The Forsaken Inn  

Zone: Lone-Lands
Type: Notable Location in Annunlos
Location: 34.0S, 40.7W
Quests: Starting: 44, Involved: 17
Mobs: 25

LOTRO Wiki Description

The Forsaken Inn is located in the southwestern corner of the Lone-lands. Many quests can be found here and is a good home point for lvls 17 to 22.

One day's journey east of Bree on the Great East Road, travelers will find the Forsaken Inn, and it is likely to be the last outpost of civilized life they will encounter for some time to come. The Inn itself is in disrepair, with a variety of cobbled-together wall fragments and a severely neglected roof - however, any roofed structure (even one with only half of its roof still intact), is a welcome sight in these lawless lands.

Travel between The Forsaken Inn and South Bree is available for 5s from the Stable Masters.

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    The Forsaken Inn