Race: Ancient Evil
Difficulty: Nemesis
Aggro: Aggressive
Level: 62
Max Morale: 47,688
Max Power: 11,071
Found in Zones: Foundations of Stone, Moria
Found in Areas: Azanarukar
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Involved in Quests: Vol II, Book 6, chapter 8
Gwathnor (It is implied that he is a sort of Balrog)
LvL: *varies*
Max Morale: *varies*
Max Power: *varies*
Difficulty: *varies*
Type: Ancient Evil
Location: Azanarukar (Instance: New Devilry)

Special Note: This boss changes both in appearance and *level* throughout the fight. He emerges from a portal at lvl 62, with 78,380 max morale, and 10,375 max power. Later in the fight, he no longer appears to be a nemesis, but an elite master of lvl 60, with only 16,794 max morale, and 1,595 max power. He also transforms from ethereal-looking to having a skin of fire.

Drops: Singed Cloak *or* the more desirable Cloak of Shadow and Flame. Unknown what causes the Shadow and Flame cloak to drop, although there are theories that the boss must be killed in fire mode (or while not in fire mode) to make it drop. Keeping the two allied Grims alive or killing one/both of them is another group of theories.

Allies in fight: Greater Darkened Grim, Greater Charred Grim

This mob is found in multiple places. Click here for all maps on this mob!
NameTypeMin Level
Broken Metal Club Trophy
Cloak of Shadow and Flame Cloak lvl 60
Singed Cloak Cloak lvl 60