Skills by Type: Characteristic

Name Type Flags Requirements
Accuracy: Rank 1 Characteristic
Accuracy: Rank 2 Characteristic
Accuracy: Rank 3 Characteristic
Accuracy: Rank 4 Characteristic
Adept Characteristic
Agility of the Woods Characteristic Race: Elf
Agility: Rank 1 Characteristic
Agility: Rank 2 Characteristic
Agility: Rank 3 Characteristic
Agility: Rank 4 Characteristic
Agility: Rank 5 Characteristic
Agility: Rank 6 Characteristic
Agility: Rank 7 Characteristic
Armaments Characteristic
Bagpipe Use Characteristic
Bard Discount Characteristic
Beak Rend Characteristic
Bear Hug Characteristic
Blinding Flash Characteristic Class: Lore-master
Block: Rank 1 Characteristic
Block: Rank 2 Characteristic
Block: Rank 3 Characteristic
Block: Rank 4 Characteristic
Books of Lore Characteristic Class: Lore-master
Bows Characteristic Proficiency
Clarinet Use Characteristic Proficiency
Clever Devices Characteristic Class: Burglar
Clever Retort Characteristic Class: Burglar
Combat Traps Characteristic Class: Hunter
Contact Pedlar Characteristic Class: Burglar
Council of the North - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Council of the North - Travel Discount Characteristic
Craft Forester Complete Proficiency Tier 1 Characteristic
Craft Metalsmith Complete Proficiency Tier 1 Characteristic
Craft Scholar Complete Proficiency Tier 1 Characteristic
Craft Scholar Complete Proficiency Tier 2 Characteristic
Craft Tailor Comploete Proficiency Tier 1 Characteristic
Critical: Rank 1 Characteristic
Critical: Rank 2 Characteristic
Critical: Rank 3 Characteristic
Critical: Rank 4 Characteristic
Crossbows Characteristic Proficiency
Daggers Characteristic Proficiency
Diminshing of Mankind Characteristic Race: Man
Drum Use Characteristic Proficiency
Dual Wielding Characteristic Proficiency Class: Burglar Champion
Eglain - Travel Discount Characteristic
Eglain - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Eldgang - Travel Discount Characteristic
Elves of Rivendell - Travel Discount Characteristic
Elves of Rivendell - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Escape from Darkness Characteristic
Evade: Rank 1 Characteristic
Evade: Rank 2 Characteristic
Evade: Rank 3 Characteristic
Evade: Rank 4 Characteristic
Fading of the Firstborn Characteristic Race: Elf
Fate: Rank: 1 Characteristic
Fate: Rank: 2 Characteristic
Fate: Rank: 3 Characteristic
Fate: Rank: 4 Characteristic
Fate: Rank: 5 Characteristic
Fate: Rank: 6 Characteristic
Fate: Rank: 7 Characteristic
Flute Use Characteristic Proficiency
Friend of the Wild Characteristic Class: Lore-master
Galadhrim - Travel Discount Characteristic
Galadhrim - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Grey Company - Travel Discount Characteristic
Halberd Characteristic Proficiency Class: Captain Guardian
Hand Wrought Traps Characteristic Class: Hunter
Harp Use Characteristic Proficiency
Heavy Armour Characteristic Proficiency Class: Champion Guardian
Heavy Shields Characteristic Proficiency Trait: Heavy Shield Use, Class: Champion Guardian
Hobbit-courage Characteristic Race: Hobbit
Horn Use Characteristic Proficiency
Horns of Valour Characteristic Class: Champion
Hurried Traveller Characteristic
Improved Range Characteristic Class: Hunter
Intimidating Shout Characteristic
Invader of Mirkwood Characteristic
Iron Garrison - Travel Discount Characteristic
Iron Garrison - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Iron Miners - Travel Discount Characteristic
Iron Miners - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Journeyman Characteristic
Light Armour Characteristic Proficiency Class: Burglar Captain Champion Guardian Hunter Lore-master Minstrel
Lossoth - Travel Discount Characteristic
Lossoth - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Lost Dwarf-kingdoms Characteristic Race: Dwarf
Lute Use Characteristic Proficiency
Malledhrim - Travel Discount Characteristic
Malledhrim - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Master Characteristic
Mathom Society - Travel Discount Characteristic
