Mobs by NPC Type: Other

AidanBree-town Bree 
AlphlancLone-Lands The Last Bridge 
DongandelEred Luin Haudh Lin 
Emma RosethornBree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Eogar, son of Hadorgar (Horse-master)Bree-land Hengstacer Farm 
Gil SandheaverBree-land Hengstacer Farm 
GilmarNorth Downs Gatson's Farm 
GlamirEred Luin Haudh Lin 
Guldurvul Nan Gurth 
HemeldirRivendell The Forges of Rivendell 
Hildifons Took IIEred Luin The Eastway 
Humbert SandheaverBree-land Festival Grounds 
LagorlamNorth Downs Taur Gonwaith 
Muli (Server)Bree-land Festival Grounds 
NobBree-town Bree 
OddvarrBree-land The Horsefields 
OrthirThe Shire Abandoned Elf Camp 
PigedhrynTrollshaws Thorenhad 
RochwenTrollshaws South Trollshaws 
SnikenBree-land Midgewater Marshes 
Tad HollywayBree-land The Horsefields 
VifillEred Luin Vale of Thrain