Mobs by Zone: Bree-town

A Young BrandybuckBree-town Bree 
A Young TookBree-town Bree 
Agatha Greendale (Men of Bree)Bree-town Bree 
AidanBree-town Bree 
Albert Yarwood (Legendary Champion Trader), TraderBree-town Bree 
Albra Lowbanks (Burglar Trainer), Burglar TrainerBree-town The Lowbank's Estate 
Alice Pickthorn, Novice ScholarBree-town Three-farrow Crafting Hall 
Allan Coal, Two-handed WeaponsmithBree-town Bree 
AmlanBree-town Bree, The Prancing Pony 
Andrew OakhurstBree-town Bree 
Angeline Greenpasture (Keeper of Gifts), TraderBree-town Market Square 
Anglinn (Men of Bree)Bree-town Bree-town Hunting Lodge 
Apprentice HalfdanBree-town Bree 
Artie Root Bree-town Artie Root's House 
Artie Root (Instance)Bree-town Infiltrators' Headquarters 
Auction HallBree-town, The Shire, Thorin's Gate  
Avery CrabappleBree-town  
Bail Threespot, Heavy ArmoursmithBree-town Bree 
Balak (General of the Enemy)Bree-town Bree, Bree-town Hall 
BanosnakhBree-town Bree 
Barliman Butterbur (Tavern Keep), Tavern KeepBree-town The Prancing Pony 
Basil Woodhouse (Legendary Captain Trader), TraderBree-town Bree 
Bert Appledore (Provisioner), ProvisionerBree-town Three-farrow Crafting Hall 
Bert Goldenleaf (Stable-master), Stable-masterBree-town Bree, South Bree 
Bess Thornbush (Auctioneer), AuctioneerBree-town Bree, Bree-town Auction Hall, South Bree 
Biarn (Rune-keeper Trainer), Rune-keeper TrainerBree-town Scholar's Stair Archives 
Bill Ferny (Skirmish)Bree-town Bree, The Prancing Pony 
Bill Rosewood (Stable-master), Stable-masterBree-town Bree, West Bree 
Bill Tiller (Light Armour, Skirmish), TraderBree-town Skirmish Camp (Bree) 
BirdBree-town Bree 
Bjarni (Ale Association Member)Bree-town The Prancing Pony 
BlackfeatherBree-town Bree 
Blood-rook (Lieutenant of the Enemy)Bree-town Bree 
Bluebell Hornblower (Weapons, Skirmish), TraderBree-town Skirmish Camp (Bree) 
Bonnie Milkweed (Notary), NotaryBree-town Bree-town Hall 
Bonny Thatcher (Supplier), SupplierBree-town Three-farrow Crafting Hall 
Boyden Fir, Light ArmoursmithBree-town Bree 
Bragi Stoutclub (Legendary Guardian Trader), TraderBree-town Bree 
Bree PostmasterBree-town Market Square 
Bree-town WatcherBree-town Bree 
Broderic Willowmeade (Men of Bree)Bree-town Bree 
Bruner StoutthrushBree-town Bree 
Bryony Elmwood (Trickster)Bree-town Bree 
Budi Greatsmith (Crafting, Skirmish), TraderBree-town Skirmish Camp (Bree) 
Burt Ninetails (Minstrel Trainer), Minstrel TrainerBree-town The Prancing Pony 
CatBree-land, Bree-town, Lone-Lands, The Shire Bree, The Forsaken Inn, The Party Tree, The Prancing Pony 
Cecil Oaksey (Barber), BarberBree-town The Prancing Pony 
Cecil Vine (Legendary Minstrel Trader), TraderBree-town Bree 
Celeblas (Curiosities), TraderBree-town Skirmish Camp (Bree) 
ChickenArchet (pre-instance), Bree-land, Bree-town, North Downs Bamfurlong, Bree, Dora Brownlock's Farm, Esteldin, Hengstacer Farm, Tom Cotton's Farm 
Cissy Orangeblossom (Auctioneer), AuctioneerBree-town Bree, Bree-town Auction Hall, South Bree 
Clar Whitethorn (Taxidermist), TraderBree-town Whitethorn's Taxidermy 
Clayton ColeBree-town  
Clem WhitethorneBree-town Bree 
Cooper Basilleaf, One-handed WeaponsmithBree-town Bree 
Craban (Ally of Protector of the Vile)Bree-town Bree, The Prancing Pony 
Daggeir (Ale Association Member)Bree-town Combe Gate 
