Mobs by Zone: Bree-land

Accursed Fell-spiritBree-land The Great Barrow 
Ada Musgrove (Dance Leader)Bree-land Festival Grounds 
Adolescent Brown-bearBree-land Chetwood, Combe, Combe Lumber Camp, The Crumbled Court 
Adso HaybankBree-land Adso's Camp 
Adult BearBree-land Eastern Bree-fields, Northern Bree-fields, The Old Greenway Fort 
Aggie HoneysuckleBree-land Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
Agitated BarkshredderBree-land Withywindle Crossing 
Aldis OatbearerBree-land Brigand's Watch 
Alf Mossman (Fall Festival Trader), TraderBree-land Festival Grounds 
Alger Hazelhurst (Fireworks Vendor), GrocerBree-land Festival Grounds 
Amdir (Brigand Cave)Bree-land Brigand Cave (Blackwold Hideout) 
Ancient Barrow-wightBree-land The Great Barrow 
AndregBree-land The Old Greenway Fort 
Andrew Oakhurst (Instance)Bree-land Andrath 
Angmarim WarriorBree-land Blackwold Headquarters, Chetwood, Chetwood North 
Angry SplintertuskBree-land Buckland, Southern Bree-fields 
Anna Bullrush (Novice Scholar), Novice ScholarBree-land Combe Crafting Hall 
Argirion (First Mate)Bree-land Buckland 
Asphodel Burrows, ProvisionerBree-land Buckland 
Asphodel FroghornBree-land Widow Froghorn's Farm 
Atherol TookBree-land Adso's Camp 
Baleful Willow-rootBree-land Old Forest 
Barkshredder CubBree-land Old Forest 
Barkshredder MotherBree-land Old Forest, Old Muddyfoot's Hill 
Barkshredder SentinelBree-land Bald Hill, Old Forest, Old Muddyfoot's Hill 
Barkshredder YearlingBree-land Old Forest 
Barrow HoundBree-land The Great Barrow 
Barrow QueenBree-land The Great Barrow 
Barrow SpiderBree-land The Great Barrow 
Barrow-batBree-land Barrow-downs 
Barrow-houndBree-land Haudh Iarchith 
Barrow-wightBree-land Ost Baranor (Blackwold Ruin) 
Barrow-wightBree-land, Southern Barrow-downs Barrow-downs, Ost Gorthad, Southern Barrow-downs 
Barrow-wight ArcherBree-land, Northern Barrow-downs, Southern Barrow-downs Barrow-downs, Northern Barrow-downs, Northern Barrows, Southern Barrow-downs 
Barrow-wight BowlordBree-land The Great Barrow 
Barrow-wight BowmanBree-land The Great Barrow 
Barrow-wight CallerBree-land The Great Barrow 
Barrow-wight SlaveBree-land Barrow-downs, Northern Barrow-downs 
Barrow-wight WarriorBree-land, Northern Barrow-downs, Southern Barrow-downs Barrow-downs, Northern Barrow-downs, Northern Barrows, Southern Barrow-downs 
Barton Tanner, Lore-master TrainerBree-land Combe, Training Hall 
Barton TyneBree-land Midgewater Marshes 
Baugarch (Warg)Bree-land Chetwood North 
Bear CubBree-land Northern Bree-fields 
Bear MotherBree-land Hillshire Ruins 
Bear YearlingBree-land Buckland, Southern Bree-fields 
Benegar Longbottom Bree-land Everclear Lakes 
Berangar HighknollBree-land Buckland 
Bernard Oaksey (Spring Provisioner), ProvisionerBree-land Festival Grounds 
Bernard Oaksey (Summerdays Provisioner), Tavern KeepBree-land Festival Grounds 
Bernard Oaksey (Harvest Provisioner), ProvisionerBree-land Festival Grounds 
Bess Forester (Fall Festival Trader), TraderBree-land Festival Grounds 
Bhaltair (Knight of Mordirith)Bree-land Chetwood 
Biddy DogwortBree-land Eastern Bree-fields 
Bill Digweed (Novice Metalsmith), Novice MetalsmithBree-land Combe Crafting Hall 
Bill FernyBree-land Old Sweetgrass Farm 
Bill Middlestone (Maze Vendor ), TraderBree-land The Horsefields 
Billy (Horse)Bree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Birdie ThornthicketBree-land The Horsefields 
Biting Field-ratBree-land, Northern Barrow-downs Barrow-downs, Northern Barrow-downs, Northern Barrows 
Biting Neeker-breekerBree-land Andrath, Bree, Halecatch Lake, Southern Bree-fields 
Black FlyBree-land Nen Harn 
Blackclaw (Downs-bear)Bree-land Barrow-downs 
BlacksmithArchet (pre-instance), Bree-land, Rivendell Archet (pre-instance), Rivendell Valley, Thornley's Work Site 
Blackwold ArcherBree-land Brigand Cave (Blackwold Hideout) 
