Objects by Type: Quest

Festival Horse to Keg RacesQuest   Thorin's Gate Thorin's Gate 
A Barrel of PoisonQuest   Ettenmoors  
A Shrine of Tribute to the NecromancerQuest   Mirkwood Audaghaim 
A gravestone that is unmarked...Quest   Mirkwood The Dourstocks 
Abandoned GearQuest   The Water-Works Chamber of Wheels 
Abandoned WaggonQuest   The Shire Green Hill Country 
AcornQuest   Frostbluff Frostbluff 
Adso's Goods Quest   Bree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Aged Audaghaim WineQuest   Mirkwood Agistath 
Ale CaskQuest   Bree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Ale CaskQuest   Bree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Amabel's FarmlandQuest   The Shire The Hill 
Ambi's Blue BottleQuest   Thorin's Hall Thorin's Hall 
Ambi's Green JarQuest   Thorin's Hall Thorin's Hall 
Ambi's NoteQuest   Thorin's Hall Thorin's Hall 
Ambi's PackQuest   Thorin's Hall Thorin's Hall 
Ambi's Red JarQuest   Thorin's Hall Thorin's Hall 
Amlach WheatleyQuest   Northern Barrow-downs Northern Barrow-downs 
An Old ChestQuest   North Downs Amon Amrun 
Ancient AnvilQuest   Eregion, Moria Munudh Cadlus, The Ghost-forge, The Library of Steel, The Mithril-slaves, The Morroval-outcasts, The Training Hall 
Ancient ArtifactsQuest   Lone-Lands Naerost 
Ancient ChaliceQuest   Bree-land The Great Barrow 
Ancient ChestQuest   Bree-land Ost Gorthad 
Ancient ChestQuest   Bree-land Northern Barrow-downs 
Ancient ChestQuest   Angmar Dolendath 
Ancient CoinQuest   Annuminas Clorhir 
Ancient Dwarf-chestQuest   Misty Mountains Halmur Stoneshaper's Tomb 
Ancient Dwarf-textQuest   The Great Delving Katub-zahar 
Ancient LetterQuest   Lone-Lands Beneath the Forsaken Inn 
Ancient PillarQuest   Northern Barrow-downs Haudh Methernil, Haudh Taenthond, Hautham, The Barrow of Ringdor, The Barrow of Taradan 
Ancient Pillar (central)Quest   Mirkwood Ashenslades 
Ancient Pillar (northern)Quest   Mirkwood Ashenslades 
Ancient Pillar (southern)Quest   Mirkwood Bleakmere 
Ancient PlacardQuest   Dunland Mundfaeril's Shrine 
Ancient RecordsQuest   Durin's Way Mustering Hall, Sulnul-dum, The Glass-hall, Zabad-dum 
Ancient ShieldQuest   Durin's Way Uflump-mur 
Ancient Silvan RecordQuest   Mirkwood The Wild Ruin 
Ancient Stone TableQuest   Lone-Lands Nain Enidh 
Ancient TapestryQuest   Evendim Tham Nambarth 
Ancient VolumeQuest   Eregion The Library of Tham Mirdain 
Angmar CoalQuest   Angmar Fasach-falroid 
Angmar CoalQuest   Angmar Fasach-falroid 
Angmarim Banner Quest   Angmar Bail Dilas, Himbar 
Angmarim BoatQuest   Annuminas Port of Annuminas 
Angmarim CorpseQuest   Evendim Menelband 
Angmarim IdolQuest   Angmar Bail Catharnakh, Bail Dilas, Bail Grundail 
Angmarim SuppliesQuest   Angmar Bail Catharnakh 
Angmarim TentQuest   Annuminas Minathranc 
Angmarim TentQuest   Forochel Ja-rannit, Reodh Fuil 
Ann Granger's SatchelQuest   Archet (pre-instance) Blackwold's Roost (pre-instance) 
Annuminas City-stoneQuest   Evendim Port of Annuminas 
AppleQuest   The Shire Appledores 
Apple TubQuest   The Shire The Party Tree 
Apple-woodQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Archet WellQuest   Archet Archet, Archet (pre-instance) 
Arnorian RubbleQuest   Lone-Lands Minas Eriol 
Asikko's BookQuest   North Downs Fashat Laug 
Auction HallQuest   Bree-town Bree-town Auction Hall 
Aurochs-SkullQuest   Angmar Skathmur 
Aurochs-skullQuest   North Downs Nan Amlug East 
Avanc-nestQuest   The Great River Wyrmdenn 
AxeQuest   Nud-melek Balin's Camp 
BagQuest   Dunland Starkmoor 
Bag of FeedQuest   Evendim Bullroarer's Sward 
Bag of GrainQuest   Bree-land Combe 
Balanced StaffQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Bali (corpse)Quest   Archet Archet Dale, Old East Path 
BandageQuest   Dunland Flam-cadlus 
Banded StrongholdQuest   Enedwaith The King's Way Gate 
BannerQuest   Gap of Rohan Isendale 
Banner StonesQuest   Mirkwood Gathburz 
Banner of Dol GuldurQuest   Mirkwood Burzkala, Gathburz, Lugdump 
Banner of LorienQuest   Lothlorien Eastern Pass, Fanuidhol, Northern Pass, Western Pass 
Banner of the Great Eye Quest   The Great River Lashkarg 
Banner of the Iron CrownQuest   Annuminas Annuminas, Annuminas (Courtyard) 
Banner of the White HandQuest   Enedwaith Gwyllion's Gate 
Banner of the White HandQuest   Dunland Avardin 
Barad Morlas Mustering HornQuest   Eregion Barad Morlas 
Barnavon Mine ForgeQuest   Dunland Barnavon Mine 
BarrelQuest   Isengard Depths Isengard Depths 
Barrel of ArmourQuest   Isengard Depths Fash's Command 
Barrel of Black PowderQuest   Redhorn Lodes Redhorn Lodes 
Barrel of Mystery FleshQuest   The Shire The Haunted Burrow 
Barrel of NailsQuest   North Downs  
Barrel of Pipe-weedQuest   The Shire Bear Dens (Shire) 
Barrel of Rotting-fleshQuest   Lone-Lands Ost Cyrn 
Barrel of Staddle Pipe-weedQuest   Bree-land Staddle 
Barrel of Stolen Pipe-weedQuest   Bree-land Staddle 
Barrel of Warg-foodQuest   Mirkwood Maudhul-ulur 
Barrel of WeaponsQuest   Isengard Depths Isengard Depths 
BarricadeQuest   Lothlorien Athmadhul, Dru-garmadh, Uruk-gashan 
Barrow of BrungurQuest   Mirkwood Shrine of the Ancient One 
Barrow of MordelothQuest   Mirkwood Shrine of the Ancient One 
Barrow of ThorunQuest   Mirkwood Shrine of the Ancient One 
Basket of ApplesQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Basket of FoodQuest   Isengard Guard-house of Isengard 
Battered CrateQuest   Eregion Pend Eregion 
Battered LockboxQuest   Lone-Lands Bleakrift 
Battered SatchelQuest   Eregion Pend Eregion 
Bay-stoneQuest   Forochel Ja-rannit 
Bearded Bear BeerQuest   Bree-land, Bree-town Combe Gate, Jasmine's Garden, Staddle, Stone Quarter, The Prancing Pony 
BedQuest   The Great Delving Dolven-view 
Bedh-stonesQuest   Enedwaith Lich Bluffs 
BedrollQuest   Gap of Rohan Grimbold's Camp 
BeehiveQuest   Bree-land Combe 
Benton's Catalogue, Page 1Quest     
Benton's Catalogue, Page 2Quest     
Benton's Catalogue, Page 3Quest     
BerriesQuest   Frostbluff Winter-home 
BerriesQuest   Ered Luin Low Lands 
BerryQuest   Thorin's Gate  
Besom-broom Quest   Rivendell Elrond's Stables 
Bilberry BushQuest   Archet (pre-instance) Archet Dale (pre-instance) 
Bilbo's WineQuest   The Shire The Haunted Burrow 
Bill Ferny's HouseQuest   Bree-town Bill Ferny's House 
Birch-woodQuest   Lothlorien Cerin Brethil 
Black ArmourQuest   Trollshaws Minas Agor 
Black CloakQuest   The Shire Puddifoot's Fields 
Black ClothQuest   Trollshaws Minas Agor 
Black Fire ChestQuest   North Downs Nam Wathren Eastern Pass 
Black Fire CrateQuest   North Downs Nan Wathren 
Black Horse CorpseQuest   Trollshaws Minas Agor 
Black Huorn HeartwoodQuest   Trollshaws Giant Valley 
Black Powder KegQuest   Gap of Rohan Wulf's Cleft 
Black Powder SampleQuest   Isengard Depths Isengard Depths 
Black RockQuest   Bree-town Mud Gate 
Black RockQuest   Bree-town Beggar's Alley 
Black StoneQuest   Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Rockbelly Pit 
Blackwold BannerQuest   Archet (pre-instance) Browne's Folly (pre-instance) 
Blackwold PlansQuest   Archet (pre-instance) Blackwold's Roost (pre-instance) 
Blackwold-lockboxQuest   Bree-land Chetwood 
Blackwold-recruit's PackQuest   Bree-land Chetwood North 
Blackwold-strongboxQuest   Bree-land Marshwater Fort 
BlackwortQuest   Bree-land Wolf Den (Bree-land) 
Blighted BranchQuest   Mirkwood Ashenslades 
Blighted OreQuest   Mirkwood Gathlata 
Blighted Wood StoresQuest   Mirkwood Anghum-maudhul  
Bloated CorpseQuest   Lone-Lands Ost Cyrn 
Blogmal BannerQuest   North Downs Norbury Gates 
BloodstainQuest   Eregion Minas Elendur 
BloodstainsQuest   Mirkwood Audaghaim 
Bloodstone TroveQuest   Angmar Tor Gailvin 
Blue CrystalQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Silvertine Lodes 
Blue FlowerQuest   The Shire The Hill 
Blue-tinged Ore SampleQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Old Silvertine City 
Boar-meatQuest   Bree-land Staddle 
Boar-meatQuest   Bree-land Northern Bree-fields 
BoatQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Boat from LorienQuest   The East Wall The East Wall 
Bog-prowler NestQuest   Lone-Lands Haragmar 
Bog-reedsQuest   Dunland Dunbog 
Bolg Maufulug BannerQuest   Lothlorien Bolg Maufulug 
Bone-pileQuest   The Shire The Haunted Inn 
Book of Dwarf-pose Quest   Durin's Way Mekeb-faham 
Book of HeraldryQuest   Forochel Icereave Mines 
Book of MazarbulQuest   Zelem-melek Chamber of Mazarbul 
Book of Tham MirdainQuest   Eregion The Library of Tham Mirdain 
BooksQuest   Trollshaws Delossad (Sithad) 
Books on the Lore of DwarvesQuest   Lone-Lands Harloeg 
Books on the Lore of ElvesQuest   Lone-Lands Harloeg 
Books on the Lore of HobbitsQuest   Lone-Lands Harloeg 
Books on the Lore of MenQuest   Lone-Lands Talath Gaun 
BookshelfQuest   The Shire Great Smials 
Booted FootprintQuest   The Great River Eorlsmead 
Bound PostQuest   The Great River Wailing Hills 
Box of RibbonQuest   The Shire The Hill 