Daisy Appledore (Warden Trainer), Warden TrainerBree-town Bree-town Jail 
Dalton Willow (Lore-master Trainer), Lore-master TrainerBree-town Scholar's Stair Archives 
Dawn Appledore (Captain Trainer), Captain TrainerBree-town Bree-town Jail 
Defender of the Vile (Lieutenant of the Enemy)Bree-town Bree 
Dirk Crabgrass (Auctioneer), AuctioneerBree-town Bree, Bree-town Auction Hall, South Bree 
Dob SandheaverBree-town Bree 
Dolph Boxthorn, One-handed WeaponsmithBree-town Bree 
Dora LongburrowBree-town  
Dot Leafbottom (Outfitter), OutfitterBree-town Weapons and Armour Shop (east) 
Dourhand Keg-master (Lieutenant of the Enemy)Bree-town Bree 
Drithlorz (General of the Enemy)Bree-town Bill Ferny's House, Bree, The Prancing Pony 
DrunkardBree-land, Bree-town, The Shire Bree, The Prancing Pony 
Durvenel (Explorer of Eregion)Bree-town Bree 
Edwin Leafwood (Crafting Guild Trainer), Crafting Guild TrainerBree-town Three-farrow Crafting Hall 
Edwin Miller, BowyerBree-town Bree 
Elmo Whitbread (Fishing Taxidermist), TraderBree-town Whitethorn's Taxidermy 
Emma Bywood (Keeper of Gifts), TraderBree-town Market Square 
Erling GoodbodyBree-town Bree 
Escaped TurtleBree-town Infiltrators' Headquarters 
FarmerBree-land, Bree-town Bree 
Fern CoppersmithBree-town Scholar's Stair 
Festival Announcer (Bree) (Stable-master)Bree-town Bree 
Filth Crawler (Ally of Shepherd of Filth)Bree-town Bree 
Flambard Took, Hunter TrainerBree-town  
Flint OakhewerBree-town Bree 
Forest-born Reaver (Lieutenant of the Enemy)Bree-town Bree 
Frithbert (Games-master), TraderBree-town Market Square 
Frithor (Legendary Hunter Trader), TraderBree-town Inn Gate 
FrogBree-land, Bree-town, The Shire Bree 
Gandalf (Prancing Pony), NotableBree-town The Prancing Pony 
Gerthar (Ale Association Member)Bree-town Jasmine's Garden 
Gib Heathstraw (Novice Woodworker), Novice WoodworkerBree-town Three-farrow Crafting Hall 
Gil Greenbush (Novice Cook), Novice CookBree-town Three-farrow Crafting Hall 
Githa Hawkweed, Two-handed WeaponsmithBree-town Bree 
GoretuskBree-town Bree 
Gredlan Mugwort (Curious Novelties), TraderBree-town  
GruglupBree-town Bree 
Guard (Free Peoples)Archet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree-land, Bree-town, Ered Luin, Lone-Lands, North Downs Archet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree, Combe, Greenway, Northern Barricade, Ost Guruth 
Haddur (Ale Association Member)Bree-town Stone Quarter 
Hale Bree-land Pack-wolfBree-town Bree 
Hale Rabid Bree-wolfBree-town Bree 
Hale Sharkey's ArcherBree-town Bree 
Hale Sharkey's CaptainBree-town Bree, South Gate, The Prancing Pony 
Hale Sharkey's EnforcerBree-town Bree 
Hale Southern CaptainBree-town Bree 
Hale Southern SkirmisherBree-town Bree 
Hale Southern WarriorBree-town Bree-town Auction Hall 
Half-starved PonyBree-town Beggar's Alley 
Harlan Reed, BowyerBree-town Bree 
Harry GoatleafBree-town Bree 
Harry Twiggins (Skirmish Captain), TraderBree-town Skirmish Camp (Bree) 
Harvi the MapmakerBree-town The Prancing Pony 
HawkerBree-town Bree 
Hazel KentonBree-town Bree 
Henry Oakeshott (Hobby Master), TraderBree-town Scholar's Stair Archives 
InfiltratorBree-town Infiltrators' Headquarters 
Iron Crown PriestBree-town Himbar 
Isenbar Took (Legendary Items), TraderBree-town Skirmish Camp (Bree) 
James Clover, Light ArmoursmithBree-town Bree 
Jenny Greentoes (Auctioneer), AuctioneerBree-town Bree, Bree-town Auction Hall, South Bree 
