Dora Brownlock's Farm  

Zone: The Shire
Type: Farm in The Delving Fields
Level: 5 - 7
Location: 31.2S, 72.7W
Quests: Starting: 0, Involved: 2
Mobs: 2
To the north of Waymeet, just before the land turns into a bog, there is a large farm belonging to a peaceful hobbit called Dora Brownlock. Aside from crop-growing, young Dora takes a keen interest in raising chickens; she even calls them her babies. It is on these grounds that she is so distressed: a pack of ravenous wolves have driven her off the farm and she is too terrified to return for her chickens! Will anyone help the poor hobbit in the centre of Waymeet?


In the early stages of the game, the quest line that involves Dora Brownlock and her chickens is one that yields bountiful rewards for young players. Even if you think the young hobbit is a little bit crazy, it would be advisable to adhere to her requests; the benefits are that bountiful. Click here for more and bigger maps with filtering options
    Dora Brownlock's Farm