Passive Traits

Name Category Useable By Stats Granted
Adept Passive Any
Advanced Riding Passive Any
Agility of the Woods Passive Any
Armaments Passive Any
Books of Lore Passive Class: Lore-master
Diminishing of Mankind Passive Race: Man
Dual Wielding. Passive Any
Easily Inspired Passive Race: Man
Fading of the Firstborn Passive Race: Elf
Four Square Meals Passive Race: Hobbit
Gift of Men Passive Race: Man
Hand Wrought Traps Passive Class: Hunter
Heroic Passive Any
Hobbit-courage Passive Race: Hobbit
Hobbit-toughness Passive Race: Hobbit
Horns of Valour Passive Class: Champion
Journeyman Passive Any
Lost Dwarf-kingdoms Passive Any
Master Passive Any
Novice Passive Any
Novice Riding Passive Any
Quick of Feet Passive Any
Rapid Recovery Passive Race: Hobbit
Resist Corruption Passive Race: Hobbit
Riding Passive Any
Runic Use Passive Class: Champion
Shield Spike Use Passive Class: Guardian
Small Size Passive Race: Hobbit
Sorrow of the Firstborn Passive Race: Elf
Stocky Passive Race: Dwarf -8 Agility
Strong Men Passive Any
Sturdiness Passive Race: Dwarf +15 Might, +10 Vitality, Usage: +1.0% Common Mitigation
Suffer no Illness Passive Race: Elf
Summoning Horn Use Passive Class: Guardian
Tools of the Trade Passive Class: Burglar
Unwearying in Battle Passive Any +0.5 in-Combat Morale Regeneration, +0.5 in-Combat Power Regeneration, -1.0 non-Combat Morale Regeneration, -0.5 non-Combat Power Regeneration
Use of Fire Passive Class: Hunter
Use of Light Passive Class: Hunter