Jim Skinner (Town Crier)Bree-town Market Square 
Jon WhetstoneBree-town Three-farrow Crafting Hall 
KamhontBree-town Bree 
Leland UnderhillBree-town Bree 
Lily AppledoreBree-town Bree-town Jail 
Lily SandheaverBree-town Bree 
LordfisherBree-town Bree 
Lost ShadeBree-town Bree 
Madge Woodsey (Novie Jeweller), Novice JewellerBree-town Three-farrow Crafting Hall 
Maggie Smallwood (Men of Bree), SupplierBree-town Bree 
Mason Boyle, BowyerBree-town Bree 
Mat HeathertoesBree-town Beggar's Alley 
Mat Hedgerow (Novice Tailor), Novice TailorBree-town Three-farrow Crafting Hall 
Mat Tangleroot (Auctioneer), AuctioneerBree-town Bree, Bree-town Auction Hall, South Bree 
Matt HaywoodBree-town Bree 
Maud Foxglove (Vault-keeper), Vault-keeperBree-town Bree-town Vault 
Maynard Thistle, Heavy ArmoursmithBree-town Bree 
Mayor Graeme TenderlarchBree-town Bree, Bree-town Hall 
Membes (Cosmetics), TraderBree-town Skirmish Camp (Bree) 
Miller Chicory, Medium ArmoursmithBree-town Bree 
MinstrelBree-land, Bree-town Bree, The Prancing Pony 
MournerArchet, Bree-land, Bree-town Archet, Bree 
MukghashanBree-town Bree 
Ned AshleafBree-town Bree 
Nestael (Herald of Rivendell)Bree-town West Gate 
Newbold LeafcutterBree-town Scholar's Stair Archives 
NobBree-town Bree 
Nora StrawleyBree-town Beggar's Alley 
Oggur (Champion Trainer), Champion TrainerBree-town Bree-town Jail 
Old HunterBree-town Bree 
Old Roger Sorrel, Master of ApprenticesBree-town Three-farrow Crafting Hall 
Ollie RedbrushBree-town Bree 
Osur StouthammerBree-town Three-farrow Crafting Hall 
Oswin LeekBree-town  
Otis WoodmanBree-town Bree 
Owen Oaks (Bard of Bree), BardBree-town The Prancing Pony 
Pale Trapper (Lieutenant of the Enemy)Bree-town Bree 
PatronBree-town, Evendim, Lone-Lands, The Shire Oatbarton, The Forsaken Inn, The Plough and Stars, The Prancing Pony 
Percy BywoodBree-town Market Square 
Pete ShadetreeBree-town Bree 
Piper PrescottBree-town The Prancing Pony 
Polly Leafcutter (Healer), HealerBree-town The Prancing Pony 
Primrose BurrowsBree-town Bree 
PrisonerBree-land, Bree-town Bree 
Protector of the Vile (Lieutenant of the Enemy)Bree-town Bree, The Prancing Pony 
Quick-wit CulverBree-town Infiltrators' Headquarters 
Rat-catcherBree-town Bree 
RefugeeArchet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree-land, Bree-town Archet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree 
Reginald CutweedBree-town Bree 
Reyna Sweetgrass (Skirmish Trainer), TraderBree-town Skirmish Camp (Bree) 
Rob Hollybush (Quartermaster), TraderBree-town Bree 
Rob Hollyleaf, Novice WeaponcrafterBree-town Three-farrow Crafting Hall 
Robin Oldleaf (Heavy Armour, Skirmish), TraderBree-town Skirmish Camp (Bree) 
Roger HazeltwigBree-town Market Square 
Rose Applegate (Legendary Lore-master Trader), TraderBree-town Bree 
Rosemary Oatfield (Provisions, Skirmish), TraderBree-town Skirmish Camp (Bree) 
Sally Bean (Legendary Burglar Trader), TraderBree-town Bree 
Sally Marshfell (Men of Bree), SupplierBree-town Bree-town Hunting Lodge 
ScholarBree-land, Bree-town Bree 
Second-watcher HeathstrawBree-land, Bree-town Bree, Market Square 
Second-watcher Heathstraw (SkirmBree-town Bree, South Gate, The Prancing Pony 
Sergeant-at-Arms IrminricBree-town Bree 
Seward ProudfootBree-town Bree 
Shepherd of Filth (Lieutenant of the Enemy)Bree-town Bree 