Blackwold ArcherBree-land Pierson's Farm 
Blackwold BowmanBree-land Chetwood 
Blackwold GuardBree-land Chetwood North 
Blackwold GuardBree-land Brigand Cave (Blackwold Hideout) 
Blackwold KnaveBree-land Brigand Cave (Blackwold Hideout) 
Blackwold KnaveBree-land Chetwood 
Blackwold LeaderBree-land Brigand Cave 
Blackwold LookoutBree-land Blackwold Headquarters, Chetwood North 
Blackwold MarksmanBree-land Brigand Cave (Blackwold Hideout) 
Blackwold OutlawBree-land Blackwold Headquarters, Chetwood North 
Blackwold PoacherBree-land Blackwold Headquarters, Chetwood, Chetwood North, Chetwood South 
Blackwold RaiderBree-land Pierson's Farm 
Blackwold RaiderBree-land Chetwood 
Blackwold RuffianBree-land Brigand Cave (Blackwold Hideout) 
Blackwold ScoutBree-land Blackwold Headquarters, Chetwood North 
Blackwold SergeantBree-land Chetwood 
Blackwold SupervisorBree-land Old Bauman's Farm 
Blackwold ThiefBree-land Staddle 
Blackwold Wolf-keeperBree-land Blackwold Headquarters 
BlakeBree-land Brigand's Watch 
Bob Birchcutter (Novice Weaponcrafter), Novice WeaponcrafterBree-land Combe Crafting Hall 
Bobby (Horse)Bree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Bold Dusk-wolfBree-land Northern Bree-fields, Snarling Hollow, The Old Greenway Fort 
Boll NeedlerBree-land  
BounderBree-land, The Shire Buckland, Buckland Gate, Bucklebury Ferry, Little Delving, Michel Delving 
Bounder CaptainBree-land Buckland 
Brandy-hills CubBree-land Brandy Hills 
Brandy-hills MatronBree-land Brandy Hills, Buckland, Ost Barandor 
Brandy-hills SwineBree-land Buckland 
Brandy-wood CubBree-land Ost Barandor, The Brandywood 
Brandy-wood MatronBree-land Brandy Hills, The Brandywood 
Brandy-woods SwineBree-land Brandy Hills, Ost Barandor, The Brandywood 
Bree-lander WardenBree-land Andrath 
Brigand-informerBree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Broken Oak-rootBree-land Old Forest, Old Muddyfoot's Hill 
Broken-tusk BristlehideBree-land Chetwood, Chetwood North 
Broken-tusk ScrubrunnerBree-land, Lone-Lands Annunlos, Midgewater Marshes, Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
Brown FoxBree-land, Lone-Lands Blackwold Headquarters, Brandy Hills, Northern Bree-fields, The Brandywood, The Horsefields 
Brumbald TunnellyBree-land Buckland 
BrunmorBree-land Outlaw's Haven 
Buckley Sheppard (Provisioner), ProvisionerBree-land Adso's Camp 
Burl BeemanBree-land Combe 
Burle PiersonBree-land Andrath, Pierson's Farm 
Burrowing River-toadBree-land Buckland 
Buttercup North-took (Maze-master)Bree-land The Horsefields 
Cam Applewood (Stablehand), TraderBree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Captain DogwoodBree-land Chetwood North 
Carver GreenlakeBree-land Thornley's Work Site 
CatBree-land, Bree-town, Lone-Lands, The Shire Bree, The Forsaken Inn, The Party Tree, The Prancing Pony 
Cave Neeker-breekerBree-land  
Celandine Brandybuck (Buckland)Bree-land Newbury 
Chetwood HunterBree-land Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
Chetwood SpiderBree-land Chetwood 
Chetwood StalkerBree-land Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
ChickenBree-land The Hedge Maze 
ChickenArchet (pre-instance), Bree-land, Bree-town, North Downs Bamfurlong, Bree, Dora Brownlock's Farm, Esteldin, Hengstacer Farm, Tom Cotton's Farm 
Chief Watcher GrimbriarBree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Chittering Gloom-wingBree-land Willow Glade 
Chittering Rock-clawBree-land, Lone-Lands Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
Cole Culvert (Blackwold)Bree-land Pierson's Farm 
Cole Sickleleaf (Blackwold)Bree-land Chetwood North 
Combe Stable-helperBree-land Combe 
ConeyBree-land, Lone-Lands, The Shire Annunlos, Bree-fields, Far Chetwood, Greenfields 
Constable BolgerBree-land Staddle 
Constable SagefordBree-land Combe 
Constable TanglerushBree-land Staddle 
