TitleGranted From Deed
A Light from the ShadowThe Shadows of Angmar
Agent of Gath ForthnirAlly of the Council of the North
Ale Association MemberAle Association Initiation
Ally of EsteldinAlly to the Rangers of Esteldin
Ally of LothlorienAlly of Lothlorien
Ally of RivendellAlly to the Elves of Rivendell
Ally of the EglainAlly of the Eglain
Ally of the Iron Garrison GuardsAlly to the Iron Garrison
Ally of the Iron Garrison MinersAlly to the Iron Miners
Ally of the LossothAlly to the Lossoth
Ally of the MalledhrimAlly to the Malledhrim
Ally to the AlgraigAlly to the Algraig
Ally to the Eldgang Ally to the Eldgang
Ally to the GaladhrimAlly to the Galadhrim
Ally to the Grey CompanyAlly to the Grey Company
Ally to the HallsAlly of Thorin's Halls
Ally to the Wardens
AmazelingSpring Sprung!
Ambassador of the Grey CompanyPath of the Grey Company
Ambassador to the ElvesAmbassador to the Elves
Anduin WandererDeed: The Vanished Rider (0 of 6)
Apprentice Angler
Apprentice of BladesVocation: Armsman -- Tier 1
Arbitrator of the DeadDead-slayer of Southern Mirkwood
Ardent of FreedomKindred of the Council of the North
Assaulter of the Ringwraith LairAssault of the Ringwraiths' Lair
Avenger of Khazad-dumThe Mines of Moria
Avenger of Oaths BrokenQuests of Parth Celebrant
Avenger of SarnurAvenger of Sarnur
Avenger of the Uch-luthHalf-orc Slayer (Advanced)
Bane of DunlandDunlending-slayer
Bane of the BarrowsWight-slayer
Bane of the InfectedGlobsnaga-slayer
Bane of the KergrimKergrim-slayer
Bane of the LieutenantRegent of the Tower
Bane of the OrcsOrc-slayer
Bane of the Plague LordLost Temple: Ferndur's Defeat
Bane of TitansGiant-slayer
Bane of TrollsTroll-slayer
Banisher of DreadCuthraul and Elhudan-slayer (Advanced)
Banisher of SpiritsCuthraul and Elhudan-slayer
Barrow-downs HunterBarghest-slayer
Bathed in FireDraigoch's Lair -- Tier 1
Battled in the TowerThe Battle in the Tower
Beak-breakerDeep-claw Slayer
Bearer of HopeThe Shadows of Angmar II
Beast-slayer of Eastern RohanBeast-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)
Betrayer's BaneBetrayer's Bane
Blackarrow-FoeBlackarrow-Slayer - Tier 1
Blight-cleanserFallen to Blight
Blight-scourgeCorruption in Comand
Bog-HunterBog-Lurker slayer
Born from the AshesDraigoch's Lair -- Tier 2
Breacher of the Necromancer's GateBreaching the Necromancer's Gate
Bree-defenderAlly to the Men of Bree
Bree-friendFriend to the Men of Bree
Bree-land RoverKindred to the Men of Bree
Brigand-slayer of Eastern RohanBrigand-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)
Brumbereth's BaneLeaders of the Hive
Brute of AngmarFor the Glory of Angmar: Tier One
Bug CrusherGrodbog-slayer
Bug-stomperCarriers of the Blight
BurrowerThe Haunted Burrow
Called by the Golden HostThe Siege of Mirkwood
Calm Before the StormMysterious Relics
Caretaker of the Forgotten TreasDefilers of the Forgotten Treasury
Cave-claw WranglerCave-claw Wrangler
Champion of Eriador
Champion of LothlorienOrc-slayer
Champion of the Ashen WastesChampions of Urugarth (Final)
Champion of the Lone-landsOrc-slayer
Champion of the Lost TempleChampion of the Lost Temple
Champion of the MalledhrimSorcerer-slayer (Advanced)
Clear-cutterGiant-slayer (Advanced), Wood-troll Slayer (Advanced)
Clear-cutterGwiber-slayer (Advanced)
Cleaver of GoblinsGoblin-slayer
Climber of the Stairs Landings of the Grand Stair
