Skills List

Name Type Flags Requirements
Absorb Damage Melee
Accuracy: Rank 1 Characteristic
Accuracy: Rank 2 Characteristic
Accuracy: Rank 3 Characteristic
Accuracy: Rank 4 Characteristic
Addle Melee Class: Burglar
Adept Characteristic
Agile Rejoinder Melee
Agility of the Woods Characteristic Race: Elf
Agility: Rank 1 Characteristic
Agility: Rank 2 Characteristic
Agility: Rank 3 Characteristic
Agility: Rank 4 Characteristic
Agility: Rank 5 Characteristic
Agility: Rank 6 Characteristic
Agility: Rank 7 Characteristic
Aim Melee Class: Burglar
Ancient Wisdom Tactical Class: Lore-master
Anniversary Horse Skill
Anniversary Pony Skill
Anthem of Compassion Tactical Class: Minstrel
Anthem of the Free Peoples Tactical Class: Minstrel
Anthem of the Valar Tactical Class: Minstrel
Appearance - Female Rohirrim Warrior Attribute
Appearance - Male Rohirrim Warrior Attribute
Application of 'Coveritol' Skill
Ardour Skill Toggle Class: Champion
Armaments Characteristic
Athelas Healing Skill
Aura of Command Tactical
Autumnfest Horse Skill
Autumnfest Pony Skill
Back Kick Melee
Bagpipe Use Characteristic
Ballad of Balance Tactical Class: Minstrel
Ballad of Flame Tactical Class: Minstrel
Ballad of Resonance Tactical Class: Minstrel
Ballad of Steel Tactical Class: Minstrel
Ballad of Swiftness Tactical Class: Minstrel
Ballad of Unshakeable Will Tactical Class: Minstrel
Ballad of Vigour Tactical Class: Minstrel
Ballad of War Tactical Class: Minstrel
Ballad of the Stout Tactical Class: Minstrel
Barbed Arrow Ranged Class: Hunter
Bard Discount Characteristic
Bard's Arrow Ranged Trait: Bard's Arrow, Class: Hunter
Bash Melee Class: Guardian
Battle-frenzy Tactical Class: Champion
Battle-shout Tactical Class: Captain
Bay Horse Skill
Bay Pony Skill
Beacon of Hope Tactical Class: Lore-master
Beak Rend Characteristic
Bear Hug Characteristic
Beneath Notice Tactical
Benediction of the Raven Tactical Class: Lore-master
Bird-speech Attribute
Black Silk Glove Skill
Blade-storm Melee Class: Champion
Blade-wall Melee Class: Champion
Blindeside Melee Class: Hunter
Blinding Dust Tactical
Blinding Flash Characteristic Class: Lore-master
Block: Rank 1 Characteristic
Block: Rank 2 Characteristic
Block: Rank 3 Characteristic
Block: Rank 4 Characteristic
Blocking Blades Tactical
Blonde Sorrel Horse Skill
Blonde Sorrel Pony Skill
Bloodbay Horse Skill Trait: Riding
Bloodbay Pony Skill
Blue Roan Horse Skill
Blue Roan Pony Skill
Boast Tactical Class: Champion
Bob and Weave Tactical
Bolster Courage Tactical Class: Minstrel
Books of Lore Characteristic Class: Lore-master
Bows Characteristic Proficiency
Bracing Attack Melee Class: Champion
Break the Door Melee Fellowship
Breath of Freedom Melee Fellowship
Bree-Horse Skill
Bree-Pony Skill
Bright Campfire Tactical Class: Hunter
Brutal Strikes Melee Class: Champion
Bucket of Fear Skill
Burglar's Advantage Melee Class: Burglar
Burgle Tactical Class: Burglar
Burning Embers Tactical Class: Lore-master
Call To Arms Tactical Fellowship
Call to Arms: Herald of Hope Tactical Class: Captain
Call to Arms: Herald of Victory Tactical Class: Captain
Call to Arms: Herald of War Tactical Class: Captain
Call to the Valar Tactical Class: Lore-master
Camouflage Tactical Toggle
Candle and Mirror Skill
Cat-speech Attribute Class: Lore-master
Catch a Breath Tactical Class: Guardian
Cave-claw Masked Horse Skill
Cave-claw Masked Pony Skill
Challenge Tactical
Champion's Challenge Tactical Class: Champion
Chaos in the Ranks Melee Fellowship
Chestnut Horse Skill
Chestnut Pony Skill
Chicken Hit Melee
Chill of Bone Melee Fellowship
Clarinet Use Characteristic Proficiency
Clash of Arms Melee Fellowship
Claws Melee