Constable UnderhillBree-land Combe 
Constable WrenBree-land Combe 
Consuming Barrow-crawlerBree-land The Great Barrow 
Corintur (Barrow-wight)Bree-land Northern Barrow-downs 
Covell WoodwrightBree-land Blackwold Headquarters 
CowBree-land Buckland, Newbury 
CrabanBree-land Buckland 
Craban SpyBree-land Far Chetwood 
Craban SpyBree-land Nen Harn 
Crawling ArmBree-land The Great Barrow 
Creeping Barrow-crawlerBree-land, Northern Barrow-downs Barrow-downs, Northern Barrow-downs, Northern Barrows, Northern Barrows Pass 
Creepy Barrow-crawlerBree-land Barrow-downs 
CroweyesBree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Curious BearBree-land Buckland, Hillshire Ruins, Southern Bree-fields 
Dale Sageford (Traveling Supplier), SupplierBree-land Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
Deathly Barrow-wightBree-land The Great Barrow 
Devouring Barrow-crawlerBree-land The Great Barrow 
Dirk HawthornBree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Diseased Field-ratBree-land The Great Barrow 
Diseased Plague RatBree-land The Great Barrow 
Dono Boffin, Weapon TraderBree-land Crickhollow 
Dora Brandybuck, BowyerBree-land Crickhollow 
Dorset OakesBree-land The Yellow Tree 
Dourhand DeserterBree-land The Great Barrow 
Dourhand FirebrandBree-land The Great Barrow 
Dourhand RebelBree-land The Great Barrow 
Dourhand SentryBree-land Brigand Cave 
Dourhand TraitorBree-land The Great Barrow 
DrunkardBree-land, Bree-town, The Shire Bree, The Prancing Pony 
Dun Neeker-breekerBree-land Midgewater Marshes 
DurharnaBree-land Nen Harn 
Dusk-wolf LeaderBree-land Northern Bree-fields 
Dusk-wolf ScavengerBree-land Eastern Bree-fields, Northern Bree-fields, Snarling Hollow 
Dusk-wolf TrackerBree-land Buckland, Southern Bree-fields 
Earl Beechwood (Stable-master), Stable-masterBree-land Hengstacer Farm 
EdricBree-land Blackwold Camp 
Eibert CrambarkBree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Eitor-kalsak (Moor-web)Bree-land The Weaver's Den 
Elder Forest-hunterBree-land Old Forest, Old Muddyfoot's Hill 
Eldo SwatmidgeBree-land Staddle 
Eliza GreyhornBree-land Festival Grounds 
Ella LilypondBree-land Buckland Gate 
Ellie CutleafBree-land Combe, Ellie Cutleaf's House 
Ember HayesBree-land Combe Lumber Camp 
Emma GreenbushBree-land The Horsefields 
Emma RosethornBree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Emma Shadetree (Provisoner), ProvisionerBree-land Combe Crafting Hall 
Enraged SplintertuskBree-land Buckland, Northern Bree-fields, Southern Bree-fields 
EoganBree-land Ost Baranor (Blackwold Ruin) 
Eogar, son of Hadorgar (Horse-master)Bree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Esilia Diggerly (Novice Cook), Novice CookBree-land Combe Crafting Hall 
Ethelinda BurrBree-land Staddle 
Fair ShermanBree-land Andrath 
Falco GreenhandBree-land Staddle 
FarmerBree-land, Bree-town Bree 
Fell Oak-rootBree-land The Forlorn Glade 
Feral Brown-bearBree-land Chetwood, The Crumbled Court 
Feral Dusk-wolfBree-land Chetwood, Chetwood North, Chetwood South, Wolf Den (Bree-land) 
Ferdibrand TookBree-land Staddle 
Ferumbras AttereeveBree-land Staddle 
Field HareBree-land, Evendim Brandy Hills, Parth Aduial, The Horsefields 
Field-bearBree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Filbert BurrowsBree-land  
Finn (Ale Association Member)Bree-land Staddle 
Fly-ridden SplintertuskBree-land Northern Bree-fields 
Foraging BearBree-land Buckland, Everclear Lakes, Southern Bree-fields 
Foraging Brown-bearBree-land Chetwood, Staddle, Yale-height 
ForemanBree-land Thornley's Work Site 
Foreman Elmwood, WoodsmanBree-land Combe Lumber Camp 
Foreman RosethornBree-land Thornley's Work Site 
Forest TrapperBree-land Old Forest 
Foul Field-slugBree-land Buckland 
Fredegar BolgerBree-land Crickhollow 
Frenzied LongtoothBree-land Andrath, Southern Bree-fields 
FrogBree-land, Bree-town, The Shire Bree 