ClubberThe Mightiest Arm
Conqueror of RingdyrConquest of Ringdyr
Conqueror of the EttenmoorsTyrants of the Enemy
Conqueror of the TowersConquest of the Towers
Conqueror of Tol AscarnenConquest of Tol Ascarnen
Crop-saviourHarvest-fly Slayer
Custodian of the Forgotten TreasIntruders in the Vault
Dark HunterWolf and Shadow-wolf Slayer (Advanced)
Dawn-breakerAttack at Dawn
De-animator of ThorogHelegrod -- Dragon Wing
Deep-cleaverThe Hounds of Skumfil
Defence Against the ShadowStorm on Methedras
Defender of AnnuminasLeaders of the Invasion
Defender of Bree-landOrc-slayer
Defender of EnedwaithMysteries of Enedwaith (Intermediate)
Defender of HollinUruk-captains of Eregion
Defender of StangardAlly to the Riders of Stangard
Defender of the Ashen WastesChampions of Urugarth
Defender of the Brown LandsQuests of Brown Lands
Defender of the Crumbling SchoolInvaders of Tham Mirdain (School)
Defender of the HallsBrigand-slayer
Defender of The Prancing PonyDefence of The Prancing Pony
Defender of the RushgoreQuests of the Rushgore
Defier of EvilSoldiers of the Enemy
Deflector of Gnashing TeethWarg-slayer
Den DiscovererWhere Evil Creatures Dwell
Destined for RohanDiscovering the Descendant
Destiny of the AccursedWight-slayer
Dispatcher of Zaudru
DivinerRunes of the Dark
Do-gooderInn League Delivery
Doer of Great DeedsGreat Deeds for Lothlorien
Doom of IgashVillains of the Grand Stair (Part 2)
Doom of the AngmarimAngmarim-slayer
Doom of Thorog Reborn
Doom-breakerLeaders of the Nameless
Douser of FlamesOrcs of the Forge
DreamerFacing Your Fears
DrudgerVocation: Yeoman -- Tier 1
Egland-friendFriend of the Eglain
Elf-friendKindred with the Elves of Rivendell
Endurer of Long WintersYule
Enemy of Angmar
Enemy of AngmarAngmarim-slayer
Enemy of the Corcur
Enemy of the DeadWight-slayer
Enemy of the Giants Giant-slayer
Enemy of the White Hand Half-orc Slayer
Eriador CartographerCartographile -- Eriador
Esteldin-friendFriend to the Rangers of Esteldin
Excavator of the Forsaken CavernsExcavator of the Forsaken Caverns
Executioner of the WickedExecutioner of the Wicked
Exemplar of SongExemplar of Song
Exile of EreborExiles from the Lonely Mountain
Expert Angler
Explorer of DunlandExplorer of Dunland
Explorer of EnedwaithMysteries of Enedwaith
Explorer of EorlsmeadEorlsmead Explorer
Explorer of Khazad-dumExplorer of Khazad-dum
Explorer of Lhaid OgoLhaid Ogo Exploration
Explorer of Parth CelebrantParth Celebrant Explorer
Explorer of the BrownBrown Lands Explorer
Explorer of the Limlight GorgeLimlight Gorge Explorer
Explorer of the RushgoreRushgore Explorer
Explorer of the Wailing HillsWailing Hills Explorer
Explorer of ThingladThinglad Explorer
Eyes Against The EnemyMarching Orders
Fang-breakerSabre-tooth Slayer
Fang-breakerWolf and Warg-slayer
Feast-beastA Monstrous Feast
FerngothDead-slayer (Advanced)
FighterStrength of the Enemy
Finder of FarmsFarms and Crofts of the Eastemnet
Finder of FoesEnemies of the Rohirrim
Flet-runnerFlet-runner Challenges
Fly-swatterSickle-fly Slayer
Foe of NightRedeemer
Foe of the Dark TowerThrowing Down Sammath Gul
Foe of the HighpeakBeasts of the Broken Stair
Foe of the Warg-keepersTamers of the Vile Wargs
Foe of the White HandDunlending-slayer
Foe-bane of DunlandSlayer of Dunland
Foil of WarPlans of War
Foliage WatcherHarvestmath
Follower of the Long RoadThe Long Road of the Hobbits
