Mobs by Zone: The Wold

AdbertThe Wold Undeep Watch 
Aldor Harding (Aldor of Eastemnet, Reeve of the)The Wold Mead Hall of Harwick 
Anmar (Harwick Guard)The Wold Harwick 
Battle-cat (Ally of Invading Easterling Cat-)The Wold South Undeep 
BoyThe Wold The Wold 
BughrakhThe Wold The Wold 
Cadda (Langhold)The Wold Langhold 
Captain Agelmund (Captain of the Wold)The Wold Feldburg 
Captain Agelmund (Mead Hall) (Captain of the Wold)The Wold Mead Hall of Harwick 
Ceolstan (Harwick Guard)The Wold Harwick Stables 
CillanThe Wold Langhold, Mead Hall of Langhold 
Cillan (Harwick Stables)The Wold Harwick Stables 
CinderThe Wold The Seething Mire, The Wold 
Crazed Wold SalamanderThe Wold The Wold 
DalaThe Wold Langhold 
Dala (Instance)The Wold The Wold 
Dala (Tunbert's Farm)The Wold The Wold 
Den-motherThe Wold Fang Point 
Eastemnet BoarThe Wold The Wold 
Easterling InvaderThe Wold South Undeep 
Easterling SoldierThe Wold South Undeep 
EastmundThe Wold Eastmund's Lair (Cave), Langhold 
Eastmund (South Undeep)The Wold South Undeep 
Feldburg SoldierThe Wold Feldburg 
Ford Watchman (Central)The Wold Undeep Watch 
Ford Watchman (North Watchtower)The Wold Undeep Watch 
Ford Watchman (South Watchtower)The Wold Undeep Watch 
Forge-master (General Store), Forge-masterThe Wold Langhold General Store 
GirlThe Wold The Wold 
Harwick Patrol (Harwick Guard)The Wold Harwick 
Healer (General Store), HealerThe Wold Langhold General Store 
HeburgaThe Wold Langhold, Mead Hall of Langhold 
Heburga (Instance)The Wold The Wold 
HigboldThe Wold Langhold, Mead Hall of Langhold 
Invading Easterling Cat-keeperThe Wold South Undeep 
Invading Easterling SorcererThe Wold South Undeep 
Langhold DefenderThe Wold Langhold 
Langhold GuardThe Wold The Wold 
Provisioner (General Store), ProvisionerThe Wold Langhold General Store 
Relic-master (General Store), Relic-masterThe Wold Langhold General Store 
Seoca (Riding Instructor)The Wold Harwick Stables 
Spying CrabanThe Wold The Wold 
Stable GuardThe Wold Harwick Stables 
Stolen CattleThe Wold Eastmund's Lair 
Supplier (General Store), SupplierThe Wold Langhold General Store 
Thane UtredThe Wold Mead Hall of Langhold 
The Reaver of KhandThe Wold Langhold 
Townsperson (Langhold) The Wold Langhold 
TunbertThe Wold The Wold 
UtmundThe Wold Langhold, Mead Hall of Langhold, The Wold 
Utred's War-steedThe Wold Langhold 
VenomtongueThe Wold The Seething Mire 
Vicious Wold-boarThe Wold The Wold 
Winged TerrorThe Wold South Undeep 
Wold ArcherThe Wold Eastmund's Lair 
Wold BrigandThe Wold South Undeep 
Wold DraugThe Wold Dwolung Hole 
Wold Easterling WarriorThe Wold The Wold 
Wold GrazerThe Wold The Wold 
Wold Marsh-flyThe Wold The Stinging Bog, The Wold 
Wold RuffianThe Wold The Wold 
Wold SalamanderThe Wold The Seething Mire, The Wold 
Wold Salamander (Ally of Cinder)The Wold The Seething Mire, The Wold 
Wold WargThe Wold Fang Point, The Wold 
Wold Warg Pack-alphaThe Wold The Wold 
Wold Warg Pack-runner (Ally of Wold Warg Pack-alpha)The Wold The Wovenvales