Braided NetQuest   Gap of Rohan Heathfells 
BraigiarQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
BramblesQuest   Trollshaws Tal Bruinen 
BrazierQuest   Trollshaws Delossad (Sithad) 
BreadQuest   Frostbluff Winter-home 
Bread BasketQuest   The Shire Bywater Bridge 
Brittle SkullQuest   The Great River Field of Celebrant 
Broken BladeQuest   Zelem-melek Zelem-melek 
Broken CrateQuest   Trollshaws Tal Bruinen 
Broken ShieldQuest   Forochel Ja-rannit 
Broken ShieldQuest   Evendim Barad Tharsir 
Broken Snow Beacon Supply CrateQuest   Forochel Ja-rannit 
Broken SwordQuest   Evendim Barad Tharsir 
Broken ToolQuest   Dunland Barnavon Mine 
Brooch of LorienQuest   The Water-Works The Lost Palace 
Bubbling PotQuest   Evendim The Bleakleaf Crest 
BucketQuest   Bree-town Market Square 
Bucket of TricksQuest   The Shire The Haunted Burrow 
Bucket of WaterQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Bullroarer's Brew TankardQuest   The Shire Greenfields 
Bundle of ArrowsQuest   Lothlorien Echad Andestel 
Bundle of RopeQuest   Evendim Barandalf, Parth Aduial 
Burial MoundQuest   Angmar Gorothlad 
Buried CacheQuest   Enedwaith Lich Bluffs 
Burned HatQuest   Foundations of Stone The Bridge Shard 
Burned RubbleQuest   Foundations of Stone Foundations of Stone, The Endless Stair 
Burned Wolf-corpseQuest   The Walls of Moria Filgogan, The Walls of Moria 
Burned-out CampfireQuest   Eregion Tal Caradhras Campsite 
Burning CauldronQuest   Misty Mountains Ghashru 
Burnt Camp-fire LogsQuest   Eregion Redhorn Showfall 
Butter ChurnQuest   Evendim Northcotton Animal Pens 
ButterburQuest   North Downs Meluinen 
CageQuest   Annuminas Menelband 
Cairn of Stones for CarchammadelQuest   Evendim Barad Rath 
Cairn of Stones for ColhamnirQuest   Evendim Barad Rath 
Cairn of Stones for TadanQuest   Evendim Barad Rath 
Cairn-entranceQuest   Dunland Bonevales 
CampfireQuest   Evendim Tham Andalath 
CampfireQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Canal Wall BreachQuest   Thorin's Gate Thorin's Hall 
CandleQuest   The Shire The Haunted Burrow 
CapQuest   Frostbluff Winter-home 
Captain's TableQuest   Dunland Rhuvel-cadlus 
Caravan GoodsQuest   Bree-land South-guard Ruins 
CarrotQuest   Frostbluff Frostbluff 
CarrotQuest   Dunland Cartrev Andras  
CartQuest   Dunland Starkmoor 
Cart WheelQuest   Dunland Flam-cadlus 
Cart-driverQuest   Bree-land Midgewater Marshes 
Cart-wheelQuest   North Downs Orc Camp (North Downs) 
Carved StoneQuest   Bree-land The Dead Spire 
CatapultQuest   Angmar Ram Duath 
CaudronQuest   Dunland The Slade of Shadows 
CauldronQuest   Durin's Way Jundul-dum 
CauldronQuest   North Downs  
Celebrian's LegacyQuest   Trollshaws Vault of Celebrain's Legacy 
Cellar DoorQuest   Evendim Tyl Ruinen 
Central BallistaQuest   Mirkwood Thangulhad 
Challenger's BrazierQuest   Mirkwood Sword-hall of Dol Guldur (Sad-en-Dagor) 
Charred CorpseQuest   The Great River Wailing Hills 
Charred Wood Quest   Eregion Burnt Tor 
Cheese BasketQuest   The Shire Appledores 
Cherry Wood BranchQuest   Ered Luin Falathlorn 
ChestQuest   Bree-land Brigand's Watch 
ChestQuest   North Downs Ost Galumar 
ChestQuest   Ered Luin Orodost 
ChestQuest   Ered Luin Talath Ondren 
ChestQuest   Thorin's Gate Rockbelly Pit 
ChestQuest   Ered Luin Emyn Hoedh 
ChestQuest   Ered Luin Kheledul 
Chest of RelicsQuest   Evendim Ost Forod 
Chest of the BatQuest   Evendim Tyl Ruinen 
Chest of the Second MarshalQuest   Ettenmoors Glain Vraig 
Chest of the WargQuest   Evendim Tyl Ruinen 
Chest of the WormQuest   Evendim Tyl Ruinen 
Chewed Fish BonesQuest   Trollshaws  
Chewed FishbonesQuest   Trollshaws Tal Bruinen 
Chicken NestQuest   Frostbluff Cluckland 
Chief TentQuest   Eregion Tar Stazg 
Chipped SkullQuest   The Shire Scary Quarry 
Chipped VaseQuest   Evendim Tham Varan 
Chronicle of EventsQuest   Rivendell The Spire of Meeting 
Chronicle of the Mount Gram InvasionQuest   North Downs Esteldin Library 
Chunk of Noxious FungusQuest   Nud-melek The Sixteenth Hall 
Clear PatchQuest   Eregion Emyn Naer 
CloakQuest   The Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
CloverQuest   The Shire Greenfields 
Club MossQuest   Enedwaith Mournshaws 
Clump of GrassQuest   The Great River Eorlsmead 
Cluster of Grapes Quest   Ered Luin Limael's Vineyard 
Cluttered BookshelfQuest   Enedwaith Zudrugund 
CoalQuest   Frostbluff Winter-home 
CocoonQuest   Archet Sprigley's Cellar 
CocoonQuest   The Great Delving The Chamber of Deep Thought 
CocoonQuest   North Downs The Snares 
Cocooned DwarfQuest   Moria The Spider-nest 
Cocooned ElfQuest   Mirkwood The Scuttledells 
Coil of RopeQuest   Rivendell Laerdan's Chamber 
Coil of RopeQuest   Forochel Ita-ma 
Cold ChainsQuest   The Shire The Haunted Burrow 
Collection of Light HidesQuest   The Shire Bindbole Wood 
Collection of Medium HidesQuest   The Shire Bindbole Wood 
Collection of Sturdy HidesQuest   The Shire Bindbole Wood 
Collection of Supple HidesQuest   The Shire Bindbole Wood 
Colourful BerriesQuest   Evendim Southern Emyn Uial 
Consolation PresentQuest   Middle-earth, Thorin's Gate The Keg-race of Thorin's Hall, The Taste of Hobbiton  
Control Point BannerQuest   Dunlending Storm on Methedras 
Coppersmith's SweetsQuest   Bree-town Bree 
Corpse of AradorQuest   Ettenmoors The Troll-height 
Corpse of BrumberethQuest   Foundations of Stone Skumfil 
Corpse of Draig-luth WarriorQuest   Gap of Rohan Athdar 
Corpse of RaddirQuest   Mirkwood Rad Cened 
Corpse of SpiderQuest   Evendim The Bleakleaf Crest 
Corpse of WaduQuest   Enedwaith Windfells 
Corrupted Cairn StoneQuest   Enedwaith Trac-plas 
Corrupted Silvan RelicQuest   Mirkwood Minas Gil 
Corrupted StatueQuest   Evendim Tyl Ruinen 
Corrupted WaterQuest   Mirkwood Ashenslades 
CourtyardQuest   Bree-town Bree, Bree-town Hall 
Courtyard of the Great SmialsQuest   The Shire Tookland 
Cow-corpseQuest   The Shire Rushock Bog 
Craban EggsQuest   Dunland Pren Gwydh 
Craban-nestQuest   Enedwaith Pluvun Gwern 
Crack in the AbyssQuest   Foundations of Stone, Redhorn Lodes Foundations of Stone, Zabad-fakak 
Cracked ShieldQuest   Zelem-melek Zelem-melek 
Cracked WallQuest   Moria Azanarukar 
CrateQuest   Redhorn Lodes Redhorn Lodes 
CrateQuest   Dunland Starkmoor 
CrateQuest   Lothlorien Bolg Maufulug, Drumaudhul, Fanuidhol 
CrateQuest   Archet Blackwold Camp 
Crate of Assorted ItemsQuest   The Great River Mor-hai Settlement 
Crate of Black FireQuest   Dunland Uvel-cadlus 
Crate of BootsQuest   Ered Luin The Festival Garden 
Crate of Common OreQuest   Thorin's Gate Silver Deep Mine 
Crate of Enormous BootsQuest   Ered Luin The Festival Garden 
Crate of GoodsQuest   Dunland Starkmoor 
Crate of HammersQuest   North Downs  
Crate of NailsQuest   Bree-town Bree 
Crate of Rare OreQuest   Thorin's Gate Silver Deep Mine 
Crate of SawsQuest   North Downs  
Crate of Stolen Elf-trophies (Bolg Maufulug)Quest   Lothlorien Bolg Maufulug 
Crate of Stolen Elf-trophies (Drumaudhul)Quest   Lothlorien Drumaudhul 
Crate of Stolen Elf-trophies (Mokurz Gundul)Quest   Lothlorien Mokurz Gundul 
Crate of Stolen Elf-trophies (Nardur-stazg)Quest   Lothlorien Nardur-stazg 
Crate of SuppliesQuest   Annuminas Echad Garthadir 
Crate of SuppliesQuest   Annuminas Echad Garthadir 
Crate of SuppliesQuest   Evendim Tinnudir 
Crate of ToolsQuest   Isengard Isengard 
Crate of Uncommon OreQuest   Thorin's Gate Silver Deep Mine 
Crate of Valuable OreQuest   Thorin's Gate Silver Deep Mine 
Crates of FoodQuest   Bree-town The Prancing Pony 
Crates of SuppliesQuest   Mirkwood Ashurz Maufulug 
Crates of SuppliesQuest   Dunland Upper Barnavon 
Crude MapQuest   The Silvertine Lodes Gamil Filik 
Crumbling SealQuest   Evendim Tham Varan 
Crushed RockQuest   Enedwaith Gloomglens 
Crushed VesselQuest   Dunland Bonevales 
Crushing TubQuest   Evendim Northcotton Vineyard 
Crystal Quest   The Silvertine Lodes The Silvertine Lodes 
Curing BarrelQuest   Forochel Kauppa-kohta 
Cursed TreasuresQuest   The Great River Ost Celebrant  
Damaged Dwarf-chestQuest   Misty Mountains Iskeld's Lookout 
Dark IdolQuest   Mirkwood Gathburz 
Dark PassageQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Silvertine Lodes 
Daruk's StandardQuest   Mirkwood Anghum-maudhul  
Dead Blackwold ScoutQuest   Archet (pre-instance) Archet (pre-instance) 
Dead DourhandQuest   Thorin's Gate Silver Deep 
Dead DwarfQuest   Foundations of Stone Foundations of Stone 
Dead FarmhandQuest   Archet Sprigley's Farm 
Dead FarmhandQuest   Archet Sprigley's Farm 
Dead GoblinQuest   Thorin's Gate Silver Deep 
Dead HunterQuest   Archet (pre-instance) Archet Dale (pre-instance) 
Dead-endQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Silvertine Lodes 
Debris PileQuest   Bree-land Northern Barrows, The Barrow of Orron 
Decaying ColumnQuest   Durin's Way Fehem-dum, Hadad-dum 
Deep-Iron NuggetQuest   Misty Mountains Eastern Bruinen Source 
Deep-claw NestQuest   The Great Delving Katub-zahar 
Deer CorpseQuest   The Shire Bolestones 
