Explorer of Khazad-dum  

Category: Moria
Type: Explorer
Title Granted: Explorer of Khazad-dum
Reputation Increased: 700 Iron Garrison Miners
Turbine Points Granted: 15
Exp Granted: 7042

Progress: 0 of 13
Explore the many deeps and delvings within Khazad-dum

Explore the many deeps and delvings within Khazam-dum
This deed can be incremented. (0/13)

This deed will not show up in your deeds, until it is completed.

To complete this deed, you must explore and complete the following deeds:

Bulwarks of the Enemy - Honesty
Menem-Berej - 11.0s, 112.8w
Harazgund - 17.6s, 116.9w
The Forges of Khazad-dum - 17.0s, 109.7w
Fil Gashan - 17.1s, 109.6w (Go in and back out for this to count)
The Gate of Ruin - 10.2s, 103.9w
Skumfil - 13.2s, 100.4w
Dark Delvings - 15.8s, 97.3w
The sixteenth Hall - 11.1s, 101.0w

Eastern Durin's Way - Fidelity
Jazargund - 3.6s, 106.0w
Skoiruzg - 3.6s, 99.6w
Hadad-Dum - 3.0s, 104.7w
Fehem-Dum - 4.1s, 104.6w
Tith-Maudhul - 2.7s, 101.8w
Grishurbhrum - 3.0s, 100.8w
Khulturg - 2.7s, 100.1w
Dar-Rukh - 4.1s, 100.8w

In the Footsteps of the Fellowship - Honour and Title: Friend of the Nine
Durin's Threshold - 8.0s, 115.9w
The Chamber of the Crossroads - 5.1s, 112.1w
The Twenty-First Hall - 5.8s, 105.6w
Chamber of Mazarbul - 4.8s, 105.3w
The Bridge of Khazad-dum (west arch) - 8.0s, 99.2w
The Bridge of Khazad-dum (east arch) - 8.0s, 98.5w
The First Hall - 8.0s, 95.9w

Nud-Melek - Loyalty
The First Hall - 8.0s, 95.9w
Khadar-Zaram - 8.0s, 103.6w
The Deep CrossRoad - 6.3s, 101.1w
Khurjezer - 7.3s, 100.9w
The Bridge of Khazad-dum (west arch) - 8.0s, 99.2w
The Bridge of Khazad-dum (east arch) - 8.0s, 98.5w
Sudulthurkh - 5.6s, 99.2w

The Cliffs or Zirakzigil - Confidence
The Door to the Clouds - 2.8s, 110.8w (Durins way map)
The Broken Cleft - 13.4n, 109.1 (Currently Broken)
Durin's Bane - 14.9n, 108.7w

The Flaming Deeps - Tolerance
Anazarmekhem - 13.3s, 108.1w
The Burning Stair - 15.8s, 110.6w
The Crossroads of Ash - 15.8s, 109.6w
Gate of the Seven Fathers - 15.8s, 108.6w
Hadad-mezer - 14.7s, 107.6w
Hurmulkezer - 17.0s, 107.1w
Hudnul-Meden - 17.0s, 109.6w

The Foundations of Stone - Valour
The Shadowed refuge - 13.0s, 101.6w (Top level)
The Endless Stair - 15.0s, 99.0w
The bridge-shard - 14.1s, 99.7w
Zabad-Fakak - 12.0s, 102.0w
Dalgum-Ru -14.2s, 101.6w

The Great Delving - Honesty
Durin's Threshold -8.0s, 115.9w
Dolvien-view - 8.5s, 112.2w
The dwarf-lords Gate - 6.4s, 112.0w
The lonely Span - 7.6s, 109.7w (On Zelem-Melek map)
The Stone Council - 9.1s, 112.2w
Gazatmur - 7.6s, 111.3w
Shemeldurj - 7.5s, 114.8w (No map PoI)
The Palaz of Nain - 6.6s, 113.6w

The Silvertine Lodes - Fidelity
The Deep Descent - 9.8s, 112.6w
Gamil Filik - 10.4s, 111.2w
Menem-Berej - 11.0s, 112.8w (Bottom level)
Mene-Munz - 11.2s, 12.8w (Top level)

The Redhorn Lodes - Wisdom
The Orc-Watch - 11.1s, 106.7w (On Zelem-melek map)
The Gate of Ruin - 10.2s, 103.9w
Sigin-Tharakh - 12.8s, 103.1w
The Tailing Pit - 10.3s, 105.8w
Menem-Mezel - 12.0s, 105.7w
Malmezel - 12.5s, 106.2w
Ashpar's Command - 11.4s, 103.5w
Budkhul-Beken - 10.8s, 103.2w (can only be accessed via nud-melek)

The Waterworks - Tolerance
The Rotting Cellar - 15.1s, 112.1w
The Great Wheel - 17.7s, 115.6w
Durin's Beard - 13.6s, 112.6w
The lost Palace - 15.0s, 114.9w
The chamber of the Pool - 15.5s, 115.3w
The Chamber of Dark Waters - 16.9s, 11.9w
The lost treasury - 17.3s, 111.0w
Narag-Kheleb - 17.2s, 114.7w
Harazgund - 17.6s, 116.9w
The Chamber of Memory - 18.2s, 111.6w

Western Durin's Way - Idealism
The Chamber of The Crossroads - 5.1s, 112.1w
The Hall of the High Stair - 4.7s, 112.0w
Gloku-ru - 4.1s, 111.2w
Ninknakh Faltor - 3.6s, 112.9w
Tharakh Bazan - 3.6s, 109.2w
Salab NurjunDul - 3.6s, 107.5w
Uflump-mur - 3.1s, 110.3w

Zelem-Melek - Honesty
The Twenty-First Hall - 5.8s, 105.6w
Mudmul-Charaf - 6.4s, 107.7w
Hall of Flowing Water - 9.1s, 107.7w
Gabil-Mamach - 9.0s, 107.2
Chamber of Mazarbul - 4.8s, 105.3w
Gabil-Hul - 9.7s, 108.7w
The great Hall of Durin - 7.6s, 105.2w
Uzard-bakan - 10.5s, 107.9w


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