Cleave Melee Class: Champion
Clever Devices Characteristic Class: Burglar
Clever Retort Characteristic Class: Burglar
Clinging Webs Tactical
Clobber Melee Class: Champion
Combat Traps Characteristic Class: Hunter
Command Respect Tactical
Commune with Nature (Spirit Boar) Skill Class: Lore-master
Contact Pedlar Characteristic Class: Burglar
Coordinated Attack Tactical Class: Captain
Council of the North - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Council of the North - Travel Discount Characteristic
Crack The Whip Tactical
Craft Forester Complete Proficiency Tier 1 Characteristic
Craft Metalsmith Complete Proficiency Tier 1 Characteristic
Craft Scholar Complete Proficiency Tier 1 Characteristic
Craft Scholar Complete Proficiency Tier 2 Characteristic
Craft Tailor Comploete Proficiency Tier 1 Characteristic
Cremello Horse Skill
Cremello Pony Skill
Crippling Bite Melee
Critical Eye Ranged Class: Hunter
Critical: Rank 1 Characteristic
Critical: Rank 2 Characteristic
Critical: Rank 3 Characteristic
Critical: Rank 4 Characteristic
Crop Tracking Melee Toggle
Crossbows Characteristic Proficiency
Cry of Vengeance Tactical
Cry of the Chorus Tactical Class: Minstrel
Cry of the Predator Melee Class: Minstrel
Cry of the Valar Tactical
Cry of the Wizards Tactical
Cunning Attack Melee Class: Burglar
Cure Fear Tactical
Cure Poison Tactical Class: Burglar
Cut Melee
Cutting Attack Melee
Daggers Characteristic Proficiency
Dark Chestnut Horse Skill
Dark Chestnut Pony Skill
Dawn on the Deep Melee Fellowship
Deadly Whispers Melee Fellowship
Death Blossom Ranged Class: Hunter
Deception Melee Fellowship
Deep Breath Tactical
Defensive Expertise Melee
Defensive Strike Melee
Deft Strike Melee Class: Warden
Desperate Flight Melee
Destroy Foes of Gondor! Melee
Devastating Blow Melee
Devastating Strike Melee
Diminshing of Mankind Characteristic Race: Man
Dire Need Tactical Class: Champion
Direct Soldier Attribute
Disappear Tactical
Disarm Tactical
Distraction Tactical
Diversion Tactical Class: Burglar
Dog-speech Attribute Class: Lore-master
Double-edged Strike Melee Class: Burglar
Dread Howl Tactical
Drum Use Characteristic Proficiency
Dual Wielding Characteristic Proficiency Class: Burglar Champion
Dunedain War-horse Skill
Dunedain War-pony Skill
Dusky Nimblefoot Goat Skill
Duty-bound Tactical Trait: Duty-Bound
Dwarf-endurance Tactical Trait: Dwarf's Endurance
Eagle's Cry Tactical Fellowship Class: Burglar Captain Champion Guardian Hunter Lore-master Minstrel
Eagle's Eyrie Melee Fellowship
Easily Inspired Melee Race: Man
Ebbing Ire Tactical Class: Champion
Eglain - Travel Discount Characteristic
Eglain - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Eldar's Grace Tactical Trait: Eldar's Grace
Eldgang - Travel Discount Characteristic
Elf Ambassador's Horse Skill
Elf Ambassador's Pony Skill
Elves of Rivendell - Travel Discount Characteristic
Elves of Rivendell - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Emote: Dream Skill
Endurance of Stone Tactical Trait: Endurance of Stone
Enlivening Grace Tactical
Ent's Heart Melee Fellowship
Ent's Rage Melee Fellowship
Ent's Stand Melee Fellowship
Ent's Strength Melee Fellowship Class: Burglar Captain Champion Guardian Lore-master Minstrel
Ent's Strength Ranged Fellowship Class: Hunter
Entangling Web Tactical
Entish Justice Melee Fellowship
Ents go to War Tactical Trait: March of the Ents
Eriador Horse Skill
Eriador Pony Skill
Escape from Corruption Tactical
Escape from Darkness Characteristic
Evade: Rank 1 Characteristic
Evade: Rank 2 Characteristic
Evade: Rank 3 Characteristic
Evade: Rank 4 Characteristic
Evasion Tactical
Exchange of Blows Melee Class: Champion