Gaelm, Son of Eogar (Stable-hand), TraderBree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Gail CatchpoleBree-land Combe 
Gale CatchpoleBree-land Combe 
Gammy BoggsBree-land Staddle 
GarBree-land Staddle 
Gareth Somerset, One-handed Weapon TraderBree-land Staddle Arms 
Garrett Beardsley, Guardian TrainerBree-land Combe, Training Hall 
Gaunt Battle-callerBree-land The Great Barrow 
Gazburz (Tarkrip)Bree-land Eastern Bree-fields 
Geoffrey FullerBree-land Combe 
Gib Goodroot (Classic), TraderBree-land Skirmish Camp (Bree) 
Gil GoatleafBree-land Old Forest 
Gil Plover (Master-master)Bree-land The Horsefields 
Gil SandheaverBree-land Hengstacer Farm 
GiltarkBree-land Ost Alagos 
Gisi (Master-master)Bree-land The Horsefields 
Gloom-gazeBree-land Old Forest 
Gnawing RatBree-land Buckland 
Graham Larkspur, GrocerBree-land Adso's Camp 
Great Leaf-crawlerBree-land Old Forest 
Greater Sickle-flyBree-land Midgewater Marshes 
Green Neeker-breekerBree-land Midgewater Marshes 
Grey SquirrelBree-land, Ered Luin, North Downs, The Shire, Thorin's Gate  
Grim Barren-oakBree-land Old Forest, The Forlorn Glade 
Grim Tomb-wightBree-land The Great Barrow 
Grobo DogwortBree-land Grobo Dogwort's House 
Grobo's Greatest FearBree-land Grobo Dogwort's Shed 
Guard (Free Peoples)Archet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree-land, Bree-town, Ered Luin, Lone-Lands, North Downs Archet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree, Combe, Greenway, Northern Barricade, Ost Guruth 
GurzrumBree-land Goblinhole Ruins 
Gurzstaz (Stonehold)Bree-land Goblinhole Ruins 
Gytha LaineyBree-land Adso's Camp 
Haggo Boffin (Flying Feathers Captain)Bree-land The Horsefields 
Half-orc BruiserBree-land Andrath, South-guard Ruins 
Half-orc FighterBree-land Andrath, South-guard Ruins 
Half-orc LeaderBree-land Andrath 
Half-orc OutlawBree-land Ost Alagos, Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
Half-orc RobberBree-land Ost Alagos, Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
Half-orc RuffianBree-land Andrath, South-guard Ruins 
Half-orc RuffianBree-land Andrath 
Half-orc SentryBree-land Andrath, South-guard Ruins 
Half-orc-BossBree-land South-guard Ruins 
Ham GreythistleBree-land Northern Bree-fields 
Ham RushlightBree-land Staddle 
Henry (Horse)Bree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Hilton HarperBree-land Thornley's Work Site 
Himloc Grouse, GrocerBree-land Staddle 
Hodric BracegirdleBree-land Buckland 
Holt AddersonBree-land Holt Adderson’s Grotto 
HorseBree-land Hengstacer Farm, The Horsefields 
Horse (Quest Giver)Bree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Howling Dusk-wolfArchet (pre-instance), Bree-land Archet Dale 
Howling YellowfangBree-land, Lone-Lands Midgewater Pass, The Weather Hills, Weather Hills (Bree-land), Weatherway 
Humbert SandheaverBree-land Festival Grounds 
Hungry BearBree-land Northern Bree-fields 
HunterArchet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree-land Adso's Camp, Archet Dale, Hunting Lodge (pre-instance), Rusfold 
Jack Cloverdale, Stable-masterBree-land Combe 
Jagger Jack (Blackwold)Bree-land Blackwold Headquarters, Chetwood, Chetwood North 
Janie Sprigleaf (Bard of Combe), BardBree-land Combe 
Jasper Mudbottom (Blackwold)Bree-land Ost Baranor (Blackwold Ruin) 
Jennet Brockhouse, Burglar TrainerBree-land Combe, Training Hall 
Jill Brushwood (Mistress of Apprentices), Master of ApprenticesBree-land Combe Crafting Hall 
Joy Bloomer (Fishing Supplier), SupplierBree-land Staddle 
Juniper Smith, Hunter TrainerBree-land Combe, Training Hall 
Juvenile BearBree-land Hillshire Ruins 
Karl Quickfire, One-handed WeaponsmithBree-land Combe 
Kenton ThistlewayBree-land Thornley's Work Site 
LabourerBree-land, Evendim Oatbarton, The Party Tree, Thornley's Work Site 
Lakes BearBree-land Brandy Hills 