Forded BruinenFord of Bruinen
Forge-breakerOverseers of the Forge
Forge-wardenInvaders of Tham Mirdain (Ring-Forge)
Fort-finderThe Defences of Eastern Rohan
Friend of the AlgraigFriend to the Algraig
Friend of the EaglesQuests of the Wailing Hills
Friend of the EldgangFriend to the Eldgang
Friend of the Golden WoodFriend of Lothlorien
Friend of the HallsFriend of the Halls
Friend of the Mark
Friend of the NineIn the Footsteps of the Fellowship
Friend of the Wild
Friend to the CouncilFriend of the Council of the North
Friend to the DunlendingsFriend to the Men of Dunland
Friend to the GaladhrimFriend to the Galadhrim
Friend to the Grey CompanyFriend of the Grey Company
Friend to the Heir of IsildurAllies of the King
Friend to the Iron Garrison GuarFriend to the Iron Garrison
Friend to the Iron Garrison MineFriend to the Iron Miners
Friend to the MalledhrimFriend to the Malledhrim
Friend to the WardensAlly to the Wardens of Annuminas, Friend to the Wardens of Annuminas
Friend to the WoldFriend to the Wold
Fruit HuckerFrostbluff Rotten Fruit -- Tier 2
GatecrasherThe Gatekeepers of Isengard
Giant Dues-collector
Go-getterThe Go-getter
Gondamon Siege-breakerSiege of Gondamon
Grey Company Kindred with the Grey Company
Grimreaver's BaneThe Corpse-eaters
Guardian of Ered LuinGoblin-slayer
Guardian of LothlorienDefender of Lothlorien
HandymanVocation: Tinker -- Tier 1
Hastener of FateEpilogue: Of Elves and Dwarves
Hatchery Raider
Hated by Zaudru
Healing Spirit
Hero of EorlsmeadQuests of Eorlsmead
Hero of the AnduinQuests of Great River
Hero of the Ashen WastesChampions of Urugarth (Advanced)
Hero of the LostThe Lost Fellowship
Hero of the North DownsOrc-slayer
Homesteader of EnedwaithThe Cartrevs of Enedwaith
Honorary RangerKindred with the Rangers of Esteldin
Honourary MalledhrimSorcerer-slayer
Honourary Sherrif
Honoured of the White LadyKindred with the Galadhrim
Hot ShotThe Hot Shot
Hound of BarashishTirith Rhaw Travel Tier 2
Hunter of the Dark BeastsBeast-slayer
Icy CrevasserThe Icy Crevasse
Illuminator of MirkwoodOrc and Uruk-Slayer
InfiltratorArms of the Enemy
Inn League MemberInn League Member, Senior Inn League Member
Inn League NotableInn League Notable
Inn League Sage of Fine SpiritsInn League Challenge
Inspiration to Men
InterceptorLetters to Igash
Iron Garrison GuardKindred with the Iron Garrison
Iron Garrison MinerKindred with the Iron Miners
Journeyman Angler
Keeper of the Forgotten TreasuryDefilers of the Forgotten Treasury (Advanced)
Keeper of the MysteriesLimrafn-slayer
Known to the AlgraigKnown to the Algraig
Known to the Council of the NorthKnown to the Council of the North
Known to the EglainKnown to the Eglain
Known to the EldgangKnown to the Eldgang
Known to the Elves of RivendellKnown to the Elves of Rivendell
Known to the GaladhrimKnown to the Galadhrim
Known to the Grey CompanyKnown to the Grey Company
Known to the Iron GarrisonKnown to the Iron Garrison
Known to the Iron MinersKnown to the Iron Miners
Known to the LossothKnown to the Lossoth
Known to the MalledhrimKnown to the Malledhrim
Known to the Mathom SocietyKnown to the Mathom Society
Known to the Men of BreeKnown to the Men of Bree
Known to the Men of DunlandKnown to the Men of Dunland
Known to the Rangers of EsteldinKnown to the Rangers of Esteldin
Known to the Wardens of AnnuminasKnown to the Wardens of Annuminas