Exploit Opening Melee Class: Burglar
Fading of the Firstborn Characteristic Race: Elf
Fan the Flames Tactical
Farmers Faire Horse Skill
Farmers Faire Pony Skill
Fate: Rank: 1 Characteristic
Fate: Rank: 2 Characteristic
Fate: Rank: 3 Characteristic
Fate: Rank: 4 Characteristic
Fate: Rank: 5 Characteristic
Fate: Rank: 6 Characteristic
Fate: Rank: 7 Characteristic
Favour of the Mearas Tactical
Fear Not the Darkness Tactical
Fervour Tactical Toggle Class: Champion
Festive Azure Horse Skill
Festive Azure Pony Skill
Field Promotion Tactical
Fighting Dirty Melee Class: Champion
Find Footing Tactical Class: Burglar
Find the Path Tactical Toggle
Fire-lore Tactical Class: Lore-master
Fireworks Laden Horse Skill
Fireworks Laden Pony Skill
Flaming Arrow Ranged
Fleet-footed Goat Skill
Flurry Tactical Class: Champion
Flute Use Characteristic Proficiency
Focus Tactical Class: Hunter
Fowl Fleetness Tactical
Fox-speech Attribute Class: Lore-master
Free to Trot Melee
Friend of Bears Tactical Class: Lore-master
Friend of Nature Skill Class: Lore-master
Friend of Nature Skill Class: Lore-master
Friend of the Wild Characteristic Class: Lore-master
Frog-speech Attribute Class: Lore-master
Frosty Beverage Skill
Galadhrim - Travel Discount Characteristic
Galadhrim - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Galadhrim War-horse Skill
Galadhrim War-pony Skill
Galloping Flight Melee
Gift of Men Melee Race: Man
Glory Tactical Toggle Class: Champion
Glory in Victory Tactical
Green Painted Skeleton Horse Skill
Green Painted Skeleton Pony Skill
Green-clad Horse of the Gap Skill
Green-clad Pony of the Gap Skill
Grey Company - Travel Discount Characteristic
Grey Horse Skill
Grey Pony Skill
Grim Crystal Skill
Guardian's Defence Tactical Class: Guardian
Guardian's Parry Tactical Toggle Class: Guardian
Guardian's Pledge Melee Class: Guardian
Guardian's Promise Tactical Class: Guardian
Guardian's Ward Melee Class: Guardian
Guide to Bree Tactical Class: Hunter
Guide to Esteldin Tactical Class: Hunter
Guide to Galtrev Skill Class: Hunter
Guide to Harndirion Skill Class: Lore-master
Guide to Rivendell Tactical Class: Hunter
Guide to Stangard Skill Class: Hunter
Guide to Thorin's Hall Tactical Class: Hunter
Gust of Wind Tactical
Hail of Blows Melee Fellowship
Halberd Characteristic Proficiency Class: Captain Guardian
Hamstring Tactical
Hamstring Melee Class: Champion
Hand Wrought Traps Characteristic Class: Hunter
Harp Use Characteristic Proficiency
Harvest-brew Goat Skill
Harvest-brew Horse Skill
Harvest-brew Pony Skill
Harvestmath Horse Skill
Harvestmath Pony Skill
Head-butt Melee Trait: Head-butt, Race: Dwarf
Head-butt Melee Trait: Head-butt, Race: Dwarf, Class: Champion Guardian Hunter Minstrel
Heavy Armour Characteristic Proficiency Class: Champion Guardian
Heavy Shields Characteristic Proficiency Trait: Heavy Shield Use, Class: Champion Guardian
Hedge Melee
Herald's Strike Melee Class: Minstrel
Herb-lore Tactical Class: Lore-master
Heroics Tactical
Hew the Stone Melee Fellowship
Hide in Plain Sight Tactical
Hindering Shot Ranged Race: Uruk
Hobbit-courage Characteristic Race: Hobbit
Hobbit-resilience Tactical Trait: Hobbit-resilience, Race: Hobbit
Hobbit-silence Tactical Race: Hobbit
Hobbit-stealth Tactical Race: Hobbit
Horn Use Characteristic Proficiency
Horns of Valour Characteristic Class: Champion
Horse of Many Colours Skill
Hurried Traveller Characteristic
Improved Banner of Hope Tactical Class: Captain
Improved Banner of Victory Tactical Class: Captain
Improved Banner of War Tactical Class: Captain
Improved Eagle-friend Skill
Improved Range Characteristic Class: Hunter
Improved Threatening Shout Tactical
