Skills by Type: Melee

Name Type Flags Requirements
Absorb Damage Melee
Addle Melee Class: Burglar
Agile Rejoinder Melee
Aim Melee Class: Burglar
Back Kick Melee
Bash Melee Class: Guardian
Blade-storm Melee Class: Champion
Blade-wall Melee Class: Champion
Blindeside Melee Class: Hunter
Bracing Attack Melee Class: Champion
Break the Door Melee Fellowship
Breath of Freedom Melee Fellowship
Brutal Strikes Melee Class: Champion
Burglar's Advantage Melee Class: Burglar
Chaos in the Ranks Melee Fellowship
Chicken Hit Melee
Chill of Bone Melee Fellowship
Clash of Arms Melee Fellowship
Claws Melee
Cleave Melee Class: Champion
Clobber Melee Class: Champion
Crippling Bite Melee
Crop Tracking Melee Toggle
Cry of the Predator Melee Class: Minstrel
Cunning Attack Melee Class: Burglar
Cut Melee
Cutting Attack Melee
Dawn on the Deep Melee Fellowship
Deadly Whispers Melee Fellowship
Deception Melee Fellowship
Defensive Expertise Melee
Defensive Strike Melee
Deft Strike Melee Class: Warden
Desperate Flight Melee
Destroy Foes of Gondor! Melee
Devastating Blow Melee
Devastating Strike Melee
Double-edged Strike Melee Class: Burglar
Eagle's Eyrie Melee Fellowship
Easily Inspired Melee Race: Man
Ent's Heart Melee Fellowship
Ent's Rage Melee Fellowship
Ent's Stand Melee Fellowship
Ent's Strength Melee Fellowship Class: Burglar Captain Champion Guardian Lore-master Minstrel
Entish Justice Melee Fellowship
Exchange of Blows Melee Class: Champion
Exploit Opening Melee Class: Burglar
Fighting Dirty Melee Class: Champion
Free to Trot Melee
Galloping Flight Melee
Gift of Men Melee Race: Man
Guardian's Pledge Melee Class: Guardian
Guardian's Ward Melee Class: Guardian
Hail of Blows Melee Fellowship
Hamstring Melee Class: Champion
Head-butt Melee Trait: Head-butt, Race: Dwarf, Class: Champion Guardian Hunter Minstrel
Head-butt Melee Trait: Head-butt, Race: Dwarf
Hedge Melee
Herald's Strike Melee Class: Minstrel
Hew the Stone Melee Fellowship
Jagged Cut Melee
Latent Poison Melee Race: Spider
Leaves of Lothlorien Melee Fellowship
Low Cut Melee
Merciful Strike Melee Class: Champion
Mine-tracking Melee Toggle
Misdirection Melee Fellowship
Noble's Honour Melee Fellowship
Overwhelm Melee
Piercing Attack Melee
Planned Charge Melee Fellowship
Pounce Melee Race: Warg
Pounding Echos Melee Fellowship
Pressing Attack Melee
Protection Melee Toggle
Reactive Block Melee
Rearing Stomp Melee
Relentless Strike Melee Class: Champion
Resounding Strikes Melee Fellowship
Retaliation Melee
Roll the Drum Melee Fellowship
Savage Fangs Melee Race: Warg
Savage Strikes Melee Class: Champion
Scourging Blow Melee Class: Hunter
Shatter Arms Melee
Shield Bash Melee
Shield-Swipe Melee Class: Guardian
Shield-blow Melee
Shield-swipe Melee
Shield-taunt Melee
Silent Glory Melee Fellowship
Silent Paths Melee Fellowship
Sinister Plan Melee Fellowship
Sorrow of the Firstborn Melee Race: Elf
Sound the Attack Melee Class: Champion
Spider's Guile Melee Fellowship Class: Burglar Captain Champion Guardian Lore-master Minstrel
Staff-strike Melee Class: Lore-master
Stamp Melee
Sting Melee
Stinging Blow Melee
Strength of the Pure Melee Fellowship
Subtle Stab Melee Class: Burglar
Sudden Strikes Melee
Surprise Strike Melee Class: Burglar
Sweeping Cut Melee
Swift Strike Melee Class: Champion
Swift Stroke Melee Class: Hunter
Sword Sweep Melee
Sword of Gondor Melee
Tainted Kiss Melee
Test of Will Melee
Throat Rip Melee Race: Warg
Thrust Melee
Thunder of the Oakenshield Melee Fellowship
To the King Melee Trait: To the King, Class: Guardian
Tramp of Doom Melee Fellowship
Trick: Counter Defence Melee Class: Burglar
Trick: Disable Melee Class: Burglar
Trick: Dust in the Eyes Melee Class: Burglar
Trick: Enrage Melee Class: Burglar
Trip Melee Class: Burglar
Turn the Tables Melee
Upper-cut Melee Trait: Upper Cut, Race: Man
Valour Unashamed Melee Fellowship
Vexing Blow Melee
Warrior's Heart Melee
Whirling Retaliation Melee
Whispering Leaves Melee Fellowship
Whispers under the Mountain Melee Fellowship
Wild Attack Melee Class: Champion
Will of the Strong Melee Fellowship
Wings of the Windlord Melee Fellowship
Wood-tracking Melee Toggle
Wrath Of the Righteous Melee Fellowship
Wrath of the Oathbreakers Melee Fellowship