Known to the WoldKnown to the Wold
Known to Thorin's HallKnown to Thorin's Hall
LibrarianLore of the Forgotten Library
Liege of the LordKindred with the Malledhrim
Little WonderLittle Wonders
Lord of FangsWarg-slayer
Lord of Streams
Lore-keeperRing-lore of Eregion
Lorien LookoutLorien Lookout
LossothKindred with the Lossoth
Lossoth-friendFriend to the Lossoth
Manoeuvre MasterDraigoch's Lair -- Challenge
Master Angler
Master BlasterFireworks: Master Fireworks-launcher
Master of BeastsMaster of Beasts
Master of StairsMaster of Stairs
Master of the Forgotten LoreMaster of the Forgotten Lore
Master of the Untamed LandsDeeds of Dunland
Mathom-providerAlly of the Mathom Society
Mathom-seekerFriend to the Mathom Society
Mentor of SongMentor of Song
Morale-smasherHeart of the Enemy
Moria CartographileCartographile -- Moria
Nature's Fury
Nemesis of the Corpse-beastsThe Corpse-beasts
Nemesis of the FallenNemesis of the Fallen
No-gooderAle Association Delivery
Nursery-bogie Nurseries of the Wyrmdelf
of the Quick PostRestoring the Quick Post
Orc Skirmisher
Orc-slayer of Eastern RohanOrc-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)
Patron of MoribelScholars from Angmar
Peace-bringerLost to the Deeps
Petal PusherFrostbluff Flower-petals -- Tier 2
Pie Runner
Pie-eating Champion
Pilgrim of DunlandQuests of Dunland
Poacher of the Protected Woods
Predator from PreyBeast-slayer (Advanced)
Protector of AnnuminasLeaders of the Invasion (Advanced)
Protector of Elven Values
Protector of ThangulhadProtectors of Thangulhad
Protector of the ShireGoblin-slayer
Purge of the InfestationLost Temple: The Sick and the Dead
Purveyor of Odd ThingsKindred with the Mathom Society
Quencher of FlamesSalamander-slayer
Rare FishFortunate Festival Fishes
Reaver-FoeReaver-Slayer - Tier 1
Reclaimer of Mirdanant
ReminderOne Thing Drives Out Another
Reptile-slayer of Eastern RohanDragon-kind Slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)
Repulser of SavagesGauradan-slayer
Revealer of the LostRevealer of the Lost
Riddle-masterRiddles Beneath the Inn
Rider of StangardFriend to the Riders of Stangard
Rivendell-friendFriend to the Elves of Rivendell
Root-HewerBree-land Woodsman
Sage of RhudaurThe Seven Swords
Sage of the Sunken CItyMarkers of the Sunken City
Same Old SongFestival Fortunes: Oddly Familiar
Savior of EriadorSavior of Eriador
Savior of the Forgotten ArchiveInvaders of Tham Mirdain (Library)
Saviour of MirkwoodTempest of Dol Guldur
SeekerQuests of the East Wall
Seeker of Deep Places
Seeker of Rohan's RuinsRuins, Tombs, and Monuments of the Eastemnet
Seeker of the FallenFallen Heroes
Seeker of the TruthSeeker of the Truth
Senior Inn League Member
Sentinel of ThingladQuests of Thinglad
Sergeant of the Guard
Servant of AngmarGift From the War-Tyrant
Settler!Cities of Eastern Rohan
Shadow-foeWolf and Shadow-wolf Slayer
Shell-smasherThe Horrors with Many Legs
Shire BrewmasterShire Brew-Master
Skirmish Recruit
Slayer of NamelessNameless-slayer
Slayer of Servants Four
Slayer of the Ancient Evil Eastern RohanAncient Evil-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)
Slayer of the GaurendainGauradan-slayer
Slayer of the WatcherThe Vile Maw
Smith of the Burning DeepsImplements of the Forge
Snow-beastRaining Snowballs
Soother of MiseryLost Temple: One Ill Turn...