In Defence of Middle-earth Tactical
In Harm's Way Tactical
Infuriating Tactics Tactical Class: Captain
Inner Flame Tactical Class: Lore-master
Inspire Fellows Tactical
Intent Concenration Tactical Class: Hunter
Intimidating Shout Characteristic
Invader of Mirkwood Characteristic
Iron Garrison - Travel Discount Characteristic
Iron Garrison - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Iron Miners - Travel Discount Characteristic
Iron Miners - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Jagged Cut Melee
Journeyman Characteristic
Last Stand Tactical
Latent Poison Melee Race: Spider
Lay of the Hammerhand Tactical Toggle Class: Minstrel
Leaves of Lothlorien Melee Fellowship
Leechcraft Tactical Class: Lore-master
Lend Will Tactical Class: Captain
Lie In Wait Tactical Race: Spider
Light Armour Characteristic Proficiency Class: Burglar Captain Champion Guardian Hunter Lore-master Minstrel
Light of the Rising Dawn Tactical Class: Lore-master
Lithe Festival Horse Skill
Lithe Festival Pony Skill
Liver Chestnut Horse Skill
Liver Chestnut Pony Skill
Lossoth - Travel Discount Characteristic
Lossoth - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Lossoth Steed Skill
Lost Dwarf-kingdoms Characteristic Race: Dwarf
Low Cut Melee
Lute Use Characteristic Proficiency
Make Haste Tactical Class: Captain
Malledhrim - Travel Discount Characteristic
Malledhrim - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Mark the Prey Tactical
Master Characteristic
Mathom Society - Travel Discount Characteristic
Mathom Society - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Medium Armour Characteristic Proficiency Trait: Medium Armor-Use, Class: Burglar Captain Champion Guardian Hunter Minstrel
Men of Bree - Travel Discount Characteristic
Men of Bree - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Men of Dunland - Travel Discount Characteristic
Men of Dunland - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Mentor : Bagpipe Characteristic Trait: Bagpipe Use
Mentor : Flute Characteristic Trait: Flute Use
Mentor : Theorbo Characteristic Trait: Theorbo Use
Mentor: Clarinet Characteristic Fellowship Class: Minstrel
Mentor: Horn Characteristic Fellowship Class: Minstrel
Merciful Shot Ranged Class: Hunter
Merciful Strike Melee Class: Champion
Might: Rank 1 Characteristic
Might: Rank 2 Characteristic
Might: Rank 3 Characteristic
Might: Rank 4 Characteristic
Might: Rank 5 Characteristic
Might: Rank 6 Characteristic
Might: Rank 7 Characteristic
Mine-tracking Melee Toggle
Mischief Characteristic Toggle Class: Burglar
Mischievous Glee Tactical Class: Burglar
Misdirection Melee Fellowship
Mobilize Tactical
Moor Cowbell Use Characteristic
Motivating Speech Tactical
Mount Discount Characteristic
Moving Target Tactical
Muster Courage Tactical
Muster to Stangard Skill Class: Warden
Mustering the Troops Tactical Fellowship
Needful Haste Tactical Class: Hunter
Noble Blood Tactical Fellowship
Noble Cause Tactical Class: Minstrel
Noble Lineage Tactical Fellowship
Noble Mark Tactical Class: Captain
Noble's Honour Melee Fellowship
Novice Characteristic
Oathbreaker's Shame Tactical Class: Captain
On Your Feet! Characteristic
One-Handed Axes Characteristic Proficiency
One-Handed Clubs Characteristic Proficiency
One-Handed Hammers Characteristic Proficiency
One-Handed Maces Characteristic Proficiency
One-Handed Swords Characteristic Proficiency
Overwhelm Melee
Pale Golden Summer Horse Skill
Pale Golden Summer Pony Skill
Paranoia Tactical
Parry: Rank 1 Characteristic
Parry: Rank 2 Characteristic
Parry: Rank 3 Characteristic
Parry: Rank 4 Characteristic
Passage of Foes Tactical Class: Hunter
