Ered Luin  

Level: 2 - 14
Quests: 162 starting, 59 involved
Mobs: 339
LOTRO Wiki Description

Erid Luin has quests and monsters designed for characters between levels 4 and about 15. Lower-level quests are available in Thorin's Hall and Celondim, and the level of quests increases as one moves toward the center of the zone and the city of Gondamon. Wildlife includes Lynx, Eagles and Bears. Monsters include Dourhand Dwarves, Goblins and Wights.

“The ancient East-West Road ran through the Shire… and dwarves had always used it on their way to their mines in the Blue Mountains. They were the hobbits' chief source of news..."

-The Lord of the Rings™

When the great dragon Smaug laid waste to the Kingdom under the Mountain, the Dwarves who survived fled to the Blue Mountains west of the Shire. They founded a lesser kingdom in the mountains called the Ered Luin, building new halls, trading with the folk of Eriador, and even teaching building crafts to the Hobbits.

The Dwarves grew in wealth and strength and lore until King Thorin Oakenshield and company set out to reclaim Erebor, which they did with the aid of a Wizard, a Bowman, and a Burglar. But many Dwarves of Ered Luin had grown to love the Blue Mountains, and not all returned to the Kingdom under the Mountain. Dwalin, of Thorin’s company, serves here as emissary to from the King under the Mountain, and he takes great pride in the successes of the Dwarves of Ered Luin.

This region contains the northern chain of the Blue Mountains, and is bordered by Forlindon to the north and west. The breathtaking Tower Hills rise to the south, and Evendim and the Shire lie to the east.This zone may have maps for mulitple areas. Click here for all of them!
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    Amon Thanc
    Dol Ringwest
    Fen Ethuil
    Hunter's Notch
    Kheledul Docks
    Limael's Vineyard
    Low Lands
    Nen Hilith
    Northern Barricade
    Sarnur Caverns
    Sarnur Great Hall
    Sarnur's Keep
    Scholar's Enclave
    Southern Barricade
    Spire of Kheledul
    Talath Ondren
    Tham Gelair
    The Festival Garden
    The Grimwater
    The Wardspire
    Thrasi's Lodge
    Training Grounds
    Treasure Field Base Camp
    Tum Agor
    Vale of Thrain