Lakes PackleaderBree-land Starmere Lake 
Lakes SwineBree-land Brandy Hills 
Lakes ToadBree-land Brandy Hills 
Lakes TuskerBree-land Starmere Lake 
Lakes WolfBree-land Brandy Hills 
Lakes YearlingBree-land Brandy Hills 
Lara Boffin, Light ArmoursmithBree-land Crickhollow 
Large River-toadBree-land Buckland, Toad Marsh 
Leecher Cartwell, HealerBree-land Cartwell's House 
Leighton HowardBree-land Combe 
Leland Underhill (Instance)Bree-land Holt Adderson’s Grotto 
LenglinnBree-land Brandy Hills 
Leofric Brandybuck, SupplierBree-land Buckland 
Lily UnderhillBree-land Staddle 
Liv Selwood (Pipeweed Vendor), GrocerBree-land Festival Grounds 
Lizbeth Honeymeade, Tavern KeepBree-land Combe, The Comb and Wattle Inn 
Lizzie (Horse)Bree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Lofar IronbandBree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Lolo WendingwayBree-land Staddle 
Lone-lands FoxBree-land, Lone-Lands Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
Long-tusk ScrubrunnerBree-land, Lone-Lands Annunlos, Midgewater Marshes 
Longo DaegmundBree-land Staddle 
Lowell Wickham, Two-handed WeaponsmithBree-land Combe 
Lurking YellowfangBree-land, Lone-Lands Midgewater Pass, The Weather Hills, Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
Mad BadgerBree-land Chetwood 
Maddened Dusk-wolfBree-land Buckland, Southern Bree-fields 
Madulas Brandybuck (Buckland), Novice WoodworkerBree-land Buckland 
Mag Hardhammer, Light ArmoursmithBree-land Combe 
Maida WoodwrightBree-land Combe 
Malvo Goldworthy, Medium ArmoursmithBree-land Crickhollow 
Maribel ThistlewayBree-land Brigand's Watch 
Marjorie Wainwright, Minstrel TrainerBree-land Combe, Training Hall 
Marsh Brood-watcherBree-land Marshwater Fort, Midgewater Marshes, Reniolind's Hideout 
Marsh Neeker-breekerBree-land Andrath, Bree, Halecatch Lake, Southern Bree-fields 
Marsh QueenBree-land Marshwater Fort 
Marsh SpiderBree-land Marshwater Fort, Midgewater Marshes 
Masked BadgerBree-land Chetwood North 
Mason ThorneBree-land Combe Lumber Camp 
Melvin Roper (Warden Trainer), Warden TrainerBree-land Combe, Training Hall 
Merimas Brandybuck, Novice ScholarBree-land Buckland 
Midge SwarmBree-land Chetwood, Midgewater Marshes 
Midgewater DefenderBree-land Goblinhole Ruins, Midgewater Marshes, Sunken Stones 
Midgewater FrogBree-land Midgewater Marshes 
Midgewater SapperBree-land Goblinhole Ruins, Midgewater Marshes, Sunken Stones 
Midgewater ScoutBree-land Goblinhole Ruins, Midgewater Marshes, Sunken Stones 
Midgewater SnakeBree-land Midgewater Marshes 
Midgewater WarriorBree-land Goblinhole Ruins, Midgewater Marshes, Sunken Stones 
Mighty Chilling Barrow-wightBree-land Barrow-mound 
Millicent GreenlakeBree-land Thornley's Work Site 
Mindambeth (Quartermaster), TraderBree-land Buckland 
MinstrelBree-land, Bree-town Bree, The Prancing Pony 
Moll Hindmarsh (Quartermaster), TraderBree-land Chetwood 
Monstrous Dusk-wolfBree-land Chetwood 
Morgan Darkraven, BowyerBree-land Combe 
Morin (Forest-spider)Bree-land Reniolind's Hideout 
Moringol (Minion of Plague)Bree-land Ost Gorthad 
Morley the Fierce (Blackwold)Bree-land The Old Greenway Fort 
Mosco Bracegirdle, Novice MetalsmithBree-land Buckland 
MournerArchet, Bree-land, Bree-town Archet, Bree 
Muli (Server)Bree-land Festival Grounds 
MundolBree-land The Mustering Cave 
Myrtle Brandybuck, Novice CookBree-land Buckland 
Nan Henwood (Breeland Housing Broker)Bree-land Midgewater Marshes 
Nan Ragwort, Clerk of KinshipsBree-land Combe 
Nate BrittleleafBree-land Northern Bree-fields 
Nate Fleetfoot, Medium ArmoursmithBree-land Combe 
Ned PiersonBree-land Andrath 
Neeker-breeker BurrowerBree-land Midgewater Marshes 
Nelson Blake, Captain TrainerBree-land Combe, Training Hall 
Noxious Barrow-wightBree-land, Southern Barrow-downs Barrow-downs, Ost Gorthad, Southern Barrow-downs 
OddvarrBree-land The Horsefields 
