Explorer of the Great River  

Category: The Great River
Type: Explorer
Title Granted: Wanderer of the Anduin
Trait Granted: Zeal +1
Reputation Increased: 700 Riders of Stangard
Item Granted:
Decorated Heritage Rune of LegendDecorated Heritage Rune of Legend
Turbine Points Granted: 10
Related Locations:Notes:

Explorer of the Great River
Progress: 0 of 7
You have explored the length and breadth of the Great River lands on your trek into the south, towards the open plains of Rohan.

  • Explore all the lands along the Great River

Required Deeds:
Brown Lands Explorer
Eorlsmead Explorer
Limlight Gorge Explorer
Parth Celebrant Explorer
Rushgore Explorer
Thinglad Explorer
Wailing Hills Explorer

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