Objects by Type: Deed

Ancient AltarDeed   Bree-land Midgewater Marshes 
Ancient CairnDeed   Archet, Archet (pre-instance) Blackwold's Roost, Blackwold's Roost (pre-instance) 
Ancient CrestDeed   Bree-town Oldstone Ruins 
Ancient InscriptionDeed   Bree-land Crumbled Court 
Ancient ObeliskDeed   Bree-land Woodsedge Ruins 
Battered ChestDeed   Misty Mountains War Steadings 
Braiglad's FlowerDeed   Bree-land Old Forest 
Cordofoneth's FlowerDeed   Bree-land The Shifting Wood 
Debris PileDeed   Misty Mountains Goblin-town Tunnels 
Discarded PouchDeed   Misty Mountains War Steadings 
Dorollin's FlowerDeed   Bree-land Withywindle Crossing 
Dunedain-statueDeed   Bree-land Ost Baranor (Blackwold Ruin) 
Eroded Dwarf-shieldDeed   Foundations of Stone Skumfil 
Flowers of the Old ForestDeed   Bree-land  
Lenhwest's FlowerDeed   Bree-land Old Forest 
Merliff's FlowerDeed   Bree-land Old Forest 
Neldorlas' FlowerDeed   The Old Forest Tomnoddy Corner 
Pitted LongswordDeed   Foundations of Stone Skumfil 
Plaque of Ariant Deed   Evendim Ariant 
Plaque of Clorhir Deed   Evendim Clorhir 
Plaque of Echad GarthadirDeed   Evendim Echad Garthadir 
Plaque of MenelbandDeed   Evendim Annuminas 
Plaque of MinathrancDeed   Evendim Annuminas 
Plaque of TirbandDeed   Evendim Annuminas 
Raith Teraig ExplorationDeed   Ered Luin Amon Thanc, Crookdell, Northern Barricade, Southern Barricade, Tum Agor 
Rhosthon's FlowerDeed   The Old Forest Dire Glade 
Ruined BagDeed   Misty Mountains Goblin-town Tunnels 
Silloth's FlowerDeed   Bree-land Weeping Water 
Sodden MerchantDeed   The Water-Works The Vile Maw 
The Barrow-downsDeed   Bree-land Northern Barrows, Ost Gorthad, The Dead Man's Perch, The Dead Spire, The Great Barrow 
The Farms of the ShireDeed   The Shire Appledores, Bamfurlong, Dora Brownlock's Farm, Old Odo's Leaf-farm, Puddifoot's Fields, South Fields 
The History of the DunedainDeed   Bree-land  
The Ruins of BreelandDeed   Bree-land Blackwold Headquarters, Blackwold's Roost, Bronwe's Folly, Goblin Ruins, Hillshire Ruins, Marshwater Fort, Ost Baranor (Blackwold Ruin), The Old Greenway Fort, Woodsedge Ruins 
The Sights of the ShireDeed   The Shire Bridgefields Wall, Methel-stage, Stocktower, The Great Willow, The Party Tree, The Quarry