Old BaumanBree-land  
Orc ArcherBree-land  
Orrick Fleetfoot, Two-handed Weapon TraderBree-land Staddle Arms 
Otwell Gowen, Light Armour TraderBree-land Staddle Arms 
Pecking CrabanBree-land Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
Pell Stoneleaf, BowyerBree-land Staddle Arms 
Peony Burrows, Novice JewellerBree-land Buckland 
PigAngmar, Bree-land, North Downs Aughaire, Combe Gate, Esteldin, Hengstacer Farm 
Ponto UnderhillBree-land Staddle 
PonyBree-land The Horsefields 
Posco BurrowsBree-land Combe Lumber Camp 
PrisonerBree-land, Bree-town Bree 
Rabid BristlehideBree-land Chetwood 
Rabid SplintertuskBree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Raf Silverwind, Medium Armour TraderBree-land Staddle Arms 
Rampaging BristlehideBree-land Chetwood, Staddle, The Yellow Tree 
Ray Thistlebur (Traveling Vendor), ProvisionerBree-land Thornley's Work Site 
Red FoxArchet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree-land, North Downs, The Shire Archet Dale, Archet Dale (pre-instance), Bree-fields, Bridgefields, Chetwood North, Chetwood South, Green Hill Country, North Bridgefields 
Red Reaver (Tarkrip)Bree-land Cirith Nur Encampment 
Red SquirrelBree-land, Evendim, The Shire Bindbole Wood, Blackwold Headquarters, Parth Aduial, Staddle 
RefugeeArchet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree-land, Bree-town Archet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree 
ReniolindBree-land Reniolind's Hideout 
Restless LongtoothBree-land Andrath 
Rob Burrows (Master of Crafting Guilds), Master CrafterBree-land Combe, Combe Crafting Hall 
Rob Woodsway (Skirmish Exchange), TraderBree-land Skirmish Camp (Bree) 
Robb ThornleyBree-land Northern Bree-fields 
Robert GreenvergeBree-land Festival Grounds 
Roderick CarverBree-land Combe 
Roderick Neeker-friendBree-land Midgewater Marshes 
Roger HawklingBree-land Adso's Camp 
Rollo HamsonBree-land Newbury 
Rorimac Bolger, Weapon TraderBree-land Crickhollow 
Rose Burrows, Novice WeaponcrafterBree-land Buckland 
Rose ThornleyBree-land Thornley's Work Site 
Rowan Brandybuck, Novice TailorBree-land Buckland 
RuffianBree-land Combe, The Comb and Wattle Inn 
Rurik FennelBree-land Combe 
Saelthaliel (Maze-master)Bree-land The Horsefields 
Saeradan, Stable-masterBree-land Saeradan's Cabin 
Sage HayseedBree-land Nen Harn 
Sally Blackwort (Festival Cook)Bree-land Festival Grounds 
Sally Threshing (Race-master)Bree-land Festival Grounds 
Sam ThistleburBree-land Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
Sara Crabgrass (Novice Tailor), Novice TailorBree-land Combe Crafting Hall 
Sara Oakheart (Brigand Cave)Bree-land Brigand Cave (Blackwold Hideout) 
Sarabeth LowbanksBree-land Staddle 
Saradoc BrandybuckBree-land Brandy Hall, Buckland 
SawtoothBree-land Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
Scarred SplintertuskBree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Scavenging RatBree-land, The Shire Buckland, Gerebert's House 
ScholarBree-land, Bree-town Bree 
Second-watcher HeathstrawBree-land, Bree-town Bree, Market Square 
Sergeant Applewood (Blackwold)Bree-land Blackwold Headquarters 
Sergeant Tom (Spring Rewards Vendor), TraderBree-land Festival Grounds 
ShadeBree-land Barrow-downs 
Shadowfoot (Forest-hunter)Bree-land Old Forest 
Sharkey's LieutenantBree-land South-guard Ruins 
SheepArchet (pre-instance), Bree-land Archet Dale (pre-instance), Thornley's Work Site 
Sheldon Roper, Champion TrainerBree-land Combe, Training Hall 
ShepherdBree-land Crickhollow 
Shirriff Hob HaywardBree-land Buckland Gate 
Sickle-flyBree-land Midgewater Marshes 
Silt-toadBree-land Nen Harn 
Silver-neck DoeBree-land, Lone-Lands The Weather Hills, Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
SkorgrimBree-land, Ered Luin, Misty Mountains Crookdell, Gabilazan 
Skunkwood's Den-motherBree-land Skunkwoods Farm 