Spearman of the March
Spider SpookerHelegrod -- Spider Wing
Spring Dandy
Spring-flingerA Day of Pranks, Brighter Days, The Spring Festival -- Season of the Garden
Stalker-FoeStalker-Slayer - Tier 1
Stalwart against the ShadowThe Mines of Moria -- Part II
Stalwart Protector
Star of the ShowStar of the Show
Stood at Amon SulStand at Amon Sul
Stopper of Thievery and MischiefThievery and Mischief
Storvagun's End
Struck Against Dannenglor Strike Against Dannenglor
Student of CelebrimborRing-lore of Tham Mirdain (Instance Ring-Forge)
Student of MetalworkVocation: Armourer -- Tier 1
Student of the PastStudent of the Past
Student of the PastVocation: Historian -- Tier 1
Studier of the EquineHorsing Around
Summer Days PatronLong Summer Days
Summoned by Lord ElrondVolume III: 'Allies of the King' Forward
SunshineCelebrating Sunshine
Survivor of LangholdQuests of Langhold
Temple RaiderDiscovery: Lost Temple
the AgileThe Beasts of Urugarth
the Blameless
the BoldVillains of the Grand Stair (Part 1)
the BraveThe Orcs of Carn Dum
the BrilliantGlow-worm Slayer
The Busy BeeThe Busy Bee
the DaringWarriors of the Enemy
the DefiantThe Dead That Live
The Eager BeaverThe Eager Beaver
the EnlightenedFestival Fortunes: Excellent Advice
the FierceWarg-slayer
the HeartyOrcs of the Sixteenth Hall
the Ice-renderGrim-slayer
the IndomitableThe Indomitable
the JustHalf-orc Slayer
the MercifulInvaders from Angmar
the MightyThe Orcs of Urugarth
the NeophyteMonster Kills - Tier 1
the OpenhandedSuch Generosity
the PeculiarFestival Fortunes: A Storyteller's Snippets
the PoeticalFestival Fortunes: An Adventurer's Song
the PurifierWight-slayer
the RedDraigoch the Red
the ResilientBlinded by Fire
the ShrewdThe Shrewd Gardener
the SinisterAle Association Acquaintance
the SteadyBrutes of the Broken Stair
the StrongThe Trolls of Urugarth
the SympatheticThe Pale Followers
the ThoroughExploration from Top to Bottom
the TrespasserStangard Explorer
the UndefeatedThe Undefeated
the UndyingThe Undying
the UnscathedThe Unscathed
the UnyieldingSpider-slayer
the ValiantFollowers of Igash
the Venomous
the WandererThe Adventures of Floid and Dewitt
The WardenThere is a New Warden in the Dungeons
the WarriorMonster Kills - Tier 2
the WaryThe Wary
Thief in the Night
Thorin's Halls MonitorKindred to Thorin's Halls
Trap Artist
Treasure HunterTreasures of the Silvertine Lodes
Tuckborough TroublemakerTrouble in Tuckborough
TutorTexts of the Crumbling School
Up-and-ComerThe Up-and-Comer
UrigdagnirOrc and Uruk-Slayer (Advanced)
Uruk-slayer of Eastern RohanUruk-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)
Vanquisher of the NamelessNameless-slayer
Vanquisher of TrollsTroll-slayer
VegitarianVegetable Master
Vermin-baneLizard and Crawler-slayer
Victorious Guardian of the SwordGlory in the Sword-hall of Dol Guldur
Wanderer of the AnduinExplorer of the Great River
Warden of AnnuminasKindred with the Wardens of Annuminas
Warden of the MinesDourhand-slayer
Warg-hunterWarg-slayer, Warg-slayer
Warg-slayer of Eastern RohanWarg-slayer of the Eastemnet (Advance)
Warleader's FoeWarleader-Slayer - Tier 1
Warlord of AngmarUruk-slayer
Warrior of LothlorienWarrior of Lothlorien
Warrior of StangardKnown to the Riders of Stangard
Warrior of the Limlight GorgeQuests of Limlight Gorge
WatcherEast Wall Explorer
Watcher of RoadsBrigand-slayer
Watcher of the WildsThe Wilds of the Eastemnet
Weaver-FoeWeaver-Slayer - Tier 1
Web ShredderThe Blighted Ones
Weird of the WormsWorm-slayer
Well-ordered Mind
Westfold Master Forester
Westfold Woodworker
Whip-lashThe Arms of the Watcher
Wild HunterBeast-slayer
Will-breakerSlaves to the Forge
Wood-chipperWood-troll Slayer
Wood-chipperGiant-slayer, Gwiber-slayer
World RenownedWorld Renown
Wrath of WinterWorm-slayer
Writing on the WallFestival Fortunes: Fateful Foretellings