Defiled Remains (first scout)Quest   Mirkwood Dannenglor 
Defiled Remains (second scout)Quest   Mirkwood Dannenglor 
Defiled Remains (third scout)Quest   Mirkwood Dannenglor 
Delivery Ledger Quest   Zelem-melek Sejer-tharakh 
Dented ArmourQuest   Zelem-melek Zelem-melek 
Dented StrongboxQuest   The Walls of Moria The Brackwater 
Destroyed Supply-cartQuest   Lone-Lands Bindbale's Rest 
Dievlig BannerQuest   Dunland Lhan Bach 
Dievlig StandardQuest   Dunland Bonevales 
Digestive RootQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Dirk Mudbrick (corpse)Quest   Archet Archet 
Dirt PileQuest   Trollshaws High Moor 
Discared PouchQuest   Enedwaith Lhaid Ogo 
Disgusting PuddleQuest   The Shire The Haunted Burrow 
Display TableQuest   Rivendell Rivendell Valley 
Disturbed Cairn EntranceQuest   Dunland Bonevales 
Disturbed EarthQuest   Dunland Bonevales 
Disturbed EarthQuest   Dunland The Tree of Tribute 
Dob Sandheaver's PackQuest   Bree-land Svalfang's Hut 
DoorQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Silvertine Lodes 
DoorQuest   Lothlorien Nanduhirion 
DoorbellQuest   Evendim Dwaling 
DoorbellQuest   Bree-land Old Sweetgrass Farm 
Dourhand-bannerQuest   Lone-Lands Thandobel 
Drake-eggsQuest   Entwash Vale Wyrmdelf  
DriftwoodQuest   Dunland Dunbog 
Driftwood-branchQuest   Forochel Korkea-jarvi, Taur Orthon 
Drinking WaterQuest   Bree-land Combe 
Drumaudhul BannerQuest   Lothlorien Drumaudhul 
Dry BranchQuest   Mirkwood The Drownholt 
Dry LogQuest   Evendim Nan Orngon 
Drying RackQuest   Evendim Bullroarer's Sward 
Dulled Blade Quest   The Great River Parth Celebrant 
Dun-bee HiveQuest   Enedwaith Windfells 
Dunlending CartQuest   Enedwaith Thror's Coomb 
Dunlending Military OrdersQuest   Enedwaith The Jailor's Quarters 
Dwarf Hand-axe Quest   Zelem-melek Bult-kar 
Dwarf-made Dead-fallQuest   The Silvertine Lodes Gamil Filik 
Dwarf-pickQuest   Forochel Icereave Mines, Lansi-ma, Norsu-hauta 
Dwarf-trapQuest   Zelem-melek Budkhul-tharakh, Gabil-mamach 
Dwarvish Mining PickQuest   The Silvertine Lodes Tunzul-menem 
East BallistaQuest   Mirkwood Thangulhad 
Easterling BelongingsQuest   The Great River Ost Celebrant  
Eastern HillsideQuest   The Shire Tookland 
Eastern TerraceQuest   Mirkwood The Dourstocks 
Edilina's EntrancewayQuest   The Shire Tookland 
EggQuest   Dunland Cartrev Andras  
EggQuest   Evendim Northcotton Animal Pens 
Egg BasketQuest   The Shire The Grange 
Egg SacQuest   Mirkwood The Dourstocks 
EggsQuest   Frostbluff Winter-home 
ElanorQuest   Lothlorien Cerin Amroth 
Elder Dein's SteedQuest   Gap of Rohan Wulf's Cleft 
ElevensiesQuest   The Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Elf-SatchelQuest   Ered Luin Duillond 
Elf-friend SwordQuest   Ered Luin Emyn Hoedh 
Elf-made TwineQuest   Ered Luin Celondim 
Elf-swordQuest   Mirkwood The Dourstocks 
Elk-saddleQuest   Forochel Great Lodge of Suri-kyla 
Empty BasketQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Empty Cask of AleQuest   The Great River Frithstan's Camp 
Empty Fishing NetQuest   The Great River Thinglad 
Empty TrapQuest   The Great River Thinglad 
Enedwaith Reflecting PoolQuest   Enedwaith Nan Laeglin 
Engraved StoneQuest   Mirkwood Shrine of the Ancient One, The Dead Grove 
Enormous CocoonQuest   Mirkwood The Dreadweaver's Lair 
Enormous FootprintQuest   Trollshaws Tal Bruinen 
EnvelopeQuest   Bree-town Boar Fountain, Bree, Market Square 
Eogar's Bay HorseQuest   Bree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Eogar's Bay PonyQuest   Bree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Eogar's Blonde Sorrel HorseQuest   Bree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Eogar's Blonde Sorrel PonyQuest   Bree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Eogar's Bloodbay HorseQuest   Bree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Eogar's Chestnut HorseQuest   Bree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Eogar's Chestnut PonyQuest   Bree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Eregion StoneQuest   The Walls of Moria The Walls of Moria 
ErgothornQuest   Enedwaith The Hall of Making 
Faded ParchmentQuest   Ered Luin Sarnur's Keep 
Falgeirr's PapersQuest   The Great Delving Katub-zahar 
Fallen Blighted WoodQuest   Mirkwood Ashenslades 
Fallen PlaqueQuest   The Great Delving Katub-zahar, The Great Delving 
Fallen RangerQuest   Evendim Glinghant 
Fallen RangerQuest   Annuminas Annuminas 
Fallen SticksQuest   The East Wall The East Wall 
Fallen Uch-luthQuest   Enedwaith Fordirith 
Fancy Wood ChestQuest   Mirkwood Dungeons of Dol Guldur 
Fancy Wood ChestQuest   Mirkwood Dol Guldur 
Fancy Wood ChestQuest   Mirkwood Dol Guldur 
Fancy Wood ChestQuest   Dunlending Storm on Methedras 
Fancy Wood ChestQuest   Angmar Norbar, The Rift of Nurz Ghasu 
Fancy Wood ChestQuest   The Shire Tookland, Tuckborough 
Fern BeerQuest   The Shire, Thorin's Gate Frerin's Court, The Bird & Baby Inn, The Floating Log Inn, The Golden Perch, The Green Dragon Inn, The Ivy Bush Inn, The Party Tree, The Plough and Stars 
Fernvael's TombQuest   Enedwaith Crug Fernvael 
Fertile SoilQuest   Eregion Glad Ereg, Sad Thareg 
Fine Dwarf-axeQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Finely-wrought BroochQuest   Lothlorien Egladil 
Fir BranchQuest   Ered Luin Falathlorn 
FireQuest   Forochel Suri-kyla 
Fire-potQuest   Mirkwood Gathburz 
First AltarQuest   Dunland The Slade of Shadows 
First WardQuest   Mirkwood Dol Guldur 
Fish BucketQuest   Forochel Ja-rannit 
Fishing NetQuest   Trollshaws Garbert's Cottage, Tal Bruinen 
Fishing NetQuest   The Great River Thinglad 
Fishing PoleQuest   The Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Flat Field-stone Quest   The Shire The Great Willow, Tookland 
Flat Mossy StoneQuest   Durin's Way Buzun-ghar 
Flat StoneQuest   North Downs Meluinen 
Flat StoneQuest   Lone-Lands Weathertop 
Flat StoneQuest   Trollshaws Garbert's Cottage 
FlaxQuest   Ered Luin Falathlorn 
Flesh-gnawer-eggsQuest   Trollshaws The Wovenvales, Trapdoor Lair 
Flower PotQuest   Ered Luin The Festival Garden 
Flower VaseQuest   Bree-town Scholar's Stair 
FoodQuest   Forochel Suri-kyla 
Food SackQuest   Ettenmoors Hoarhallow 
Food StoresQuest   Dunland Lhan Gogledh 
Food StoresQuest   Dunland Upper Barnavon 
Food-crateQuest   Dunland Lhan Colvarn 
Food-storesQuest   Angmar Donnvail 
Food-stores (Hordefierd)Quest   The Great River Hordefierd 
Food-stores (Stangard)Quest   Stangard Stangard Jail 
Food-troughQuest   Bree-land Combe 
FootlockerQuest   North Downs Othrikar 
FootprintQuest   Enedwaith Gloomglens 
FootprintQuest   The Great River Parth Celebrant 
FootprintsQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Forester's PackQuest   The Old Forest Old Forest 
ForgeQuest   Dunland Rook's Hut 
Founding StoneQuest   North Downs Esteldin, Merenost, Minas Vrun, Ost Galumar, Ost Lagoros 
Foxglove's BookQuest   The Shire The Hill 
Foxglove's ParasolQuest   The Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Foxglove's TeapotQuest   The Shire The Party Tree 
Foxglove's TwineQuest   The Shire The Party Tree 
Foxglove's WineQuest   The Shire The Party Tree 
Frail VolumeQuest   Eregion The Library of Tham Mirdain 
Fresh HayQuest   Bree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Fresh HayQuest   Bree-land Combe 
Fresh MushroomsQuest   The Shire The Hill 
Freshly-mauled CorpseQuest   Mirkwood Pool of Creeping Death 
Frost-rimed BrazierQuest   Forochel Kibilzahar 
Frozen Dwarf-corpseQuest   Eregion Redhorn Gate 
Fungal StructureQuest   Foundations of Stone Dalgum-ru 
Fungus Covered PaddleQuest   The Water-Works The Great Wheel 
Fungus MushroomQuest   The Water-Works The Water-works 
Fungus-covered MirrorQuest   The Water-Works The Water-works 
Furled BannerQuest   Bree-land Ost Alagos, Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
Gabilazan CornerstoneQuest   Misty Mountains Gabilazan Vault 
Garnet Smoked PorterQuest   Bree-land, Bree-town Combe Gate, Jasmine's Garden, Staddle, Stone Quarter, The Prancing Pony 
Gate MechanismQuest   Mirkwood Gostannon 
Gauradan BasketQuest   Misty Mountains Erforgh Cleft 
Gauradan FetishQuest   Forochel Ita-ma, Ja-reitti 
Gauradan Shaman PouchQuest   Evendim The Even-rills 
Gauradan TrapQuest   Forochel Ita-ma 
Gauradan-basketQuest   Evendim Dol Haedir 
Gauradan-markerQuest   Evendim Northern Emyn Uial 
Gauradan-spearQuest   Evendim Northern Emyn Uial 
Gauradan-ward Quest   Evendim Northern Emyn Uial 
Gerebert's Journal Quest   The Shire  
Giant Stew-potQuest   Evendim Amon Moth 
Giant's Lucky StoneQuest   Evendim Amon Moth 
Glass ForgeQuest   Evendim Glass-blower's Camp 
Glorious BeerQuest   Thorin's Hall The Festival Arena 
Glorwen's BowQuest   Misty Mountains Northern High Pass 
GoatQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Old Silvertine City 
Goat's RueQuest   Enedwaith Windfells 
Goblet of MeadQuest   The Wold Mead Hall of Langhold 