Passage of Nature Tactical Class: Hunter
Passage of Shadow Tactical Class: Hunter
Penetrating Shot Ranged Class: Hunter
Perfect Snowball Skill
Perlino Horse Skill
Perlino Pony Skill
Piercing Attack Melee
Piercing Cry Tactical Class: Minstrel
Pile of Fluffy Snow Skill
Planned Attack Tactical Fellowship
Planned Charge Melee Fellowship
Poison Spray Tactical Race:
Pony of Many Colours Skill
Possum Impersonation Tactical
Potent Bird Seed Skill
Pounce Melee Race: Warg
Pounding Echos Melee Fellowship
Power In Numbers Tactical Fellowship
Power of Knowledge Tactical Class: Lore-master
Power of the Eldar Tactical Trait: Power of the Eldar, Race: Elf
Press Onward Characteristic Trait: Press Onward, Class: Hunter
Pressing Attack Melee
Prized Algraig Horse Skill
Prized Algraig Pony Skill
Prized Dunlending Horse Skill
Prized Dunlending Pony Skill
Prized Galadhrim Horse Skill
Prized Galadhrim Pony Skill
Prized Grey Company Horse Skill
Prized Grey Company Pony Skill
Prized Isengard War-horse Skill
Prized Isengard War-pony Skill
Prized Malledhrim Horse Skill
Prized Malledhrim Pony Skill
Prized Ost Dunhoth War-horse Skill
Prized Ost Dunhoth War-pony Skill
Prized Rivendell Horse Skill
Prized Rivendell Pony Skill
Prized Smokey Black Horse Skill
Prized Smokey Black Pony Skill
Prized Stangard Horse Skill
Prized Stangard Pony Skill
Prized Tame Redhorn-goat Skill
Prized Theodred's Riders Horse Skill
Prized Theodred's Riders Pony Skill
Prized Thorin's Halls Goat Skill
Protection Melee Toggle
Provoke Tactical Class: Burglar
Punctured Target Ranged
Pure of Heart Tactical Fellowship
Purge Poison Tactical Class: Hunter
Quick Shot Ranged Class: Hunter
Quit Whining and Fight! Tactical
Rabbit-speech Attribute Class: Lore-master
Race: Rohirrim Female Attribute
Race: Rohirrim Male Attribute
Rain of Arrows Ranged Class: Hunter
Rain of Thorns Ranged Trait: Rain of Thorns, Class: Hunter
Raise the Spirit Tactical Class: Minstrel
Rally! Tactical
Rallying Cry Tactical Fellowship
Rallying Cry Tactical Class: Captain
Rallying Howl Tactical
Ranged Evade: Rank 1 Characteristic
Ranged Evade: Rank 2 Characteristic
Ranged Evade: Rank 3 Characteristic
Ranged Evade: Rank 4 Characteristic
Rangers of Esteldin - Travel Discount Characteristic
Rangers of Esteldin - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Rapid Recovery Characteristic Race: Hobbit
Raven-lore Tactical Class: Lore-master
Reactive Block Melee
Ready and Able Tactical Class: Burglar
Rearing Stomp Melee
Red Haze Tactical Class: Champion
Red Painted Skeleton Horse Skill
Red Painted Skeleton Pony Skill
Red-clad Horse of the Gap Skill
Red-clad Pony of the Gap Skill
Relentless Strike Melee Class: Champion
Resilience Tactical
Resist Corruption Characteristic Race: Hobbit
Resounding Strikes Melee Fellowship
Retaliation Melee
Return Home Skill
Return Home 2 Skill
Return Home 3 Skill
Return Home 4 Skill
Return Home 5 Skill
Return Home 6 Skill
Return to Bree Tactical Trait: Return to Bree, Race: Man
Return to Rivendell Tactical Trait: Return to Rivendell, Race: Elf
Return to Stangard Skill
Return to Thorin's Gate Tactical Trait: Return to Thorin's Gate, Race: Dwarf
Return to the Shire Tactical Trait: Return to Hobbiton, Race: Hobbit
Reveal Weakness Tactical Class: Burglar
Revealing Mark Tactical Class: Captain
Riddle Tactical Class: Burglar
Riders of Stangard - Travel Discount Characteristic
Riders of Stangard - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Riding Characteristic Proficiency Trait: Riding
Rising Ire Tactical Class: Champion
Roaring Challenge Tactical Class: Lore-master
Role: Warrior Attribute
Roll the Drum Melee Fellowship
Routing Cry Tactical Class: Captain
