Mobs by Zone: The Great Delving

Alfrath (Relic-master), Relic-masterThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
Asgal (Forge-master), Forge-masterThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
Asgil (Legendary Rune-keeper Trader), TraderThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
AthilsThe Great Delving Durin's Threshold: North Wing 
Bed-bugThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
Bennt Sharp-eye (Iron Garrison)The Great Delving Dolven-view 
Brogur (Skirmish)The Great Delving The Deep Way 
Chieftain LurkhThe Great Delving The Great Delving 
DagfinnThe Great Delving Shemeldurj 
Dalwin (Iron Garrison Miners), SupplierThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
DarriThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
Deep-claw BurrowerThe Great Delving, The Silvertine Lodes Katub-zahar, The Palace of Nain, Tunzul-menem 
Deep-claw GnawerThe Great Delving The Great Delving, The Palace of Nain 
Deep-claw HunterThe Great Delving Katub-zahar, Lamab-dum, The Great Delving, The Palace of Nain 
Deep-claw HunterThe Great Delving The Great Delving 
Dufa (Stable-master)The Great Delving Dolven-view 
Dwarf ExplorerThe Great Delving Durin's Threshold, Durin's Threshold: North Wing 
Dwarf GuardThe Great Delving Dolven-view, Durin's Threshold, The Great Delving 
Expedition LeaderThe Great Delving Durin's Threshold, Durin's Threshold: North Wing 
FastarrThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
Fith (Stable-master), Stable-masterThe Great Delving Durin's Threshold 
Frothi (Legendary Guardian Trader), TraderThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
GamliThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
Gragan (Legendary Champion Trader), TraderThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
Grodbog GathererThe Great Delving, The Silvertine Lodes Lamab-dum, The Great Delving, The Palace of Nain, The Vault of Durin, Tunzul-menem 
Grodbog Hive-queen The Great Delving The Palace of Nain 
Grodbog SpitterThe Great Delving The Palace of Nain 
HalfithiThe Great Delving Durin's Threshold 
Healer (Durin's Threshold), HealerThe Great Delving Durin's Threshold 
Holdreda (Legendary Lore-master Trader), TraderThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
Hrutur (Legendary Hunter Trader), TraderThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
Iron Garrison GuideThe Great Delving Durin's Threshold, Lamab-dum, The Great Delving 
JarmarrThe Great Delving The Great Delving 
KambiThe Great Delving The Great Delving 
Limar (Iron Garrison Guards), TraderThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
LythurThe Great Delving Durin's Threshold 
Moria DefenderDurin's Way, The Great Delving Durin's Way, Gazatmur, Gloku-ru, Ninknakh Faltor, The Hall of the High Stair, Uflump-mur 
Moria KeeperDurin's Way, The Great Delving Gazatmur, Gloku-ru, Ninknakh Faltor, The Great Delving, Uflump-mur 
Moria MessengerThe Great Delving Snaga-maudhul 
Moria OverseerThe Great Delving Gazatmur 
Moria SoldierThe Great Delving Gazatmur, Snaga-maudhul, The Great Delving 
Moria Spear-throwerThe Great Delving The Great Delving 
MundgeirrThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
Orgold (Legendary Burglar Trader), TraderThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
Osgild (Legendary Captain Trader), TraderThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
Provisioner (Dolven-view), ProvisionerThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
Provisioner (Durin's Threshold) (Provisioner), ProvisionerThe Great Delving Durin's Threshold 
Queen-spawn Spitter (Ally of Grodbog Hive-queen )The Great Delving The Palace of Nain 
RathulfThe Great Delving The Great Delving 
Skulking Glass-spiderThe Great Delving The Chamber of Deep Thought 
SlagviThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
SotThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
SwerthirThe Great Delving Lamab-dum 
ThorhallThe Great Delving Lamab-dum 
Thorhall (Healer), HealerThe Great Delving Lamab-dum 
ThormothThe Great Delving Durin's Threshold 
Tubi ThickfistThe Great Delving The Great Delving 
Tulk (Durin's)The Great Delving Durin's Threshold 
UggiThe Great Delving Durin's Threshold 
WafriThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
WathiThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
WefrothThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
WegilThe Great Delving The Great Delving 
Welf (Legendary Minstrel Trader), TraderThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
White Hand LieutenantThe Great Delving Gazatmur 
WigfastThe Great Delving The Great Delving 
Wulfhild (Legendary Warden Trader), TraderThe Great Delving Dolven-view