Level: 9 - 75
Quests: 80 starting, 65 involved
Mobs: 237

There are 5 gates from Bree-town into the surrounding country-side: West Gate, North Gate, Combe Gate, Staddle Gate and South Gate.

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    Artie Root's House
    Beggar's Alley
    Bill Ferny's House
    Boar Fountain
    Bree-town Auction Hall
    Bree-town Hall
    Bree-town Hunting Lodge
    Bree-town Jail
    Bree-town Vault
    Cat Lady's House
    Combe Gate
    High Bridge
    High Stair
    Infiltrators' Headquarters
    Inn Gate
    Ironmonger's Gate
    Jasmine's Garden
    Low Gate
    Mandrake's Shop
    Market Gate
    Market Square
    Mess Hall
    Mud Gate
    North Gate
    Oldstones Gate
    Scholar's Stair
    Scholar's Stair Archives
    Scholar's Walk
    Skirmish Camp (Bree)
    South Bree
    South Gate
    Staddle Gate
    Stone Quarter
    The Lowbank's Estate
    The Prancing Pony
    Three-farrow Crafting Hall
    Trader's Gate
    Weapons and Armour Shop (east)
    Weapons and Armour Shop (west)
    West Bree
    West Gate
    Whitethorn's Taxidermy
    Windview Estate
    Woodman's Gate
    Woodsman's Gate