Rest 
Dievlig BannerQuest   Dunland Lhan Bach 
Dievlig StandardQuest   Dunland Bonevales 
Digestive RootQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Disturbed Cairn EntranceQuest   Dunland Bonevales 
Disturbed EarthQuest   Dunland The Tree of Tribute 
Disturbed EarthQuest   Dunland Bonevales 
DriftwoodQuest   Dunland Dunbog 
Dunland Reflecting PoolReflecting Pool   Dunland Rohirrim Scout-camp 
EggQuest   Dunland Cartrev Andras  
Empty BasketQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Fine Dwarf-axeQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
First AltarQuest   Dunland The Slade of Shadows 
Food StoresQuest   Dunland Lhan Gogledh 
Food StoresQuest   Dunland Upper Barnavon 
Food-crateQuest   Dunland Lhan Colvarn 
FootprintsQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
ForgeQuest   Dunland Rook's Hut 
Grinding StoneQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Gwin's BannerQuest   Dunland The Withered Stones 
Heavy Banded CofferResource   Dunland, Dunlending, Gap of Rohan, Isengard, Nan Curunir Bonevales, The Bone Quarry 
Heavy Birch BranchesResource   Dunland, Gap of Rohan, Isengard, Nan Curunir  
Heavy SwordQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Horn of ChallengeQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Horn of SummoningQuest   Dunland Naur-maudhul 
HorseQuest   Dunland Starkmoor 
Hostage-cageQuest   Dunland Upper Barnavon 
Iron OreQuest   Dunland Barnavon Mine 
KeystoneQuest   Dunland The Bone Quarry 
Lake-side PlantQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Large FootprintQuest   Dunland Bloodtusk's Den 
LedgerQuest   Dunland Starkmoor 
LeverQuest   Dunland Plas-maru 
Mauled CorpseQuest   Dunland The Howling Caverns 
Moveable RockQuest   Dunland The Pristine Glade 
Mud-ballQuest   Dunland Dunbog 
Munfaeril's ShrineQuest   Dunland Mundfaeril's Shrine 
Mysterious CrateQuest   Dunland Hen Turrau 
Mysterious CratesQuest   Dunland Hen Turrau 
Mysterious NoteQuest   Dunland Bonevales 
Orc-trapQuest   Dunland Gravenwood 
Ox-corpseQuest   Dunland Hen Turrau 
Partially-finished ArmourQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Pile of HayQuest   Dunland Starkmoor 
Pile of Oozing CorruptionQuest   Dunland Gravenwood 
PotQuest   Dunland Flam-cadlus 
ProvisionsQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Red CloverQuest   Dunland Hen Turrau 
RemainsQuest   Dunland Bonevales 
Rich OreQuest   Dunland Dragon-clan Settlement, Pren Gwydh 
Rich Skarn DepositResource   Dunland, Dunlending, Gap of Rohan, Isengard, Nan Curunir  
Ritual CrownQuest   Dunland Lhan Tarren 
Ritual HorsetailQuest   Dunland Lhan Tarren 
Ritual SpearQuest   Dunland Lhan Tarren 
Second AltarQuest   Dunland The Slade of Shadows 
ShacklesQuest   Dunland The North Pass 
SheepQuest   Dunland Cartrev Andras  
Skarn DepositResource   Dunland, Gap of Rohan, Isengard, Nan Curunir  
Slain OxQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Snap-jaw TrapQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Stack of WoodQuest   Dunland The Galtrev Lumber-camp  
Stolen KeepsakeOther   Dunland Upper Barnavon 
StoneQuest   Dunland Starkmoor 
Strange ChainQuest   Dunland Lhun Avanc 
Stretched HidesQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Tailoring RackQuest   Dunland Rook's Hut 
Tanned Leather HideQuest   Dunland Starkmoor 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Lhan Tarren)Quest   Dunland Lhan Tarren 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Rohirrim Scout-camp)Quest   Dunland Rohirrim Scout-camp 
The Altar of the GoatQuest   Dunland The Slade of Shadows 
The Altar of the OxQuest   Dunland The Slade of Shadows 
The Altar of the StagQuest   Dunland The Slade of Shadows 
Third AltarQuest   Dunland The Slade of Shadows 
Turtle-eggQuest   Dunland Cors Avanc 
Warg-penQuest   Dunland Pren Gwydh, The Howling Caverns 
White Hand BannerQuest   Dunland Lhan Gogledh 
Woven BlanketQuest   Dunland Cartrev Andras