Goblin Fire-potsQuest   Misty Mountains Northern High Pass 
Goblin Food-BarrelQuest   Lone-Lands Weatherfoot 
Goblin Food-barrelQuest   Lone-Lands Weatherfoot 
Goblin Food-storeQuest   The Great Delving Gazatmur 
Goblin TabardQuest     
Goblin TreasureQuest   Angmar Bail Rova 
Goblin-drumQuest   Durin's Way The Hall of the High Stair 
Gorothul's BeaconQuest   Foundations of Stone Azanarukar 
GraveQuest   North Downs Fields of Fornost 
GraveQuest   North Downs Fields of Fornost 
GravestoneQuest   Mirkwood The Dourstocks 
GravestoneQuest   Mirkwood Agistath, Audaghaim 
GravestoneQuest   Evendim Gorthost 
Great Aurochs SkullQuest   North Downs Rhunenlad 
Green CrystalQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Silvertine Lodes 
Green Holly Tree BranchQuest   Eregion Glad Ereg, Sad Rechu, Sad Thareg 
Green Holly-leafQuest   Eregion Glad Ereg, Sad Rechu, Sad Thareg 
Grimy DishQuest   Frostbluff Winter-home 
Grinding StoneQuest   Trollshaws Echad Candelleth 
Grinding StoneQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Guard TentQuest   Eregion Tar Stazg 
Guard-tent (Hordefierd)Quest   The Great River Hordefierd 
Gunderic's AleQuest   The Shire, Thorin's Gate Frerin's Court, The Bird & Baby Inn, The Floating Log Inn, The Golden Perch, The Green Dragon Inn, The Ivy Bush Inn, The Plough and Stars 
Gwiber-eggsQuest   Enedwaith The Serpent-halls 
Gwin's BannerQuest   Dunland The Withered Stones 
GypsumQuest   The Shire The Scrag-dells 
GypsumQuest   Thorin's Gate Mirkstone Tunnels 
Half-orc OrdersQuest   The Walls of Moria Filgogan 
Hare DenQuest   Lone-Lands Harloeg 
Harrow-weedQuest   North Downs Nan Amlug East 
Haunted AlleyQuest   Bree-town Bree 
Heavy Supply BoxQuest   Galtrev Galtrev 
Heavy SwordQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Heirloom-chestQuest   North Downs Amon Amrun 
Hendroval-nestQuest   Trollshaws Bruinen Gorges 
HerbQuest   Lone-Lands The Weather Hills 
Hidden CacheQuest   Evendim Annuminas 
Hillborn OrchanetQuest   North Downs Nan Amlug East, Rhunenlad 
Hillborn WoadQuest   North Downs Nan Amlug East 
Hive NestQuest   The Great Delving The Palace of Nain 
Hjortur's ChestQuest   Misty Mountains Orod Laden 
Hobbit Hankerchief Quest   Eregion Burnt Tor 
HoeQuest   The Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
HoeQuest   Evendim Bullroarer's Sward 
Holly BushQuest   Eregion Glad Ereg 
Horn of ChallengeQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Horn of SummoningQuest   Dunland Naur-maudhul 
Horn's HarpQuest   Stangard Stangard Tavern 
Horn's Writing SuppliesQuest   Stangard Wada's House 
HorseQuest   Bree-land Combe 
HorseQuest   Dunland Starkmoor 
Horse (Hordefierd)Quest   The Great River Hordefierd 
Horse BeddingQuest   Bree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Horse BeddingQuest   Bree-land The Comb and Wattle Inn 
Horse TrapQuest   North Downs Rhunenlad 
Horse to AvardinQuest   Gap of Rohan Wulf's Cleft 
Horse to Michel DelvingQuest   Middle-earth The Taste of Hobbiton  
HorseshoeQuest   The Great River Thinglad 
Hostage-cageQuest   Dunland Upper Barnavon 
Hound-corpseQuest   The Great River The Fanged Pit 
Hulwul-nefekhQuest   The Water-Works Gabil-munz 
Hyacinth's EntrancewayQuest   The Shire Tookland 
Ice ShavingQuest   Thorin's Gate  
Ideal Location for Some FireworksQuest   Bree-town Bree 
Idol of SauronQuest   Middle-earth Morthond 
Idol of the Necromancer Quest   Mirkwood Burgul-stazg 
Incantation StoneQuest   Lone-Lands Beneath the Forsaken Inn, Hoarwell Water Cavern 
Inn League KegQuest   The Shire Budgeford, The Bird & Baby Inn, The Floating Log Inn, The Green Dragon Inn, The Party Tree, Woodhall 
InvitationQuest   The Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Iorthrenar's JournalQuest   Evendim Men Erain 
Iron BarQuest   The Flaming Deeps Anghumu-ru, Hurmulkezer, Umukh-ghar 
Iron Garrison BannerQuest   Durin's Way The Throne of Durin 
Iron OreQuest   Dunland Barnavon Mine 
Isengard ShipmentQuest   Galtrev Galtrev 
IvyQuest   Evendim Tham Nambarth 
Jail DoorQuest   Mirkwood Dungeons of Dol Guldur 
JailhouseQuest   Bree-town Bree 
Jailor's ChestQuest   Enedwaith The Jailor's Quarters 
Jailor's PackQuest   Enedwaith The Jailor's Quarters 
Jailor's PouchQuest   Enedwaith The Jailor's Quarters 
Jailor's TrunkQuest   Enedwaith The Jailor's Quarters 
Jar of CrawlersQuest   The Shire The Haunted Inn 
Jar of HoneyQuest   The Shire The Haunted Burrow 
Journal of Captain Rabghul - Page 1Quest   Lone-Lands Beneath the Forsaken Inn 
Journal of Captain Rabghul - Page 2Quest   Lone-Lands Beneath the Forsaken Inn 
Journal of Captain Rabghul - Page 3Quest   Lone-Lands Beneath the Forsaken Inn 
Journal of Captain Rabghul - Page 4Quest   Lone-Lands Beneath the Forsaken Inn 
Journal of Captain Rabghul - Page 5Quest   Lone-Lands Beneath the Forsaken Inn 
KegQuest   Frostbluff Winter-home 
Keg of CramQuest   Bree-land, Evendim, The Shire Barandalf, Brandy Hills, Brandywine Bridge, Bridgefields, Buckland, Bucklebury Ferry, Bullroarer's Sward, North Bridgefields, The Brandywood, The Marish 
KeystoneQuest   Dunland The Bone Quarry 
Keystone VaultQuest   Misty Mountains Iskeld's Lookout 
Kingsfoil PlantQuest   Archet (pre-instance) Browne's Folly (pre-instance) 
Klamath WeedQuest   Enedwaith Amon Min 
Laerdan's JournalQuest   Rivendell Laerdan's Chamber 
Laerdan's NoteQuest   Rivendell The Last Homely House 
Lake-side PlantQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Lalfor's Blue BookQuest   Ered Luin Duillond 
Lalfor's Brown BookQuest   Ered Luin Draugroth 
Lalfor's Bundle of BooksQuest   Ered Luin Duillond 
Lalfor's GobletQuest   Ered Luin Duillond 
Lalfor's Jewelery BoxQuest   Ered Luin Duillond 
LampQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Silvertine Lodes 
Lanferth's Tent Quest   The Great River Hordefierd 
LanternQuest   Lothlorien Egladil 
Large Field-stoneQuest   The Shire The Great Willow, Tookland 
Large FootprintQuest   Dunland Bloodtusk's Den 
Large FootprintQuest   Trollshaws Tal Bruinen 
Large LilyQuest   Bree-land Old Forest 
Large NestQuest   The Great River The Creeping Mud 
Large RockQuest   The Great River The Cuthstan 
Large Salvaged PiecesQuest   Evendim Tinnudir 
Large Statue PieceQuest   Evendim Rantost 
Leafy BushQuest   Trollshaws Delossad 
LedgerQuest   Dunland Starkmoor 
Lesser Watching-stoneQuest   Angmar Fasach-larran 
LeverQuest   Lone-Lands Beneath the Forsaken Inn 
LeverQuest   Dunland Plas-maru 
LeverQuest   The Flaming Deeps Bhraf-ru 
Lever of the AxeQuest   Thorin's Hall  
Lever of the JewelQuest   Thorin's Hall Thorin's Hall 
Lever of the MoonQuest   Thorin's Hall Thorin's Hall 
Lever of the SunQuest   Thorin's Hall Thorin's Hall 
Lifeless Watching-stoneQuest   Angmar Western Malenhad 
Light-postQuest   Evendim Bullroarer's Sward, Northcotton Market Grounds 
LineagesQuest   Evendim Tinnudir 
List of PromisesQuest   The Walls of Moria Filgogan 
Lithe Festival HorseQuest   Bree-land, The Shire Festival Grounds, The Delving Fields 
Lithe Festival PonyQuest   Bree-land, The Shire Festival Grounds, The Delving Fields 
Lizard-foodQuest   The Water-Works The Drowned Deep 
Location for Placing FlowersQuest   The Great River The Cuthstan 
Locked DoorQuest   Trollshaws Delossad 
LockerQuest   Angmar Dolendath 
LockerQuest   The Flaming Deeps Bhraf-ru 
Locking MechanismQuest   Enedwaith Lhe Colvarn 
Lonely TreeQuest   Lothlorien Imlad Lalaith 
Loose EarthQuest   Mirkwood Audaghaim 
Lost BackpackQuest   Eregion Tal Caradhras 
Lost Leaf of PaperQuest   Evendim Dwaling 
Lower CourtyardQuest   Mirkwood The Dourstocks 
Lucky BaitQuest   The Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Lucky JewelQuest   Thorin's Gate The Keg-race of Thorin's Hall 
Lumber PilesQuest   Galtrev Galtrev 
Maenadar's CryptQuest   Bree-land Tomb of Maenadar 
Malledhrim BannerQuest   Mirkwood Rad Cened 
Malledhrim BannerQuest   Mirkwood Rad Iorist 
Malledhrim WeaponQuest   Mirkwood Gostannon, Mirk-eaves 
Mammoth CorpseQuest   Forochel Norsu-hauta 
Mangled RohirrimQuest   The Great River Parth Celebrant 
Map TableQuest   Gap of Rohan Grimbold's Camp 
Map of EregionQuest   Rivendell Laerdan's Chamber 
Map of HollinQuest   The Walls of Moria Filgogan 
MarigoldQuest   The Shire The Delving Fields 
Marked LocationQuest   The Great River Parth Celebrant 
Marked LocationQuest   The Great River  
Marsh ReedQuest   The Wold The Wold 
Marsh-fly NestQuest   The Wold The Wold 
Mauled CorpseQuest   Dunland The Howling Caverns 
MeadowsweetQuest   North Downs Kingsfell 
Meal for an UrukQuest   Isengard Depths Kitchens (Isengard Depths) 
Meat-scrapQuest   Mirkwood Dol Guldur, Draugdegil 
MedhrodQuest   Lone-Lands Naerost 
Medicinal HerbsQuest   Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Mirkstone Tunnels 
Medium Salvaged PiecesQuest   Evendim Tinnudir 
Melbrethil-saplingQuest   Lothlorien Cerin Brethil 
Memorial SwordQuest   Enedwaith Nan Laeglin 