Runic Use Characteristic Proficiency Class: Champion
Sable Harvestmath Horse Skill
Sable Harvestmath Pony Skill
Sacrifice Tactical Class: Lore-master
Savage Fangs Melee Race: Warg
Savage Strikes Melee Class: Champion
Scourging Blow Melee Class: Hunter
Screaming Shafts Ranged
Scribe Stance Characteristic Toggle Class: Minstrel
Second Wind Attribute
Seek The Worm Tactical
Seeker of the Deep Places Characteristic
Self-reliance Characteristic
Set Snare Tactical Class: Hunter
Set Trap Tactical Class: Hunter
Share the Power Tactical Class: Lore-master
Shatter Arms Melee
Shield Bash Melee
Shield Spike Use Characteristic Proficiency Class: Guardian
Shield of the Dunedain Tactical
Shield of the Raven's Wing Tactical Class: Lore-master
Shield-Swipe Melee Class: Guardian
Shield-blow Melee
Shield-swipe Melee
Shield-taunt Melee
Shields Characteristic Proficiency
Shoot Ranged Class: Champion Guardian
Sign of Power: Command Tactical Class: Lore-master
Sign of Power: Righteousness Tactical Class: Lore-master
Sign of Power: Vigilance Tactical Class: Lore-master
Sign of Power: Wizardry Tactical Class: Lore-master
Sign of the Wild: Protection Tactical Class: Lore-master
Sign of the Wild: Rage Tactical Class: Lore-master
Silent Glory Melee Fellowship
Silent Paths Melee Fellowship
Simelmyne Horse Skill
Simelmyne Pony Skill
Sinister Plan Melee Fellowship
Skeleton Painted Horse Skill
Skeleton Painted Pony Skill
Skirmish Basic Training I Characteristic
Skirmish Basic Training II Characteristic
Small Size Characteristic Race: Hobbit
Snake-speech Attribute
Snap Out of It! Tactical
Snaring Web Ranged Race: Spider
Sneak Tactical Toggle Class: Burglar
Snow-jar Skill
Soldier Attribute
Song of Aid Tactical Class: Minstrel
Song of Distraction Tactical Class: Minstrel
Song of Restoration Tactical Class: Minstrel
Song of Soothing Tactical Class: Minstrel
Song of the Dead Tactical Class: Minstrel
Sorrow of the Firstborn Melee Race: Elf
Sound the Attack Melee Class: Champion
Spear Characteristic Proficiency
Specialized Equipment Characteristic
Specimen Jars: Gross Bugs Skill
Spider Leg Skill
Spider's Guile Melee Fellowship Class: Burglar Captain Champion Guardian Lore-master Minstrel
Spider's Guile Ranged Fellowship Class: Hunter
Springfest Horse Skill
Springfest Pony Skill
Springtime Horse Skill
Springtime Pony Skill
Sprint Tactical Race: Warg
Sprint Tactical Class: Champion
Squirrel-speech Attribute
Staff-strike Melee Class: Lore-master
Stallion's Spirit Tactical Fellowship Class: Burglar Captain Champion Guardian Hunter Lore-master Minstrel
Stamp Melee
Stance: Endurance Ranged Toggle Class: Hunter
Stance: Precision Ranged Toggle Class: Hunter
Stance: Strength Ranged Toggle Class: Hunter
Startling Twist Tactical Class: Burglar
Stealth Tactical Race: Warg
Steed of Minas Ithil Skill
Steed of Night Skill
Steed of the Champion Skill
Steed of the Dusk-watch Skill
Steed of the Eastemnet Skill
Steed of the Horse-lords (Horse) Skill
Steed of the Horse-lords (Pony) Skill
Steed of the Jester Skill
Still As Death Tactical Class: Minstrel
Sting Melee
Stinging Blow Melee
Stocky Characteristic Race: Dwarf
Strength of Morale Tactical Trait: Strength of Morale, Race: Man
Strength of Will Tactical
Strength of the Pure Melee Fellowship
Strong Men Characteristic Race: Man
Strong Pull Ranged
Sturdiness Characteristic Race: Dwarf
Subtle Stab Melee Class: Burglar
Sudden Defence Tactical Class: Champion
Sudden Strikes Melee
Suffer no Illness Characteristic Race: Elf
Summerdays Horse Skill
Summerdays Pony Skill
Summerfest Horse Skill
Summerfest Pony Skill
Summoning Horn Use Characteristic Class: Guardian
Superior Oven Access Characteristic
