Level: 30 - 65
Quests: 113 starting, 67 involved
Mobs: 160

LOTRO Wiki Description

Rivendell, called Imladris in Sindarin, was built by Elrond Halfelven as a refuge for the Elves of Eregion as they fled destruction at the hands of Sauron.  A home to the Elves, the most ancient of all the races in Middle-earth, is a place of extreme reverence and historical significance, so great care was taken in crafting the details of Rivendell.

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    Elrond's Library
    Elrond's Stables
    Guest Rooms
    Imlad Gelair
    Laerdan's Chamber
    Scholar's Guild Hall
    Skirmish Camp (Rivendell)
    The Bridge of Rivendell
    The Falls of Imladris
    The Forges of Rivendell
    The Hall of Fire
    The Haven of Orladion
    The Last Homely House
    The Market of Rivendell
    The Spire of Meeting