Mobs by Zone: Moria

Accursed Armourer (Oath-breaker)Moria The Ghost-forge 
Barbed TentacleMoria The Drowned Treasury 
Brutal OverseerMoria The Mithril-slaves 
Cargul Forge-masterMoria The Ghost-forge 
Crazed Deep-clawMoria Anazarmekhem 
Crystal Brood-motherMoria The Spider-nest 
Crystal Cocoon-tenderMoria The Spider-nest 
Crystal SpiderlingMoria The Spider-nest 
Dark Spirit (Fell-spirit)Moria The Ghost-forge 
Deep-claw LumbererMoria, Nud-melek Balin's Camp, The First Hall 
Defiler's Totem (Ally of Ghash-hai Summoner)Moria The Library of Steel 
Durin VIMoria Azanarukar, The Throne of Durin 
Durin's BaneMoria Azanarukar 
Dwarf CaptiveMoria The Spider-nest 
Dwarf GuardMoria, Nud-melek Auctioneer's Bunker, Nud-melek, The First Hall, The Twenty-first Hall, Vault-keeper's Bunker 
Dwarf MinerMoria Azanarukar 
Evil Spirit (Fell-spirit)Moria The Ghost-forge 
Flame SpiritMoria The Library of Steel 
Fleeing ScavengerMoria The Morroval-outcasts 
General TalugMoria Fil Gashan 
Ghan-gharaf AmbusherMoria The Drowned Treasury 
Ghan-gharaf QueenMoria The Drowned Treasury 
Ghan-gharaf SpiderMoria The Drowned Treasury 
Ghash-hai RampagerMoria The Library of Steel 
Ghash-hai SummonerMoria The Library of Steel 
Goblin-slave MinerMoria The Mithril-slaves 
Grasping TentacleMoria The Drowned Treasury 
Greater Charred Grim Moria New Devilry 
Greater Darkened GrimMoria New Devilry 
Guard (Free Poeples)Moria, Nud-melek Nud-melek, The First Hall 
Gundlajan GuardMoria The Drowned Treasury 
Gundlajan MantisMoria The Drowned Treasury 
Gundlajan MatriarchMoria The Drowned Treasury 
Gundlajan QueenMoria The Drowned Treasury 
Gundlajan ToadMoria The Drowned Treasury 
GwathnorFoundations of Stone, Moria Azanarukar 
Lorien ElfMoria Azanarukar, The Throne of Durin 
Maddened Cave-clawMoria Azanarukar 
Melkolf StonecarverMoria The Throne of Durin 
MelmarMoria, The Water-Works Narag-kheleb, The Drowned Treasury 
Mine-guardMoria The Mithril-slaves 
Mine-overseerMoria The Mithril-slaves 
Morroval-mistressMoria The Morroval-outcasts 
Morroval-outcastMoria The Morroval-outcasts 
Morroval-robberMoria The Morroval-outcasts 
Nain IMoria Azanarukar, The Throne of Durin 
Orkish RecruitMoria The Training Hall 
Orkish VeteranMoria The Training Hall 
OshadhurMoria The Library of Steel 
Ravenous HatchlingMoria The Spider-nest 
Rink StronghammerMoria The Drowned Treasury 
RocktoothMoria Lamab-dum 
Solsi (Stable-master), Stable-masterMoria, Nud-melek Nud-melek, The First Hall 
StothkellMoria The Drowned Treasury 
SverriMoria The Throne of Durin 
The Lord of Fire and ShadowMoria Azanarukar 
The Watcher in the WaterMoria The Drowned Treasury 
Throne Room AttendentMoria The Throne of Durin 
Throne Room GuardMoria The Throne of Durin 
Uruk Battle-masterMoria The Training Hall 
Vigilant TaskmasterMoria The Training Hall