MilestoneQuest   Mirkwood Emyn Lum, The Dourstocks 
Miner's Tool-kitQuest   Redhorn Lodes Tumun-ghar 
Mining PickQuest   Thorin's Gate The Keg-race of Thorin's Hall 
MirrorQuest   The Flaming Deeps The Flaming Deeps 
MirrorQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Silvertine Lodes 
MirrorQuest   Redhorn Lodes Claw Hollow 
MirrorQuest   The Water-Works The Lost Palace 
MirrorQuest   Foundations of Stone Foundations of Stone 
Mirror (aka the fifth mirror) Quest   The Great Delving The Great Delving 
Mirror (aka the first mirror) Quest   The Great Delving The Great Delving 
Mirror (aka the fourth mirror)Quest   The Great Delving  
Mirror (aka the second mirror)Quest   The Great Delving  
Mirror (aka the third mirror)Quest   The Great Delving The Palace of Nain 
Mirror of GaladrielQuest   Caras Galadhon Galadriel's Garden 
Missing NailsQuest   Galtrev Galtrev 
MistletoeQuest   Enedwaith Windfells 
MistletoeQuest   Enedwaith Mournshaws 
MittensQuest   Frostbluff Winter-home 
Mokurz Gundul BannerQuest   Lothlorien Mokurz Gundul 
Money BagQuest   The Shire Pinglade 
Money-bagQuest   The Shire Pinglade, Rushock Bog 
Monument to Angmar Quest   Annuminas Annuminas, Annuminas (Courtyard), Menelband, Port of Annuminas 
Moria CatapultQuest   Lothlorien Dru-garmadh 
Moria Siege-engineQuest   Lothlorien Dru-garmadh 
Moria-mirrorQuest   Redhorn Lodes Redhorn Lodes 
Moria-mirrorQuest   Durin's Way Mustering Hall 
Moria-mirrorQuest   Durin's Way Durin's Crossing 
Moria-mirrorQuest   The Great Delving The Palace of Nain 
Moria-mirrorQuest   Foundations of Stone Zabad-fakak 
Moria-mirrorQuest   Durin's Way Tharakh Bazan 
Moria-mirrorQuest   Zelem-melek The Great Hall of Durin 
Mossy ShrineQuest   Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Mirkstone Tunnels 
MoundQuest   Forochel Suri-kyla 
MoundQuest   North Downs Minas Vrun 
Mound of DirtQuest   Evendim Bullroarer's Sward 
Mountain BasilQuest   Lone-Lands Weathertop 
Moveable RockQuest   Dunland The Pristine Glade 
Mud-ballQuest   Dunland Dunbog 
MugQuest   Thorin's Gate The Keg-race of Thorin's Hall 
Munfaeril's ShrineQuest   Dunland Mundfaeril's Shrine 
MushroomQuest   Frostbluff Frostbluff 
MushroomsQuest   Frostbluff Winter-home 
Mysterious CrateQuest   Dunland Hen Turrau 
Mysterious CratesQuest   Dunland Hen Turrau 
Mysterious NoteQuest   Gap of Rohan Isendale 
Mysterious NoteQuest   Dunland Bonevales 
Mysterious Relic (Laenan)Quest   Trollshaws Laenan 
Mysterious Relic (Oatbarton)Quest   Evendim Oatbarton 
Mysterious Relic (The Ironspan)Quest   Forochel The Ironspan 
Mysterious Relic (Thror's Coomb)Quest   Enedwaith Thror's Coomb 
Mysterious Relic (William Peake's Farm)Quest   North Downs William Peake's Farm 
Mysterious SwordQuest   The Great River The Rushgore 
Mystery DrinkQuest   Frostbluff Winter-home 
Mystic Pool (Arassiel)Quest   Enedwaith Mournshaws 
Mystic Pool (Gwenaewen)Quest   Enedwaith Mournshaws 
Mystic Pool (Lavaneth)Quest   Enedwaith Mournshaws 
Mystic Pool (Munfaeril)Quest   Enedwaith Mournshaws 
Nan Sirannon Mustering HornQuest   Eregion Porth Cadlus 
Nardur-stazg BannerQuest   Lothlorien Nardur-stazg 
Nate (corpse)Quest   Bree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Nate Whisperwood (corpse)Quest   Archet Archet 
Neophyte Dig-siteQuest   Ered Luin Training Grounds 
NestQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Old Silvertine City 
Nightshade BarrelQuest   Mirkwood Dungeons of Dol Guldur 
NinglyrQuest   Mirkwood Fallug 
NiphredilQuest   Lothlorien Cerin Amroth 
Nona's BelongingsQuest   Stangard Stangard 
Northcotton VintageQuest   Evendim Bullroarer's Sward 
Nostalgic StoryQuest   Durin's Way Mekeb-farak 
NoteQuest   Evendim Tinnudir Keep 
Note from ErgothornQuest   Enedwaith Lhanuch, Nan Laeglin 
Nulfrib's StandardQuest   Mirkwood Gathlata 
Nykr's CorpseQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Silvertine Lodes 
Oak-branchQuest   Enedwaith Mournshaws 
Oat FieldQuest   Bree-land, Ered Luin, The Shire, Thorin's Gate Oatbarton 
Odd FootprintsQuest   Mirkwood The Wild Ruin 
Oddvarr's ProvisionsQuest   Bree-land The Horsefields 
Odorous BarrelQuest   Mirkwood Gath Ulunn 
Old ChestQuest   North Downs Amon Amrun 
Old HorseshoeQuest   Bree-town Bree 
Old SkullQuest   Redhorn Lodes Redhorn Lodes 
Old StrongboxQuest   The Great Delving The Chamber of Deep Thought, The Chamber of Knowledge, The Chamber of Wisdom 
Ongburz BannerQuest   North Downs Dol Dinen 
Orange CrystalQuest   The Silvertine Lodes Gamil Filik 
Orc CampfireQuest   Lothlorien Athmadhul, Dru-garmadh, Uruk-gashan 
Orc CorpseQuest   Lothlorien Nimrodel 
Orc FilthQuest   Lothlorien Nimrodel 
Orc Leader's CofferQuest   Mirkwood Ashurz Maufulug, Maudhul-ulur 
Orc Leader's CofferQuest   Mirkwood Fallug 
Orc Wall-sectionQuest   Zelem-melek The Wide Halls 
Orc WeaponsQuest   Lothlorien Athmadhul, Dru-garmadh, Uruk-gashan 
Orc-ballistaQuest   Mirkwood Burzkala, Gathburz, Hongoi, Kufuzg (Mirkwood) 
Orc-catapultQuest   North Downs Dol Dinen 
Orc-catapultQuest   Mirkwood Burzkala, Gathburz, Hongoi, Kufuzg (Mirkwood) 
Orc-letterQuest   Lone-Lands Bleakrift 
Orc-lumber PileQuest   Lothlorien Drumaudhul, Fanuidhol 
Orc-trapQuest   Mirkwood Mirk-eaves 
Orc-trapQuest   Dunland Gravenwood 
OrdersQuest   Evendim Tham Ornen 
Orders from Dushatar Quest   The Great River Mor-hai Cave 
Ore Bearing RockQuest   Forochel Ita-ma 
Ore CartQuest   Mirkwood Garmadh-maudhul  
Orkish BallistaQuest   Mirkwood Gostannon 
Orkish CatapultQuest   Mirkwood Gostannon 
Ornamental BladeQuest   Evendim Tham Andalath 
Ornate ChestQuest   Angmar Barad Durgul 
Ornate ChestQuest   Forochel Halla-kolo 
Ornate Chest-pieceQuest   The Great Delving The Great Delving 
Ox-corpseQuest   Dunland Hen Turrau 
PackQuest   Rivendell Laerdan's Chamber 
PaperQuest   Frostbluff Frostbluff 
Partial ReportQuest   The Walls of Moria Filgogan 
Partially-finished ArmourQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Particular PoolQuest   Mirkwood The Drownholt 
Patch of Fertile LandQuest   The Great River Eorlsmead, The Abandoned Farm 
Patch of FlowersQuest   Bree-land, Ered Luin, The Shire Falathlorn, Southern Bree-fields, The Delving Fields 
Patch of GrassQuest   Eregion Emyn Naer 
Patrol the points in northern GathburzQuest   Mirkwood Gathburz 
Patrol the points in southern GathburzQuest   Mirkwood Gathburz 
Pea PlantQuest   Angmar Fasach-falroid 
PedestalQuest   Angmar Krusle Lannan 
PeltsQuest   Forochel Suri-kyla 
Pembar Mustering HornQuest   Eregion Pembar 
Perfect LillyQuest   Trollshaws The Blooming Fens 
PeriwinkleQuest   North Downs Nan Amlug West 
Perry's PorterQuest   The Shire The Bird & Baby Inn, The Floating Log Inn, The Golden Perch, The Green Dragon Inn, The Ivy Bush Inn, The Party Tree, The Plough and Stars 
Personal BelongingsQuest   The Great River Frithstan's Camp 
Pick-axe Quest   Thorin's Gate Rockbelly Pit 
Pick-axe CrateQuest   The Walls of Moria The Black Pool 
PieQuest   Frostbluff Winter-home 
Piece of DriftwoodQuest   Evendim Barandalf, Parth Aduial 
Piece of Durin's StoneQuest   Lothlorien Uruk-gashan 
Piece of WreckageQuest   Evendim Barandalf 
Pile of ApplesQuest   The Shire Appledores 
Pile of DebrisQuest   Trollshaws Crumbled Cellar 
Pile of Fine WoodQuest   Bree-land Combe Lumber Camp 
Pile of Firewood (Hordefierd)Quest   The Great River Hordefierd 
Pile of Gnawed BonesQuest   The Great River The Fetid Caves 
Pile of Hard WoodQuest   Bree-land Combe Lumber Camp 
Pile of HayQuest   Dunland Starkmoor 
Pile of Oozing CorruptionQuest   Dunland Gravenwood 
Pile of RemainsQuest   The Great River Eorlsmead 
Pile of RubbleQuest   Evendim Barandalf 
Pile of SkullsQuest   The Walls of Moria Filgogan 
Pile of Soft WoodQuest   Bree-land Combe Lumber Camp 
Pile of TreasureQuest   Mirkwood Dannenglor 
Pile of TreasuryQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Forgotten Treasury 
Pile of Weapons DiscardedQuest   Mirkwood Audaghaim 
Pile of WoodQuest   Bree-land Combe Lumber Camp 
PillarQuest   Annuminas Gaerannon 
PipeQuest   Frostbluff Winter-home 
Pipe-weedQuest   Evendim Bullroarer's Sward 
Pipe-weedQuest   Bree-land Widow Froghorn's Farm 
Pipe-weed PouchQuest   Caras Galadhon Caras Galadhon 
Pipeweed PouchQuest   Eregion High Hollin Campsite 
Pitch-forkQuest   Evendim Bullroarer's Sward, Longfurrow's House, Northcotton Animal Pens 
Pitcher of WaterQuest   Caras Galadhon  
Plans of Battle Quest   Mirkwood Burzkala, Hongoi, Kufuzg (Mirkwood) 
PlanterQuest   Evendim Northcotton Market Grounds 
PlaqueQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Old Silvertine City 
PlaqueQuest   Zelem-melek Chamber of Mazarbul 
Plate of FoodQuest   The Wold Mead Hall of Langhold 
Pool of Black BloodQuest   The Great River Wailing Hills 
PorridgeQuest   The Shire Bag End 
Posted BillQuest   Bree-town Bree, Woodsman's Gate 
PotQuest   Dunland Flam-cadlus 
Pottery ShardsQuest   Enedwaith Pool of the King 
