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A Blade For A Life 15 Bree-land Northern Bree-fields 
A Collar for the King 41 North Downs Amon Raith 
A Critical Strike 11 Bree-land Combe 
A Dwarf's Duty 25 Lone-Lands Nain Enidh 
A Fell Glow 60 Foundations of Stone Foundations of Stone 
A Fellowship's Heart (Optional) 58 Foundations of Stone Foundations of Stone 
A Formal Complaint 32 Evendim Bullroarer's Sward 
A Foul Wood 48 Eregion Glad Ereg 
A Hike Like No Other 50 Ettenmoors Coldfells 
A Leader Unveiled 39 North Downs Kingsfell 
A Matter of Knowledge 51 Eregion Mirobel 
A Scout in the North Trollshaws 40 Trollshaws Bruinen Gorges 
Agarochir, Keeper of Tirband 50 Evendim Annuminas 
Aiding The Eldgang 50 Angmar The Rift of Nurz Ghasu 
An Ancient Story of Evil 23 Southern Barrow-downs Southern Barrow-downs 
Ancient Lair 44 Angmar Malenhad 
Angmar's Chieftains 50 Ettenmoors  
Angmar's Dead 31 Lone-Lands Agamaur 
Angmar's Scouts 50 Ettenmoors  
Angmar's Soldiers 50 Ettenmoors Coldfells 
Angmar's Taskmasters 50 Ettenmoors Coldfells 
Angmar's Tyrants 50 Ettenmoors  
Angmar: Barad Gularan 50 Middle-earth Global 
Angmar: Carn Dum 50 Middle-earth Global 
Angmar: Urugarth 50 Middle-earth Global 
Annuminas: Glinghant 40 Middle-earth Global 
Annuminas: Haudh Valandil 40 Middle-earth Global 
Annuminas: Ost Elendil 40 Middle-earth Global 
Army of One 50 Angmar Gath Forthnir 
Arthedain's Lost Brethren 32 Lone-Lands Garth Agarwen 
Assault of the Ringwraiths' Lair 65 Mirkwood Dol Guldur 
Assault of the Ringwraiths' Lair -- Daily 65 Middle-earth Global 
Assault on Tol Ascarnen 50 Ettenmoors Hoardale 
Attack at Dawn 30 Middle-earth Global 
Aurochs Mantles 34 North Downs Kingsfell 
Balak, Emissary of the White-hand 50 Angmar Himbar 
Balhest, Lord of Ost Elendil 50 Evendim Annuminas 
Banish the Spirits 49 Angmar Myrkworth 
Battle of the Deep-way -- Daily 55 Middle-earth Global 
Battle of the Twenty-first Hall -- Daily 55 Middle-earth Global 
Battle of the Way of Smiths-- Daily 55 Middle-earth Global 
Beast No More 58 Redhorn Lodes Redhorn Lodes 
Beneath the Greenfields 12 The Shire Greenfields 
Birds of a Feather 29 North Downs Nan Amlug West 
Biting the White Hand 53 Eregion Mirobel 
Blade of the Dunlending 53 Eregion Mirobel 
Bloodwing 44 Angmar Aughaire 
Blunting the Spear 27 North Downs Esteldin 
Book 1: Chapter 1: Unravelling the Thread 15 Bree-town Bree 
Book 4, Chapter 6: The Will to Stand 68 Galtrev Galtrev 
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