Skunkwood's WolfhoundBree-land Blackwold Headquarters, Brigand Cave, Brigand Cave (Blackwold Hideout), Chetwood, Chetwood North, Skunkwoods Farm 
Slimy Barrow-crawlerBree-land, Northern Barrow-downs Barrow-downs, Northern Barrow-downs, Northern Barrows, Northern Barrows Pass, Northern Pass 
Slimy Leaf-crawlerBree-land Old Forest, The Weaver's Den 
Slimy Marsh-crawlerBree-land Reniolind's Hideout 
Slimy River-slugBree-land Buckland 
Slimy River-toadBree-land Buckland, Toad Marsh 
Snagabur (Half-orc)Bree-land The Old Greenway Fort 
Snapper TurtleBree-land Nen Harn 
SnikenBree-land Midgewater Marshes 
Southern ArcherBree-land Andrath, South-guard Ruins, Southern Bree-fields 
Southern AttackerBree-land Dogwood's Farm, Outlaw's Haven 
Southern Blade-bearerBree-land Andrath, South-guard Ruins 
Southern BowmanBree-land Brigand Cave, Old Sweetgrass Farm, Outlaw's Haven, Southern Bree-fields 
Southern BrawlerBree-land Andrath, South-guard Ruins, Southern Bree-fields 
Southern CaptainBree-land South-guard Ruins 
Southern FootpadBree-land Brigand's Watch 
Southern HarridanBree-land Brigand's Watch 
Southern KnaveBree-land Andrath, South-guard Ruins, Southern Bree-fields 
Southern LeaderBree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Southern LeaderBree-land Dogwood's Farm 
Southern LieutenantBree-land Brigand's Watch, Southern Bree-fields 
Southern PoacherBree-land Brigand Cave, Dogwood's Farm, Outlaw's Haven 
Southern RobberBree-land Brigand Cave, Brigand's Watch, Southern Bree-fields 
Southern RuffianBree-land Outlaw's Haven 
Southern RuffianBree-land Andrath 
Southern ScoutBree-land Outlaw's Haven 
Southern SkirmisherBree-land Dogwood's Farm, Southern Bree-fields 
Southern WarriorBree-land Brigand Cave, Brigand's Watch, Old Sweetgrass Farm, Outlaw's Haven 
Splintertusk MaulerBree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Splintertusk SowBree-land Northern Bree-fields 
Spotted Field BuckBree-land Blackwold Headquarters, The Horsefields, Thornley's Work Site 
Spotted Field DoeBree-land Brandy Hills, Staddle, The Horsefields 
Stallion of the HorsefarmBree-land Eastern Bree-fields 
Sterling ProudfootBree-land Brandy Hall, Buckland 
Striped SquirrelArchet, Bree-land, Ered Luin, Evendim, Lone-Lands, North Downs  
Strong-Grip BarghestBree-land, Northern Barrow-downs Northern Barrow-downs, Northern Barrows 
Sully Brandybuck, Stable-masterBree-land Buckland 
Summoned Servant (Ally of Gaunt Battle-caller)Bree-land The Great Barrow 
Summoned Wight (Ally of Gaunt Battle-caller)Bree-land The Great Barrow 
Svalfang (Stone-giant)Bree-land Svalfang's Hut 
Tad HollywayBree-land The Horsefields 
Tarburz (Wood-troll)Bree-land Nen Harn 
Tarkrip BladeBree-land Cirith Nur Encampment, Northern Bree-fields 
Tarkrip Bone-smasherBree-land Eastern Bree-fields 
Tarkrip Bow-masterBree-land Eastern Bree-fields 
Tarkrip Captain Bree-land Brigand Cave 
Tarkrip GruntBree-land Cirith Nur Encampment, The Horsefields 
Tarkrip KillerBree-land Cirith Nur Encampment 
Tarkrip ProwlerBree-land Cirith Nur Encampment 
Tarkrip ReaverBree-land Eastern Bree-fields 
Tarkrip ScrapperBree-land Brigand Cave 
Tarkrip SentinelBree-land Eastern Bree-fields 
Taylor GreenBree-land Combe Lumber Camp 
Ted PickthornBree-land Combe 
Ted Ragwort (Novice Jeweller), Novice JewellerBree-land Combe Crafting Hall 
Ted ReedyBree-land Buckland Gate 
Teithadir (Rune-keeper Trainer), Rune-keeper TrainerBree-land Combe, Training Hall 
The Descendant (Player) Bree-land, East Rohan, Lone-Lands, North Downs, Trollshaws Eastern Bree-fields, Esteldin, Ost Guruth, Rhunenlad, The Weather Hills, The Wold, Weathertop 
Thieving BlackwoldBree-land Holt Adderson’s Grotto 
Tiny TurtleBree-land Halecatch Lake 
Tob Sandyman (Inn League Member)Bree-land The Horsefields 
Toby Sandheaver (Novice Woodworker), Novice WoodworkerBree-land Combe Crafting Hall 
