Skills by Flag: Toggle

Name Type Flags Requirements
Ardour Skill Toggle Class: Champion
Camouflage Tactical Toggle
Crop Tracking Melee Toggle
Fervour Tactical Toggle Class: Champion
Find the Path Tactical Toggle
Glory Tactical Toggle Class: Champion
Guardian's Parry Tactical Toggle Class: Guardian
Lay of the Hammerhand Tactical Toggle Class: Minstrel
Mine-tracking Melee Toggle
Mischief Characteristic Toggle Class: Burglar
Protection Melee Toggle
Scribe Stance Characteristic Toggle Class: Minstrel
Sneak Tactical Toggle Class: Burglar
Stance: Endurance Ranged Toggle Class: Hunter
Stance: Precision Ranged Toggle Class: Hunter
Stance: Strength Ranged Toggle Class: Hunter
Sylvan Shadows Tactical Toggle Trait: Sylvan Shadows, Race: Elf
Wood-tracking Melee Toggle