Pouch of OilQuest   Evendim Barandalf, Parth Aduial 
Pouch of YeastQuest   North Downs Thurum 
Precious Recipe for Fern BeerQuest   The Shire Brockenborings Watch Office 
Precious Recipe for Gunderic's AleQuest   The Shire Great Smials 
Precious Recipe for Perry's PorterQuest   The Shire Stock 
Precious Recipe for Rootknot's CiderQuest   The Shire Waymeet 
Prickly Bloom BushQuest   The Shire The Marish 
Prickly Broom BushQuest   The Shire Budgeford 
Primrose Quest   Ered Luin Falathlorn 
ProduceQuest   Bree-land Outlaw's Haven 
ProduceQuest   Bree-land Outlaw's Haven 
Promising Bit of EarthQuest   Mirkwood Sad Meryrn 
Promising DebrisQuest   The Great Delving Shemeldurj 
ProvisionsQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Prunella's UmbrellaQuest   The Shire Golfimbul's Hole 
Puddle of Vile LiquidQuest   Enedwaith Trac-plas 
Purple CrystalQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Silvertine Lodes 
Puzzle LocketQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Silvertine Lodes 
Puzzle-vaultQuest   Thorin's Hall Thorin's Hall 
Rabbit-HoleQuest   The Shire  
Race HorseQuest   Bree-land, The Shire Festival Grounds, The Delving Fields 
Race PonyQuest   Bree-land, The Shire Festival Grounds, The Delving Fields 
Ranger-troveQuest   North Downs Nan Amlug East, Rhunenlad 
Ravaged Wolf-corpseQuest   The Great River The Murderous Pit 
Recovered Wood-pileQuest   Galtrev Galtrev 
Red Aster Quest   The Great River Aster Hill 
Red BerryQuest   The Shire The Hill 
Red Berry BushQuest   Bree-land Combe 
Red CloverQuest   Dunland Hen Turrau 
Red FlowerQuest   Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Silver Deep, Silver Deep Mine, Thorin's Gate 
Red LilyQuest   Bree-land Chetwood 
Red LovageQuest   Angmar Fasach-falroid 
Red-berry BushQuest   Lothlorien Cirin-en-Galadh 
Red-maid's altarQuest   Lone-Lands Agamaur 
Red-tipped ArrowheadQuest   The Great River Parth Celebrant 
Reddish Ore SampleQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Silvertine Lodes 
Redhorn-goat MeatQuest   Eregion Redhorn Gate 
Reek-weedQuest   The Great River The Great River 
Refuse PileQuest   Misty Mountains Thundergrot 
Reginald's BannerQuest   Forochel Ja-rannit 
Relic of the Treasury Quest   The Silvertine Lodes The Forgotten Treasury 
Relic-barrelQuest   Evendim Rantost 
Relic-crateQuest   Evendim Rantost 
RemainsQuest   Dunland Bonevales 
Researched Ancient LoreQuest   Ered Luin Scholar's Enclave 
Researched Arcane LoreQuest   Ered Luin Scholar's Enclave 
Researched Common LoreQuest   Ered Luin Scholar's Enclave 
Researched Esoteric LoreQuest   Ered Luin Scholar's Enclave 
Rich OreQuest   Dunland Dragon-clan Settlement, Pren Gwydh 
RiddleQuest   The Flaming Deeps Bhraf-ru 
RiddleQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Old Silvertine City 
RiddleQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Old Silvertine City 
RiddleQuest   Lothlorien Nanduhirion 
RiddleQuest   The Flaming Deeps Anazarmekhem 
RiddleQuest   Zelem-melek The Twenty-first Hall 
Ritual CrownQuest   Dunland Lhan Tarren 
Ritual HorsetailQuest   Dunland Lhan Tarren 
Ritual SpearQuest   Dunland Lhan Tarren 
Ritual StoneQuest   Forochel Ja-rannit 
Robber's CorpseQuest   Evendim Nan Orngon 
RockQuest   Evendim Stonecrop Tor 
Rock PillarQuest   Trollshaws High Moor 
Rock-pileQuest   Mirkwood Gostannon 
Rock-pileQuest   Mirkwood Fallug 
Room PlaqueQuest   The Water-Works  
Roosting TreeQuest   Eregion Pend Eregion 
Root VegetableQuest   Angmar Duvaire, Ram Duath 
Rootknot's CiderQuest   The Shire, Thorin's Gate Frerin's Court, The Bird & Baby Inn, The Floating Log Inn, The Golden Perch, The Green Dragon Inn, The Ivy Bush Inn, The Party Tree, The Plough and Stars 
RopeQuest   Caras Galadhon Caras Galadhon 
RopeQuest   Evendim High King's Crossing 
Rotten LimbQuest   Evendim The Twisted Grove 
RowboatQuest   Evendim Rantost 
RubbleQuest   Eregion Pembar 
RubbleQuest   The Walls of Moria The Black Pool 
RubbleQuest   Thorin's Gate Silver Deep 
RubbleQuest   Nud-melek Nud-melek 
RubbleQuest   The Great Delving The Cooling Chamber 
RubbleQuest   Annuminas Annuminas 
Ruddy-nose LagerQuest   Bree-land, Bree-town Combe Gate, Jasmine's Garden, Staddle, Stone Quarter, The Prancing Pony 
Ruffian's ClubQuest   Evendim Dwaling 
Ruined Dwarf-manuscriptQuest   Angmar Cairn of Honor 
Rune-Inscribed CollarQuest   The Shire Yale-height 
Rune-covered RockQuest   Lone-Lands Weathertop 
Rune-rockQuest   Foundations of Stone  
Runed DoorQuest   Lone-Lands Beneath the Forsaken Inn 
Runed Door (Riddle Inscription 07)Quest   Lone-Lands Beneath the Forsaken Inn 
Runed Door (Riddle Inscription 08)Quest   Lone-Lands Beneath the Forsaken Inn 
Runed Door (Riddle Inscription 09)Quest   Lone-Lands Beneath the Forsaken Inn 
Rushgore Mud Quest   The Great River The Creeping Mud, The Rushgore 
Rushgore ReedQuest   The Great River The Creeping Mud, The Rushgore 
Rusted WheelQuest   The Water-Works Chamber of Wheels 
Sack of Discarded OreQuest   Mirkwood Ashenslades, Garmadh-maudhul  
Sack of FeedQuest   The Shire The Grange 
Sack of GrainQuest   Bree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Sack of GrainQuest   Bree-land Combe 
Sack of GrainQuest   North Downs Gurzlum 
Sad Rechu Mustering-hornQuest   Eregion Pend Eregion, Sad Rechu 
SaddleQuest   Bree-land, The Shire Festival Grounds, The Delving Fields 
Salamander NestQuest   The Wold The Seething Mire 
Salt-encrusted RockQuest   Forochel 10th Dwarf Channel, 4th Dwarf Channel, 7th Dwarf Channel, Lansi-ma 
SandQuest   Thorin's Gate Rockbelly Pit 
SarcophagusQuest   Lone-Lands Beneath the Forsaken Inn 
SatchelQuest   The Shire Green Hill Country 
SatchelQuest   Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Silver Deep 
Satchel of Glassblowing ToolsQuest   Evendim Dwaling 
Satchel of RelicsQuest   Evendim The Duskencleft 
Savoury MushroomQuest   The Old Forest Buckland, Old Forest 
ScarecrowQuest   Evendim Bullroarer's Sward 
ScarfQuest   Frostbluff Winter-home 
Scattered ArrowsQuest   The Great River Wailing Hills 
Scattered WeaponQuest   Isengard Depths Isengard Depths 
Scholar's SatchelQuest   North Downs Haudh Eglan 
Scrap MetalQuest   Bree-town Bree 
Scribbled Note Quest   The Great River Nink-hai Camp 
Second AltarQuest   Dunland The Slade of Shadows 
Sereglos FlowerQuest   Mirkwood Shrine of the Ancient One 
Servant's OvenQuest   Frostbluff Winter-home 
ShacklesQuest   Dunland The North Pass 
Shade's TombQuest   Bree-town Bree 
Shadow MapQuest   Nud-melek Balin's Camp 
Sharp-thistleQuest   Ered Luin Haudh Lin 
Sharpened SpikeQuest   Misty Mountains Goblin-town Tunnels 
Shattered BarrelQuest   North Downs Meluinen, Taur Gonwaith 
Shattered CrystalQuest   The Water-Works Gabil-munz 
Shattered Dwarf-crateQuest   Lone-Lands Talath Gaun 
SheepQuest   Dunland Cartrev Andras  
Sheet-musicQuest   Durin's Way Fehem-dum, Hadad-dum 
ShieldQuest   Thorin's Gate The Keg-race of Thorin's Hall 
Short Piece of Driftwood Quest   North Downs Trestlebridge 
Short River-reedQuest   The Great River Parth Celebrant 
Shrew BurrowQuest   The Shire The Delving Fields 
Shrine PedestalQuest   Forochel Vesi-paista 
SickleQuest   Evendim Bullroarer's Sward, Northcotton Market Grounds 
Siege-towerQuest   Angmar Ram Duath 
Siege-weapon PartsQuest   North Downs Fornost 
Sigil of the Rhi HelvarchQuest   Enedwaith Gloomglens 
Sign-postQuest   Bree-land The Hedge Maze 
SignpostQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Silvertine Lodes 
SignpostQuest   Misty Mountains The Bitter Stair 
SignpostQuest   Misty Mountains High Crags 
SignpostQuest   Misty Mountains Rakhas-Bizar 
Silver ChestQuest   Angmar Morfil 
Silver PlateQuest   Caras Galadhon  
Silvery Ore Sample Quest   The Silvertine Lodes The Silvertine Lodes 
Sinister KegQuest   Bree-land The Hedge Maze 
Skeletal RemainsQuest   Angmar The Halls of Night 
Skeleton Pile Quest   Enedwaith Lich Bluffs 
Skorgrim's BloomQuest   Thorin's Gate  
Slain OxQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Slain Rohirrim Quest   The Great River Parth Celebrant 
Slain ScoutQuest   The Great River Thinglad 
Slaughtered SheepQuest   Bree-land Blackwold Headquarters 
SledQuest   Forochel Ja-kuru 
SlimeQuest   The Water-Works The Great Wheel 
SlopQuest   Isengard Depths Kitchens (Isengard Depths) 
Slop BucketQuest   Isengard Depths Kitchens (Isengard Depths) 
SludgeQuest   Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Thorin's Gate 
Small ArrowQuest   Enedwaith Gloomglens 
Small BootsQuest   Enedwaith The King's Way Gate 
Small BowQuest   Enedwaith Gloomglens 
Small Clasped BoxQuest   Ered Luin Falathlorn 
Small Clasped BoxQuest   Lone-Lands The Forsaken Inn 
Small Clasped BoxQuest   The Shire Greenfields 
Small Elf-statueQuest   Eregion Barad Morlas 
Small Field-stoneQuest   The Shire The Great Willow, Tookland 
Small FlywheelQuest   Evendim Barandalf, Parth Aduial 
Small Pile of GoldQuest   Gap of Rohan Isengard 
