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A Blaze in the Trees 50 Ettenmoors Hoardale 
A Dash of This and That 50 Ettenmoors Steps of Gram 
An Iron Belly 50 Ettenmoors Hoardale 
Armour for the Lessers 50 Ettenmoors Tol Ascarnen 
Bedding of Bears 50 Ettenmoors Coldfells 
Big Stuff 50 Ettenmoors Grimwood Lumber Camp 
Captain-General Verdantine 50  Tirith Rhaw 
Captain-Generals' Symbols 50 Ettenmoors Dar-gazag 
Carving OutHearts 50 Ettenmoors Hithlad 
Cooking Sauce 50 Ettenmoors Hoardale 
Counter Assault 50 Ettenmoors Hoardale 
Defend Us 50 Ettenmoors Arador's End 
Dwarf-beards 50 Ettenmoors Steps of Gram 
Dwarfs in the Mine 50 Ettenmoors Arador's End 
Easy Pickings 50 Ettenmoors Hithlad 
Feather for His Cap 50 Ettenmoors Coldfells 
First Marshals' Marks 50 Ettenmoors Dar-gazag 
Flay the Free Peoples 50 Ettenmoors Tirith Rhaw 
Fly the Flags 50 Ettenmoors Tol Ascarnen 
Footmen's Badges 50 Ettenmoors Steps of Gram 
Free Peoples at Lugazag 50 Ettenmoors Gramsfoot 
Free Peoples at Tirith Rhaw 50 Ettenmoors Gramsfoot 
Free Peoples at Tol Ascarnen 50 Ettenmoors Gramsfoot 
Free Peoples at the Grimwood Lumber-camp 50 Ettenmoors Gramsfoot 
Free Peoples at the Isendeep Mine 50 Ettenmoors Gramsfoot 
Get the Troops to Isendeep 50 Ettenmoors Arador's End 
Get to Grothum, Maggot 50 Ettenmoors Gramsfoot 
Gobbled Goblins 50 Ettenmoors Arador's End 
Goldhead Must Die 50 Ettenmoors Tirith Rhaw 
Gorgoris the Gorger 50 Ettenmoors Hithlad 
Grinding Bones in the Grimwood 50 Ettenmoors Arador's End 
Grumbling and Rumbling 50 Ettenmoors Hoardale 
Guards of Tirith Rhaw 50 Ettenmoors Lugazag 
Hold the Mine 50 Ettenmoors Arador's End 
I've Got a Theory 50 Ettenmoors Coldfells 
Iron Belly of Lugazag 50 Ettenmoors Steps of Gram 
Iron Belly of Tirith Rhaw 50 Ettenmoors Coldfells 
Lashing the Walls 50 Ettenmoors Hithlad 
Leader of the Rat-folk 50 Ettenmoors Dar-gazag 
Lieutenants' Seal 50 Ettenmoors Steps of Gram 
Mash 60 Ettenmoors Steps of Gram 
Maw of Mazauk 50  Lugazag 
Menace in the Mines 50 Ettenmoors Arador's End 
Not Just for Eating 50 Ettenmoors Dar-gazag 
Oil Up 50 Ettenmoors Coldfells 
Oil Well 50 Ettenmoors Steps of Gram 
Poisoning the Hoardale 50 Ettenmoors Gramsfoot 
Raid: Captain-General Bordagor 50 Ettenmoors Gramsfoot 
Raid: Captain-General Harvestgain 50 Ettenmoors Gramsfoot 
Raid: Captain-General Lainedhel of Ost Ringdyr 50 Ettenmoors Gramsfoot 
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