Explorer of Dunland  

Category: Dunlending
Type: Explorer
Title Granted: Explorer of Dunland
Trait Granted: Empathy +1
Item Granted:
Decorated Heritage Rune of LegendDecorated Heritage Rune of Legend
Turbine Points Granted: 10
Related Locations:Notes:

Explorer of Dunland
Progress: 1 of 10
Dunland is a large and wild land, inhabited by good and wicked folk alike. You should explore the many landmarks of Dunland.

  • Explore the Bonevales
  • Explore Carregyln
  • Explore the Dunbog
  • Explore the Gravenwood
  • Explore the Heathfells
  • Explore the Isendale
  • Explore Nan Curunir
  • Explore Pren Gwydh
  • Explore the Starkmoors
  • Explore Trum Dreng

  • Required Deeds:
    Exploring the Bonevales
    Exploring Carregyln
    Exploring the Dunbog
    Exploring the Gravenwood
    Exploring the Heathfells
    Exploring the Isendale
    Exploring Nan Curunir
    Exploring Pren Gwydh
    Exploring Starkmoor
    Exploring Trum Dreng

    This deed is required for the deed:
    Deeds of Dunland

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