Forochel Deeds:

NameCategory TypeReward Required
Ally to the Lossoth Forochel Reputation Title: Ally of the Lossoth Skill: Lossoth - Vendor Discount Deed: Friend to the Lossoth
Ancient Stones of Forochel Forochel Explorer Trait: Patience +1
Angmarim-slayer Forochel Slayer Title: Enemy of Angmar
Angmarim-slayer (Advanced) Forochel Slayer Trait: Confidence +1 Deed: Angmarim-slayer
Atop the Glacial Throne Forochel Slayer
Discoverer of Sari-surma Forochel Explorer
Dourhand-slayer Forochel Slayer Title: Warden of the Mines
Dourhand-slayer (Advanced) Forochel Slayer Trait: Fidelity +1 Deed: Dourhand-slayer
Forochel Expeditionary Forochel Reputation Trait: Charity +1
Forochel Pioneer Forochel Reputation Trait: Compassion +1 Deed: Forochel Survivor
Forochel Survivor Forochel Reputation Trait: Empathy +1 Deed: Forochel Expeditionary
Friend to the Lossoth Forochel Reputation Title: Lossoth-friend Skill: Lossoth - Travel Discount Deed: Known to the Lossoth
Frost Fight Forochel Slayer
Gauradan-slayer Forochel Explorer Title: Repulser of Savages
Gauradan-slayer (Advanced) Forochel Slayer Trait: Idealism +1 Deed: Gauradan-slayer
Grim-slayer Forochel Slayer Title: the Ice-render
Grim-slayer (Advanced) Forochel Slayer Trait: Mercy +1 Deed: Grim-slayer
Kindred with the Lossoth Forochel Reputation Title: Lossoth Deed: Ally to the Lossoth
King of the Mountain Forochel Slayer
Known to the Lossoth Forochel Reputation Title: Known to the Lossoth
Sabre-tooth Slayer Forochel Slayer Title: Fang-breaker
Sabre-tooth Slayer (Advanced) Forochel Slayer Trait: Fortitude +1 Deed: Sabre-tooth Slayer
The Battle of Forochel Forochel Explorer Trait: Wisdom +1
The Icy Crevasse Forochel Skirmish Title: Icy Crevasser
The Lost Fellowship Forochel Reputation Title: Hero of the Lost
Worm-slayer Forochel Slayer Title: Wrath of Winter
Worm-slayer (Advanced) Forochel Slayer Trait: Zeal +1 Deed: Worm-slayer