Toby ThorndykeBree-land Andrath 
Todd Brushwood (Supplier), SupplierBree-land Combe Crafting Hall 
Toly BrockhouseBree-land Buckland 
Tom BombadilBree-land Old Forest, The Great Barrow, Tom Bombadil's House 
ToradanBree-land Brigand Cave (Blackwold Hideout), Combe, The Comb and Wattle Inn 
TorthannBree-land Midgewater Marshes 
Tough Thieving BlackwoldBree-land Holt Adderson’s Grotto 
TownspersonBree-land The Hedge Maze 
TownspersonArchet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree-land, Bree-town, Evendim, Lone-Lands, The Shire Archet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree, Bree-town Auction Hall, Bree-town Hunting Lodge, Combe, Festival Grounds, Hobbiton, Little Delving, Oatbarton, Ost Guruth, South Bree, The Forsaken Inn, The Prancing Pony, Trestlebridge, West Bree 
Trumric RagwortBree-land Buckland Gate 
Twisted Dead-rootBree-land The Old Oak's Grave 
Ultan FoebaneBree-land Staddle 
Vance WaithmanBree-land Staddle 
Vile BarghestBree-land, Northern Barrow-downs Barrow-downs, Northern Barrow-downs, Northern Barrows, Northern Barrows Pass 
Violent TarkripBree-land Brigand Cave 
Walt WhitroseBree-land Nen Harn 
Wandering ElfBree-land The Hedge Maze 
WanettaBree-land Staddle 
WatcherArchet, Archet (pre-instance), Bree-land, Bree-town, Lone-Lands, Rivendell, Thorin's Gate Archet, Bree, Bree-town Hall, Combe, Greenway, Ost Guruth, Rivendell Valley, The Berghold, Trestlebridge 
Watcher BrittleleafBree-land South-guard Ruins 
Watcher OakdaleBree-land Andrath, South-guard Ruins 
Watcher RedweedBree-land Staddle 
Watcher ReedyBree-land Staddle 
Watcher RosecaneBree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Watcher TanglerushBree-land Staddle 
Wes Brittleleaf (Stable-master), Stable-masterBree-land Adso's Camp, Southern Bree-fields 
Wesley Hopwood (Inn League Member)Bree-land Thornley's Work Site 
White Hand ArcherBree-land, Lone-Lands Bleakrift, Gondrinn, The Weather Hills, Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
White Hand GruntBree-land, Lone-Lands Bleakrift, Gondrinn, The Weather Hills, Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
White Hand GuardBree-land, Lone-Lands Annunlos, Midgewater Marshes, The Weather Hills 
White Hand InvaderBree-land Ost Alagos 
White Hand SentinelBree-land Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
White Hand Spear-throwerBree-land, Lone-Lands Annunlos, Midgewater Marshes, The Weather Hills 
Wight-princeBree-land Northern Barrow-downs 
WildthornBree-land The Forlorn Glade 
Will Peartree (Summerdays Horse Trader), TraderBree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Will Peartree (Farmers Faire Horse Trader), TraderBree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Will Peartree (Fall Festival Horse Trader), TraderBree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Will Peartree (Anniversary Horse Trader), TraderBree-land Hengstacer Farm 
William SkunkwoodBree-land Brigand Cave (Blackwold Hideout) 
WillowsongBree-land Silverwater Spring 
Wilmac BrandybuckBree-land Newbury 
Wim Wheatsheaf (Brew-master)Bree-land Festival Grounds 
Wink the catBree-land, Bree-town  
Wolfhound (Ally of Jagger Jack)Bree-land Blackwold Headquarters, Chetwood, Chetwood North 
WolverineBree-land Far Chetwood 
WoodcutterBree-land, Bree-town Bree, Combe 
Woodcutter Hornbeam, WoodsmanBree-land Combe Lumber Camp 
WorkerBree-land Adso's Camp 
YellowfangBree-land Old Forest 
YellowtuskBree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Young BearBree-land Eastern Bree-fields, Northern Bree-fields, Southern Bree-fields 
Young Dusk-wolfBree-land Northern Bree-fields 
Young SplintertuskBree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Young field-bearBree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Zau-Gujab (Stonehold)Bree-land Goblinhole Ruins 
Zhurpukh of the DeepsBree-land Midgewater Marshes