Surprise Strike Melee Class: Burglar
Sweeping Cut Melee
Swift Bow Ranged Class: Hunter
Swift Strike Melee Class: Champion
Swift Stroke Melee Class: Hunter
Sword Sweep Melee
Sword of Gondor Melee
Sylvan Shadows Tactical Toggle Trait: Sylvan Shadows, Race: Elf
Symphony of the Hopeful Heart Skill
Tactic: Focus Tactical
Tactic: On Guard Tactical
Tactic: Relentless Attack Tactical
Tainted Kiss Melee
Tale of Heroism Tactical Class: Minstrel
Telling Mark Tactical Class: Captain
Tend the Sick Tactical
Test of Will Melee
That Which Does Not Kill Us Tactical Class: Rune-keeper
Theorbo Use Characteristic Proficiency
Thorin's Halls - Travel Discount Characteristic
Thorin's Halls - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Threatening Cluck Tactical
Threatening Shout Tactical
Three Pronged Assault Tactical Fellowship
Thrill of Danger Tactical
Throat Rip Melee Race: Warg
Throw Stone Ranged
Thrust Melee
Thunder of the Oakenshield Melee Fellowship
To the King Melee Trait: To the King, Class: Guardian
Tools of the Trade Characteristic Class: Burglar
Touch and Go Tactical Class: Burglar
Track Artifacts Tactical
Track Crops Tactical
Track Mines Tactical
Track Treasure Tactical Class: Burglar
Track Wood Tactical
Tramp of Doom Melee Fellowship
Trapdoor Sanctuary Tactical Race: Spider
Travel Discount Characteristic
Travel to Ost Guruth Characteristic
Treasure Laden Goat Skill
Treasure Laden Horse Skill
Treasure Laden Pony Skill
Trick: Counter Defence Melee Class: Burglar
Trick: Disable Melee Class: Burglar
Trick: Dust in the Eyes Melee Class: Burglar
Trick: Enrage Melee Class: Burglar
Trip Melee Class: Burglar
Triumphant Spirit Tactical
Trusted in Caras Galadhon Characteristic
Trusted in Lothlorien Characteristic
Turn the Tables Melee
Turtle-speech Characteristic Class: Lore-master
Two-Handed Axes Characteristic Proficiency
Two-Handed Clubs Characteristic Proficiency
Two-Handed Hammers Characteristic Proficiency
Two-Handed Swords Characteristic Proficiency
Unwearying in Battle Characteristic
Upper-cut Melee Trait: Upper Cut, Race: Man
Use of Fire Characteristic Proficiency Class: Hunter
Use of Light Characteristic Proficiency Class: Hunter
Valour Unashamed Melee Fellowship
Vexing Blow Melee
Vitality: Rank 1 Characteristic
Vitality: Rank 2 Characteristic
Vitality: Rank 3 Characteristic
Vitality: Rank 4 Characteristic
Vitality: Rank 5 Characteristic
Vitality: Rank 6 Characteristic
Vitality: Rank 7 Characteristic
War-cry Tactical Class: Captain
War-steed Riding Characteristic Proficiency
War-steed: Medium Skill
Warden's Steed Skill
Wardens of Annuminas - Travel Discount Characteristic
Wardens of Annuminas - Vendor Discount Characteristic
Warrior's Heart Melee
Wayward Easterling Horse Skill
Wayward Easterling Pony Skill
Whirling Retaliation Melee
Whispering Leaves Melee Fellowship
Whispers under the Mountain Melee Fellowship
White Hair - Woman Characteristic
White-clad Horse of the Gap Skill
White-clad Pony of the Gap Skill
Wild Attack Melee Class: Champion
Will of the Strong Melee Fellowship
Will: Rank 1 Characteristic
Will: Rank 2 Characteristic
Will: Rank 3 Characteristic
Will: Rank 4 Characteristic
Will: Rank 5 Characteristic
Will: Rank 6 Characteristic
Will: Rank 7 Characteristic
Wind-lore Tactical Class: Lore-master
Winged Herald Horse Skill
Winged Herald Pony Skill
Wings of the Windlord Melee Fellowship
Wisdom of the Council Tactical
Wold - Travel Discount Characteristic
Wood-tracking Melee Toggle
Words of Courage Tactical
Wrath Of the Righteous Melee Fellowship
Wrath of the Oathbreakers Melee Fellowship
Yule Festival Horse Skill
Yule Festival Pony Skill
Yule Festival Snow Horse Skill
Yule Festival Snow Pony Skill