Small RockQuest   Evendim Barandalf, Lithost 
Small Salvaged PiecesQuest   Evendim Tinnudir 
Small SkeletonQuest   Enedwaith Gloomglens 
Small stone cairnQuest   Evendim Amon Moth 
Small stones Quest   Thorin's Gate Mirkstone Tunnels 
Smelly GarbageQuest   Frostbluff Winter-home 
Smooth PedestalQuest   Evendim Tyl Ruinen 
Snap-jaw TrapQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
SnowQuest   Frostbluff The Snowball Field 
Snow BeaconQuest   Forochel Ja-rannit 
Snow Beacon SuppliesQuest   Forochel Ja-rannit 
Snow Beacon Supply CrateQuest   Forochel Ja-rannit 
Snow PileQuest   Thorin's Gate Thorin's Gate 
Snow-beacon Banner ScrapQuest   Forochel Ja-rannit 
Snow-beacon CoalQuest   Forochel Ja-rannit 
Snow-beacon Leg PieceQuest   Forochel Ja-rannit 
SnowdriftQuest   Misty Mountains Bruinen Source West, Iskeld's Lookout, Snarskrith Dell 
SnowdropQuest   Forochel Leijona-kotin 
SnowpileQuest   Frostbluff Frostbluff 
Soggy MushroomQuest   Lone-Lands Harloeg 
SoilQuest   Ered Luin The Festival Garden 
Soldier Calling HornQuest   Bree-town Bree 
Sorcerer's ChamberQuest   Mirkwood The Dourstocks 
South EntrancewayQuest   Mirkwood The Dourstocks 
South GateQuest   Bree-town South Gate 
Southern HillsideQuest   The Shire Tookland 
Sparrow NestQuest   Lone-Lands Harloeg 
SpearQuest   Thorin's Gate The Keg-race of Thorin's Hall 
Spear-mountQuest   Zelem-melek The Broad Ways 
Spent ArrowQuest   Mirkwood Fallug 
Spider Egg-sacQuest   Lone-Lands Amon Ros 
Spider WebQuest   Mirkwood Rad Iorist 
Sprigley's Seed BagQuest   Archet Archet Dale, Sprigley's Farm 
Sprigley's StrongboxQuest   Archet Sprigley's Farm 
Spring FlowersQuest   Ered Luin Falathlorn 
Springfest HorseQuest   Bree-land, The Shire Festival Grounds, Michel Delving 
Springfest Pony Quest   Bree-land, The Shire Festival Grounds, Michel Delving 
Stack of CratesQuest   Lothlorien Telain Galadrim 
Stack of SuppliesQuest   Lothlorien Egladil 
Stack of WoodQuest   Dunland The Galtrev Lumber-camp  
Stained LeatherQuest   Bree-land  
Stalk of WheatQuest   Evendim Bullroarer's Sward 
Standard PoleQuest   North Downs Ost Galumar 
Standard of AngmarQuest   Ettenmoors Arador's End Outpost, Coldfells Outpost, Isendeep Outpost, Plains of Gramsfoot Outpost, River Outpost 
Standard of GaergothQuest   Ettenmoors Arador's End Outpost, Coldfells Outpost, Isendeep Outpost, Plains of Gramsfoot Outpost, River Outpost 
Standing StoneQuest   Ered Luin Emyn Hoedh 
Stash of FireworksQuest   Frostbluff Winter-home 
Statue HeadQuest   Zelem-melek Baiurz-mur 
Statue Torso-pieceQuest   The Water-Works The Chamber of Dark Waters 
Statue of AmarthielQuest   North Downs Tham Umdur 
Statue of MordirithQuest   North Downs Tham Umdur 
Statue of the Horse and RiderQuest   The Great River Brigand Cave (The Great River) 
Statue of the Witch-kingQuest   North Downs Tham Umdur 
Statue-armQuest   Durin's Way Sulnul-dum 
Statue-shoulder and ArmQuest   Redhorn Lodes Redhorn Lodes 
SticksQuest   Frostbluff Frostbluff 
Sticky CocoonQuest   The Shire The Haunted Burrow 
Stolen CrateQuest   Lone-Lands Naerost 
Stolen GoodsQuest   North Downs  
Stolen GrainQuest   The Wold Eastmund's Lair 
Stolen Pipe-weedQuest   Bree-land  
Stolen ProvisionsQuest   Forochel Ita-ma, Karhu-leiri 
Stolen RationsQuest   Stangard Stangard Kennel 
Stolen RelicsQuest   Evendim Men Erain 
Stolen SatchelQuest   Mirkwood Gorotham 
StoneQuest   The Shire Greenfields 
StoneQuest   Lothlorien Gworast 
StoneQuest   Dunland Starkmoor 
Stone ChestQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Old Silvertine City 
Stone MarkerQuest   Evendim  
Stone MarkerQuest   Evendim Canadiach 
Stone MarkerQuest   Evendim Tham Habad 
Stone MarkerQuest   Evendim Canadiach 
Stone MarkerQuest   Evendim Southern Emyn Uial 
Stone MarkerQuest   Evendim Ost Forod 
Stone MarkerQuest   Evendim Barad Rath 
Stone PedestalQuest   Enedwaith The Brenin's Hall 
Stone TableQuest   Enedwaith Gwaed Brun 
Stone TableQuest   Ered Luin Tham Gelair 
Stone WheelQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Forgotten Treasury 
Stone of Clucath Quest   Angmar Cairn of Honor 
Stonebrow StoutQuest   Bree-land, Bree-town Combe Gate, Jasmine's Garden, Staddle, Stone Quarter, The Prancing Pony 
Stonecarver's JournalQuest   Nud-melek Balin's Camp 
Store-house DoorQuest   Frostbluff Frostbluff 
Stout Piece of DriftwoodQuest   North Downs Trestlebridge 
Strange ChainQuest   Dunland Lhun Avanc 
Strange Chicken NestQuest   North Downs Greenway 
Strange HerbQuest   Mirkwood The Drownholt 
Strange PlantQuest   Mirkwood The Drownholt 
Strange RunesQuest   Lone-Lands Beneath the Forsaken Inn 
Stray BarrelQuest   Trollshaws Tal Bruinen 
Stretched HidesQuest   Dunland Tal Methedras 
Strong RopeQuest   The Great River Dargum's Camp 
StrongboxQuest   Annuminas Tyl Annun 
Subtle TracksQuest   Angmar Fasach-larran 
Subtle TracksQuest   Angmar Himbar 
Subtle TracksQuest   Evendim Parth Aduial 
Summoning HornQuest   Frostbluff Frostbluff 
Summoning HornQuest   Mirkwood Dannenglor 
SuppliesQuest   Gap of Rohan The Sprawling Dark 
Supply CrateQuest   Mirkwood Echad Sirion 
Supply Crate Quest   Mirkwood Durburz-stazg, Fallug 
Support-postQuest   The Great Delving The Great Delving 
Suppy StoresQuest   Gap of Rohan Cuvnerth 
Suspicious BookcaseQuest   Lone-Lands The Forsaken Inn 
Suspicious WallQuest   Lone-Lands Beneath the Forsaken Inn 
Sweet MyrtleQuest   Enedwaith Windfells 
TableQuest   Evendim Northcotton Market Grounds 
Tailoring RackQuest   Dunland Rook's Hut 
TankardQuest   Moria Anazarmekhem, Dolven-view, Durin's Threshold, Jazargund, The Chamber of the Crossroads, The Deep Descent, The Orc-watch, The Rotting Cellar, The Shadowed Refuge, The Twenty-first Hall 
Tanned Leather HideQuest   Dunland Starkmoor 
Tapped MapleQuest   Bree-land Bald Hill, Old Forest 
Tapped MapleQuest   Bree-land Bald Hill 
Tar Stazg Mustering-hornQuest   Eregion Tar Stazg 
Tarkrip BannerQuest   North Downs Nan Wathren 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Agamaur) Quest   Lone-Lands Agamaur 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Amon Raith)Quest   North Downs Amon Raith 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Anazarmekhem)Quest   The Flaming Deeps Anazarmekhem 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Aughaire)Quest   Angmar Aughaire 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Barachen's Camp)Quest   Trollshaws Barachen's Camp 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Bree)Quest   Bree-town Market Square 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Deep Descent)Quest   The Silvertine Lodes The Deep Descent 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Dolven-view)Quest   The Great Delving Dolven-view 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Echad Candelleth)Quest   Trollshaws Echad Candelleth 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Echad Garthadir)Quest   Annuminas Echad Garthadir 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Echad Mirobel)Quest   Eregion Echad Mirobel 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Esteldin)Quest   North Downs Esteldin 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Forthbrond)Quest   Gap of Rohan Forthbrond 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Gabilshathur)Quest   Angmar Gabilshathur 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Galtrev)Quest   Galtrev Galtrev 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Gloin's Camp)Quest   Misty Mountains Gloin's Camp 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Gondamon)Quest   Ered Luin Gondamon 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Great River)Quest   The Great River Aculf's Camp, Etheburg, Haldirith, Limlight Gatehouse, Parth Celebrant, Stangard Tavern 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Gwingris)Quest   Eregion Gwingris 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Himbar)Quest   Angmar Himbar 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Hobbiton)Quest   The Shire Hobbiton-Bywater 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Hrimbarg)Quest   Misty Mountains Hrimbarg 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Kauppa-kohta)Quest   Forochel Kauppa-kohta 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Lansi-ma)Quest   Forochel Lansi-ma 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Lhan Tarren)Quest   Dunland Lhan Tarren 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Lin Giliath)Quest   North Downs Lin Giliath 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Nan Sirannon)Quest   Eregion Nan Sirannon 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Oatbarton)Quest   Evendim Oatbarton 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Ost Forod)Quest   Evendim Ost Forod 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Ost Guruth)Quest   Lone-Lands Ost Guruth 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Othrikar)Quest   North Downs Othrikar 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Pynti-peldot)Quest   Forochel Pynti-peldot 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Rohan)Quest   The Wold Floodwend, Harwick, Langhold 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Rohirrim Scout-camp)Quest   Dunland Rohirrim Scout-camp 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Rotting Cellar)Quest   The Water-Works The Rotting Cellar 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Suri-kyla)Quest   Forochel Suri-kyla 