Sig MandrakeBree-town Mandrake's Shop 
Sig Mandrake (Instance)Bree-town Infiltrators' Headquarters 
Skogul (Jewellery and Cloaks), TraderBree-town Skirmish Camp (Bree) 
SnagburzBree-town Bree 
Soldier (Ally of (players name))Bree-town Bree 
Southern RaiderBree-town Beggar's Alley, Dogwood's Farm, Southern Bree-fields 
SouthpawBree-town Bree 
Stev Whitethorn (Taxidermist), TraderBree-town Whitethorn's Taxidermy 
Strider, NotableBree-town Bree, The Prancing Pony 
Tad AshmeadBree-town Bree 
Tad Gardner (Vault-keeper), Vault-keeperBree-town Bree-town Vault 
Tad Leafcutter (Men of Bree), TraderBree-town Bree 
Taddyn (Trophy Broker), TraderBree-town Three-farrow Crafting Hall 
TanbennaisBree-town Bree 
Tate PuddifootBree-town The Prancing Pony 
Taylor Birchman, One-handed WeaponsmithBree-town Bree 
Tess Cotton (Legendary Warden Trader), TraderBree-town Inn Gate 
Thomas Cleelan, Medium ArmoursmithBree-town Bree 
Thomas ThistlewoolBree-town Bree 
Tom GreythistleBree-town Bree, Bree-town Jail 
Tom Redthistle, TraderBree-town Bree, The Prancing Pony 
Tom Thornwell, Novice MetalsmithBree-town Three-farrow Crafting Hall 
TownspersonArchet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree-land, Bree-town, Evendim, Lone-Lands, The Shire Archet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree, Bree-town Auction Hall, Bree-town Hunting Lodge, Combe, Festival Grounds, Hobbiton, Little Delving, Oatbarton, Ost Guruth, South Bree, The Forsaken Inn, The Prancing Pony, Trestlebridge, West Bree 
Tralli (Guardian Trainer), Guardian TrainerBree-town Bree-town Jail 
TravelerBree-town Bree 
Troll Wound-taker (Lieutenant of the Enemy)Bree-town Bree 
TukarBree-town Bree 
Tully Hopwood (Men of Bree), SupplierBree-town Bree-town Hunting Lodge 
Turner Thisleleaf, Light ArmoursmithBree-town Bree 
Twisted GarrettBree-town Infiltrators' Headquarters 
UchdrudBree-town Bree, The Prancing Pony 
UfglupBree-town Bree 
Vekell Wordsmith (Legendary Rune-keeper Trader), TraderBree-town Bree 
Venomous Blood-arrow (Lieutenant of the Enemy)Bree-town Bree 
Verity TyneBree-town Three-farrow Crafting Hall 
Wald Heatherly (Medium Armour, Skirmish), TraderBree-town Skirmish Camp (Bree) 
Walt Hollytree (Clerk of Kinships), Clerk of KinshipsBree-town Bree, Bree-town Hall 
War Banner (Ally of Balak)Bree-town Bree, Bree-town Hall 
WatcherArchet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree-land, Bree-town, Lone-Lands, Rivendell, Thorin's Gate Archet, Bree, Bree-town Hall, Combe, Greenway, Ost Guruth, Rivendell Valley, The Berghold, Trestlebridge 
Watchman CardoonBree-town Bree 
Weak Bree-land Pack-wolfBree-town Bree, The Prancing Pony 
Weak Sharkey's ArcherBree-town Bill Ferny's House 
Weak Sharkey's EnforcerBree-town South Gate 
Weak Southern CaptainBree-town Bree 
Weak Southern SkirmisherBree-town Bree, The Prancing Pony 
Weak Southern Torch-bearerBree-town Bree 
Weak Southern WarriorBree-town Bree, The Prancing Pony 
Whelan Appledore (Grocer), GrocerBree-town Bree, Bree-town Hall 
Will Longverge, TraderBree-town Bree, The Prancing Pony 
Willie HawthornBree-town Bree 
Windle Moorneedle, One-handed WeaponsmithBree-town Bree 
Wink the catBree-land, Bree-town  
Winston Peartree (Show Coordinator)Bree-town Bree 
WoodcutterBree-land, Bree-town Bree, Combe 
Wystan Milkweed, Medium ArmoursmithBree-town Bree