Mathom Society - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Medium Armour Characteristic Proficiency Trait: Medium Armor-Use, Class: Burglar Captain Champion Guardian Hunter Minstrel
Men of Bree - Travel Discount Characteristic
Men of Bree - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Men of Dunland - Travel Discount Characteristic
Men of Dunland - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Mentor : Bagpipe Characteristic Trait: Bagpipe Use
Mentor : Flute Characteristic Trait: Flute Use
Mentor : Theorbo Characteristic Trait: Theorbo Use
Mentor: Clarinet Characteristic Fellowship Class: Minstrel
Mentor: Horn Characteristic Fellowship Class: Minstrel
Might: Rank 1 Characteristic
Might: Rank 2 Characteristic
Might: Rank 3 Characteristic
Might: Rank 4 Characteristic
Might: Rank 5 Characteristic
Might: Rank 6 Characteristic
Might: Rank 7 Characteristic
Mischief Characteristic Toggle Class: Burglar
Moor Cowbell Use Characteristic
Mount Discount Characteristic
Novice Characteristic
On Your Feet! Characteristic
One-Handed Axes Characteristic Proficiency
One-Handed Clubs Characteristic Proficiency
One-Handed Hammers Characteristic Proficiency
One-Handed Maces Characteristic Proficiency
One-Handed Swords Characteristic Proficiency
Parry: Rank 1 Characteristic
Parry: Rank 2 Characteristic
Parry: Rank 3 Characteristic
Parry: Rank 4 Characteristic
Press Onward Characteristic Trait: Press Onward, Class: Hunter
Ranged Evade: Rank 1 Characteristic
Ranged Evade: Rank 2 Characteristic
Ranged Evade: Rank 3 Characteristic
Ranged Evade: Rank 4 Characteristic
Rangers of Esteldin - Travel Discount Characteristic
Rangers of Esteldin - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Rapid Recovery Characteristic Race: Hobbit
Resist Corruption Characteristic Race: Hobbit
Riders of Stangard - Travel Discount Characteristic
Riders of Stangard - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Riding Characteristic Proficiency Trait: Riding
Runic Use Characteristic Proficiency Class: Champion
Scribe Stance Characteristic Toggle Class: Minstrel
Seeker of the Deep Places Characteristic
Self-reliance Characteristic
Shield Spike Use Characteristic Proficiency Class: Guardian
Shields Characteristic Proficiency
Skirmish Basic Training I Characteristic
Skirmish Basic Training II Characteristic
Small Size Characteristic Race: Hobbit
Spear Characteristic Proficiency
Specialized Equipment Characteristic
Stocky Characteristic Race: Dwarf
Strong Men Characteristic Race: Man
Sturdiness Characteristic Race: Dwarf
Suffer no Illness Characteristic Race: Elf
Summoning Horn Use Characteristic Class: Guardian
Superior Oven Access Characteristic
Theorbo Use Characteristic Proficiency
Thorin's Halls - Travel Discount Characteristic
Thorin's Halls - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Tools of the Trade Characteristic Class: Burglar
Travel Discount Characteristic
Travel to Ost Guruth Characteristic
Trusted in Caras Galadhon Characteristic
Trusted in Lothlorien Characteristic
Turtle-speech Characteristic Class: Lore-master
Two-Handed Axes Characteristic Proficiency
Two-Handed Clubs Characteristic Proficiency
Two-Handed Hammers Characteristic Proficiency
Two-Handed Swords Characteristic Proficiency
Unwearying in Battle Characteristic
Use of Fire Characteristic Proficiency Class: Hunter
Use of Light Characteristic Proficiency Class: Hunter
Vitality: Rank 1 Characteristic
Vitality: Rank 2 Characteristic
Vitality: Rank 3 Characteristic
Vitality: Rank 4 Characteristic
Vitality: Rank 5 Characteristic
Vitality: Rank 6 Characteristic
Vitality: Rank 7 Characteristic
War-steed Riding Characteristic Proficiency
Wardens of Annuminas - Travel Discount Characteristic
Wardens of Annuminas - Vendor Discount Characteristic
White Hair - Woman Characteristic
Will: Rank 1 Characteristic
Will: Rank 2 Characteristic
Will: Rank 3 Characteristic
Will: Rank 4 Characteristic
Will: Rank 5 Characteristic
Will: Rank 6 Characteristic
Will: Rank 7 Characteristic
Wold - Travel Discount Characteristic