The Delving Fields  

Zone: The Shire
Type: Hills
Level: 7 - 12
Location: 34.4S, 74.4W
Quests: Starting: 18, Involved: 8
Mobs: 10
The township of Michel-Delving, being the capital of the Shire, is involved in all forms of commercialism; and agriculture is no exception. To the west and south of the town lies its farming fields called the Delving Fields. Yet local farmers have been much distressed by domestic disturbances. They complain about wolves, boars and shrews interfering with their purposes. Is nothing to be done? Must the agriculture business be slowed in the capital, of all places?


Hobbits find themselves in Michel-Delving very early on in their careers and are sent into the Delving Fields with many quests in the beginning. It is on the behest of the aforementioned farmers that their fields are cleared so they can resume pratice they so dearly need. Not to mention players will be rewarded quite handsomely by these desperate hobbits.