Discovering the Descendant  

Category: Class/Race/Epic
Type: Epic
Title Granted: Destined for Rohan
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Discovering the Descendant
Progress: 0 of 9
Without knowing where we have come from, we cannot possibly know where we are going.

  • Complete Bedbugs Bite
  • Complete Herding to the North Downs
  • Complete The Horsefields Derby
  • Complete Feed for the Horses
  • Complete Worse for Wear
  • Complete Every Last Drop
  • Complete Herding to the Trollshaws
  • Complete Herding to the Lone-lands
  • Complete Building Trust

To complete this deed you must complete these quests:
Bedbugs Bite
Every Last Drop
Feed for the Horses
Herding to the Lone-lands
Herding to the North Downs
Herding to the Trollshaws
The Horsefields Derby
Worse for Wear

Completing this deed opens the quest:
Discovering the Descendant

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