Lore Deeds:

NameCategory TypeReward Required
Champion of the Halls of Night Angmar Lore Skill: Emote: Dream
Marching Orders Angmar Lore Title: Eyes Against The Enemy
Raising Spirits Angmar Lore
The Shadows of Angmar Angmar Lore Title: A Light from the Shadow
The Shadows of Angmar II Angmar Lore Title: Bearer of Hope Deed: The Shadows of Angmar
One Thing Drives Out Another Bree-Land Lore Title: Reminder
The History of the Dunedain Bree-Land Lore Trait: Idealism +1
Lore of the Blade Class Lore Trait: Sword and Staff Class: Lore-master
Of Leaf and Twig Class Lore Trait: March of the Ents Skill: Ents go to War Class: Lore-master
The Book of Beasts Class Lore Trait: Noble Savage Class: Lore-master
Draigoch the Red Endewaith Lore Title: the Red Deed: Draigoch's Lair -- Challenge
Draigoch's Lair -- Challenge Endewaith Lore Title: Manoeuvre Master Deed: Draigoch's Lair -- Tier 2
Draigoch's Lair -- Tier 1 Endewaith Lore Title: Bathed in Fire Deed: Draigoch's Lair -- Discovery
Draigoch's Lair -- Tier 2 Endewaith Lore Title: Born from the Ashes Deed: Draigoch's Lair -- Tier 1
Exiles from the Lonely Mountain Endewaith Lore Title: Exile of Erebor
Little Wonders Endewaith Lore Title: Little Wonder
The Long Road of the Hobbits Endewaith Lore Title: Follower of the Long Road
Epilogue: Of Elves and Dwarves Epic Lore Title: Hastener of Fate
The Mines of Moria -- Part II Epic Lore Title: Stalwart against the Shadow Deed: The Mines of Moria (4 of 6)
Lore of the Forgotten Library Eregion Lore Title: Librarian
Ring-lore of Eregion Eregion Lore Title: Lore-keeper Trait: Fidelity +1
Ring-lore of Tham Mirdain (Instance Ring-Forge) Eregion Lore Title: Student of Celebrimbor
Texts of the Crumbling School Eregion Lore Title: Tutor
The Library of Tham Mirdain Eregion Lore
Annuminas -- Glinghant Evendim Lore
The Armies of Isengard Isengard Lore
Excavator of the Forsaken Caverns Lone-Lands Lore Title: Excavator of the Forsaken Caverns Deed: Mighty Umin
Riddles Beneath the Inn Lone-Lands Lore Title: Riddle-master
The Journal of Captain Rabghul Lone-Lands Lore
The Necklace's Keeper Lone-Lands Lore Deed: Mighty Umin
The Perfect Fellowship Lone-Lands Lore
Bilbo's Buttons Misty Mountains Lore Trait: Honesty +1
Arms of the Enemy Moria Lore Title: Infiltrator
Fallen Heroes Moria Lore Title: Seeker of the Fallen
Implements of the Forge Moria Lore Title: Smith of the Burning Deeps
Investigating the Blight Moria Lore
Letters to Igash Moria Lore Title: Interceptor
Lost to the Deeps Moria Lore Title: Peace-bringer
Runes of the Dark Moria Lore Title: Diviner
The Mines of Moria Moria Lore Title: Avenger of Khazad-dum
The Mines of Moria (4 of 6) Moria Lore Deed: The Mines of Moria
Treasures of the Silvertine Lodes Moria Lore Title: Treasure Hunter
The Unwise Race & Social Lore Title: The Unwise
Allies of the King Worldwide Lore Title: Friend to the Heir of Isildur Deed: Volume III: 'Allies of the King' Forward
Savior of Eriador Worldwide Lore Title: Savior of Eriador
The Adventures of Floid and Dewitt Worldwide Lore Title: the Wanderer
Volume III: 'Allies of the King' Forward Worldwide Lore Title: Summoned by Lord Elrond