Tasks Bulletin Board (The Forsaken Inn)Quest   Lone-Lands The Forsaken Inn 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Thorenhad)Quest   Trollshaws Thorhad 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Tinnudir)Quest   Evendim Tinnudir 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Trestlebridge)Quest   North Downs Trestlebridge 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Twenty-first Hall)Quest   Zelem-melek The Twenty-first Hall 
Tasks Bulletin Board (Tyrn Lhuig)Quest   Angmar Tyrn Lhuig 
Tasks Collection Box (Anazarmekhem)Quest   The Flaming Deeps Anazarmekhem 
Tasks Collection Box (Deep Descent)Quest   The Silvertine Lodes The Deep Descent 
Tasks Collection Box (Dolven-view)Quest   The Great Delving Dolven-view 
Tasks Collection Box (Rotting Cellar)Quest   The Water-Works The Rotting Cellar 
Tasks Collection Box (Twenty-first Hall)Quest   Zelem-melek The Twenty-first Hall 
Tattered Mark of the EyeQuest   The Great River Hordefierd 
Tattered PackQuest   Bree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Tattered Tapestry Piece Quest   Evendim Tham Nambarth 
Tattered White Hand BannerQuest   Eregion Barad Morlas 
Territory MarkerQuest   Forochel Lansi-ma 
The Altar of the GoatQuest   Dunland The Slade of Shadows 
The Altar of the OxQuest   Dunland The Slade of Shadows 
The Altar of the StagQuest   Dunland The Slade of Shadows 
The Crone's FerryQuest   Enedwaith Mournshaws 
The Great SmialsQuest   The Shire Tookland 
The Urn of AgamaurQuest   Lone-Lands Agamaur 
Thick BranchQuest   The Walls of Moria The Walls of Moria 
ThicketQuest   Ered Luin Vale of Thrain 
Third AltarQuest   Dunland The Slade of Shadows 
Thorkell's AxeQuest   Misty Mountains Writhenbores 
Thorkell's HelmQuest   Misty Mountains Writhenbores 
Threatening MissiveQuest   The Walls of Moria Filgogan 
Time-worn BottleQuest   Evendim Barad Tharsir 
Tomb (Haudh Arantar)Quest   Evendim Haudh Arantar 
Tomb (Haudh Earendur)Quest   Evendim Haudh Earendur 
Tomb-robber PlunderQuest   Evendim The Flooded Ward 
ToolboxQuest   Archet Archet 
Top HatQuest   Frostbluff Winter-home 
Tor Gailvin StandardQuest   Angmar  
TorchQuest   Annuminas Tyl Annun 
TorchQuest   Evendim The Bleakleaf Crest 
TorchQuest   Lone-Lands The Weather Hills, Weathertop 
TorchQuest   Forochel Halla-kolo 
TorchQuest   Galtrev Galtrev 
TorchQuest   North Downs Nan Wathren 
TorchQuest   The Great River The Rushgore 
Torch (Hordefierd)Quest   The Great River Hordefierd 
Torch of ShadowsQuest   Enedwaith The Black Dens 
Torn BackpackQuest   Mirkwood The Dead Grove 
Torn JournalQuest   The Shire Bridgefields 
Totem of ChallengeQuest   Misty Mountains Starkhath 
Town HallQuest   Bree-town Bree, Bree-town Hall 
Trade-bundleQuest   Lone-Lands Minas Eriol 
Trade-goodsQuest   The Shire  
Training-dummyQuest   Archet (pre-instance), Thorin's Gate (pre-instance) Archet (pre-instance), Frerin's Court (pre-instance), Thorin's Gate 
Trap MechanismQuest   Lone-Lands Beneath the Forsaken Inn, Hoarwell Water Cavern 
Trapdoor-eggsQuest   Trollshaws The Wovenvales, Trapdoor Lair 
Treacherous StoneQuest   Trollshaws Tal Bruinen 
Treasure ChestQuest   Lothlorien Ghar-bayur (Falgeirr's cave) 
Treasure CofferQuest   Eregion Delotham, Minas Elendur 
Treasure-boxQuest   Ered Luin Kheledul, Kheledul Docks, Spire of Kheledul 
Treasure-cofferQuest   Nud-melek Zabadgathol 
TreeQuest   Ered Luin Haudh Lin 
Trestlespan BreachQuest   North Downs The Trestlespan 
Troll turned to stoneQuest   The Great River Brown Lands 
TroughQuest   Evendim Northcotton Animal Pens 
TrowelQuest   Evendim Bullroarer's Sward 
Tub of Fetid WaterQuest   Thorin's Gate Skorgrim's Tomb 
Turtle DenQuest   Lone-Lands Harloeg 
Turtle-carrying SackQuest   Bree-land Grobo Dogwort's Shed 
Turtle-eggQuest   The Great River The Clutch-ground 
Turtle-eggQuest   Dunland Cors Avanc 
Ukhurk's StandardQuest   Mirkwood Garmadh-maudhul  
Unfortunate TravelerQuest   Northern Barrow-downs Northern Barrows Pass 
Unlucky DwarfQuest   The Walls of Moria The Brackwater 
Unsightly SpillQuest   Frostbluff Winter-home 
Untidy BookshelfQuest   Enedwaith Zudrugund 
Unusual Walking-stickQuest   Rivendell Rivendell Valley 
Upper CourtyardQuest   Mirkwood The Dourstocks 
Upright StoneQuest   Mirkwood Emyn Lum 
Urdhas CulchQuest   Enedwaith Lich Bluffs 
UrnQuest   Annuminas Annuminas 
UrnQuest   Trollshaws Delossad (Sithad) 
Uruk-ordersQuest   North Downs Rhunenlad 
Violet Quest   Bree-land Southern Bree-fields 
Virgil's Broken SnowmanQuest   Frostbluff Frostbluff 
Virgil's Cap-wearing SnowmanQuest   Frostbluff Frostbluff 
Virgil's Classy SnowmanQuest   Frostbluff Frostbluff 
Virgil's Mitten-wearing SnowmanQuest   Frostbluff Frostbluff 
Virgil's Scarf-wearing SnowmanQuest   Frostbluff Frostbluff 
Wanted PosterQuest   Evendim Ost Forod 
Wanted PosterQuest   Evendim Ost Forod 
Wanted PosterQuest   Evendim Ost Forod 
Wanted PosterQuest   Evendim Ost Forod 
Wanted PosterQuest   Evendim Ost Forod 
Warg-penQuest   Dunland Pren Gwydh, The Howling Caverns 
Watchers' WorkshopQuest   Northern Barrow-downs The Barrow of Ringdor 
WaterQuest   Forochel Suri-kyla 
Water BannerQuest   Angmar Western Malenhad 
Water SampleQuest   Mirkwood The Drownholt 
Waterlogged CrateQuest   Bree-land, Evendim, The Shire Barandalf, Brandy Hills, Brandywine Bridge, Bridgefields, Buckland, Bucklebury Ferry, Bullroarer's Sward, North Bridgefields, The Brandywood, The Marish 
Waterway-leverQuest   The Great Delving The Great Delving 
Wayfarer's RuneQuest   Enedwaith Lich Bluffs 
Waypoint MarkerQuest   Mirkwood Emyn Lum 
Weakened Cavern CeilingQuest   Gap of Rohan Isendale 
Weapon ChestQuest   North Downs Etten Caves 
Weapon RackQuest   The Great River Frithstan's Camp 
Weapon-crateQuest   Angmar Urugarth 
Weapon-rackQuest   Mirkwood Ashurz Maufulug 
Weapon-storeQuest   Lothlorien Bidroi Maudhul, Nardur-stazg, Prakuth-fulug 
WeaponsQuest   Forochel Suri-kyla 
Webbed Cocoon Quest   The Great River Wailing Hills 
WeedQuest   Evendim Northcotton Market Grounds 
WellQuest   Archet (pre-instance) Archet Jailyard 
Well BucketQuest   Bree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Well Bucket Quest   Bree-land Combe 
West BallistaQuest   Mirkwood Thangulhad 
West BridgeQuest   Mirkwood The Dourstocks 
Western HillsideQuest   The Shire Tookland 
White Hand ArmourQuest   Redhorn Lodes Claw Hollow 
White Hand BannerQuest   Dunland Lhan Gogledh 
White Hand BannerQuest   Eregion Redhorn Gate 
White Hand BannerQuest   Redhorn Lodes Claw Hollow 
White Hand HelmQuest   Redhorn Lodes Menem-mezel, Redhorn Lodes, The Ore-house 
White Hand Leg-boneQuest   Redhorn Lodes Redhorn Lodes 
White Hand SkullQuest   Redhorn Lodes Redhorn Lodes 
White Hart CorpseQuest   Trollshaws Tal Bruinen 
White RockQuest   Lothlorien Cirin-en-Galadh 
White SandQuest   Evendim Barandalf, Bullroarer's Sward 
White Stag CorpseQuest   Enedwaith Gloomglens 
Wil Wheatley (corpse)Quest   Archet Archet 
Wild BerriesQuest   Enedwaith Mournshaws 
Wild-mushroomQuest   Bree-land Brandy Hills, Buckland 
Windblown PageQuest   Caras Galadhon Telain Galadrim 
Winterberry BushQuest   Frostbluff Frostbluff 
Wolf-whistleQuest   Mirkwood Pack-howler's Hill 
Wood StaffQuest   Galtrev Galtrev 
Wood-pileQuest   The Old Forest Old Forest 
Wood-pileQuest   Bree-land Old Forest 
Wooden ChestQuest   Mirkwood Amon Angened, Gorogrod, Shrine of the Ancient One 
Wooden ChestQuest   Lone-Lands Hoarwell Water Cavern 
Wooden SlatsQuest   The Flaming Deeps Anghumu-ru, Hurmulkezer, Umukh-ghar 
Work-glovesQuest   Rivendell Elrond's Stables 
Worm EggQuest   Eregion Pembar 
Worm EggQuest   Eregion Carchres 
Worm-eggQuest   The Great River Eorlsmead, The Teeming Nests 
Worn AnvilQuest   Enedwaith The Hall of Making 
Woven BlanketQuest   Dunland Cartrev Andras  
Written Message Quest   The Great River Secluded Clearing 
Yellow-traced Ore SampleQuest   The Silvertine Lodes The Silvertine Lodes 
Yellowed RecipeQuest   The Shire Great Smials 
Yule Festival HorseQuest   Bree-land, The Shire Festival Grounds, Michel Delving 
Yule Festival PonyQuest   Bree-land, The Shire Festival Grounds, Michel Delving 
first goblin-corpseQuest   The Water-Works The Water-works 
fourth goblin-corpseQuest   The Water-Works The Water-works 
second goblin-corpseQuest   The Water-Works The Water-works 
third goblin-corpseQuest   The Water-Works The Water-works