Objects by Zone: Enedwaith

BackpackOther   Enedwaith Gwaed Brun, Lich Bluffs, Mafan-mudun, The High Home 
Banded StrongholdQuest   Enedwaith The King's Way Gate 
Banner of the White HandQuest   Enedwaith Gwyllion's Gate 
Bedh-stonesQuest   Enedwaith Lich Bluffs 
Buried CacheQuest   Enedwaith Lich Bluffs 
Cadelhin's CryptOther   Enedwaith Crug Cadelhin 
Club MossQuest   Enedwaith Mournshaws 
Cluttered BookshelfQuest   Enedwaith Zudrugund 
Corpse of WaduQuest   Enedwaith Windfells 
Corrupted Cairn StoneQuest   Enedwaith Trac-plas 
Craban-nestQuest   Enedwaith Pluvun Gwern 
Crushed RockQuest   Enedwaith Gloomglens 
Discared PouchQuest   Enedwaith Lhaid Ogo 
Dun-bee HiveQuest   Enedwaith Windfells 
Dunlending CartQuest   Enedwaith Thror's Coomb 
Dunlending Military OrdersQuest   Enedwaith The Jailor's Quarters 
Enedwaith Reflecting PoolQuest   Enedwaith Nan Laeglin 
ErgothornQuest   Enedwaith The Hall of Making 
Fallen Uch-luthQuest   Enedwaith Fordirith 
Fernvael's TombQuest   Enedwaith Crug Fernvael 
FootprintQuest   Enedwaith Gloomglens 
Goat's RueQuest   Enedwaith Windfells 
Gwiber-eggsQuest   Enedwaith The Serpent-halls 
Jailor's ChestQuest   Enedwaith The Jailor's Quarters 
Jailor's PackQuest   Enedwaith The Jailor's Quarters 
Jailor's PouchQuest   Enedwaith The Jailor's Quarters 
Jailor's TrunkQuest   Enedwaith The Jailor's Quarters 
Klamath WeedQuest   Enedwaith Amon Min 
Locking MechanismQuest   Enedwaith Lhe Colvarn 
Memorial SwordQuest   Enedwaith Nan Laeglin 
MistletoeQuest   Enedwaith Mournshaws 
MistletoeQuest   Enedwaith Windfells 
Mysterious Relic (Thror's Coomb)Quest   Enedwaith Thror's Coomb 
Mystic Pool (Arassiel)Quest   Enedwaith Mournshaws 
Mystic Pool (Gwenaewen)Quest   Enedwaith Mournshaws 
Mystic Pool (Lavaneth)Quest   Enedwaith Mournshaws 
Mystic Pool (Munfaeril)Quest   Enedwaith Mournshaws 
Note from ErgothornQuest   Enedwaith Lhanuch, Nan Laeglin 
Oak-branchQuest   Enedwaith Mournshaws 
Pottery ShardsQuest   Enedwaith Pool of the King 
Puddle of Vile LiquidQuest   Enedwaith Trac-plas 
Sage's LockboxResource   Enedwaith, Lothlorien Cerin Brethil, Lhe Lhechu 
Sigil of the Rhi HelvarchQuest   Enedwaith Gloomglens 
Skeleton Pile Quest   Enedwaith Lich Bluffs 
Small ArrowQuest   Enedwaith Gloomglens 
Small BootsQuest   Enedwaith The King's Way Gate 
Small BowQuest   Enedwaith Gloomglens 
Small SkeletonQuest   Enedwaith Gloomglens 
Stone PedestalQuest   Enedwaith The Brenin's Hall 
Stone TableQuest   Enedwaith Gwaed Brun 
Sweet MyrtleQuest   Enedwaith Windfells 
The Crone's FerryQuest   Enedwaith Mournshaws 
Torch of ShadowsQuest   Enedwaith The Black Dens 
Untidy BookshelfQuest   Enedwaith Zudrugund 
Urdhas CulchQuest   Enedwaith Lich Bluffs 
Wayfarer's RuneQuest   Enedwaith Lich Bluffs 
White Stag CorpseQuest   Enedwaith Gloomglens 
Wild BerriesQuest   Enedwaith Mournshaws 
Wooden ChestOther   Enedwaith Lich Bluffs, Mafan-mudun, Mournshaws, The High Home 
Worn AnvilQuest   Enedwaith The Hall of Making