Skills by Type: Skill

Name Type Flags Requirements
Anniversary Horse Skill
Anniversary Pony Skill
Application of 'Coveritol' Skill
Ardour Skill Toggle Class: Champion
Athelas Healing Skill
Autumnfest Horse Skill
Autumnfest Pony Skill
Bay Horse Skill
Bay Pony Skill
Black Silk Glove Skill
Blonde Sorrel Horse Skill
Blonde Sorrel Pony Skill
Bloodbay Horse Skill Trait: Riding
Bloodbay Pony Skill
Blue Roan Horse Skill
Blue Roan Pony Skill
Bree-Horse Skill
Bree-Pony Skill
Bucket of Fear Skill
Candle and Mirror Skill
Cave-claw Masked Horse Skill
Cave-claw Masked Pony Skill
Chestnut Horse Skill
Chestnut Pony Skill
Commune with Nature (Spirit Boar) Skill Class: Lore-master
Cremello Horse Skill
Cremello Pony Skill
Dark Chestnut Horse Skill
Dark Chestnut Pony Skill
Dunedain War-horse Skill
Dunedain War-pony Skill
Dusky Nimblefoot Goat Skill
Elf Ambassador's Horse Skill
Elf Ambassador's Pony Skill
Emote: Dream Skill
Eriador Horse Skill
Eriador Pony Skill
Farmers Faire Horse Skill
Farmers Faire Pony Skill
Festive Azure Horse Skill
Festive Azure Pony Skill
Fireworks Laden Horse Skill
Fireworks Laden Pony Skill
Fleet-footed Goat Skill
Friend of Nature Skill Class: Lore-master
Friend of Nature Skill Class: Lore-master
Frosty Beverage Skill
Galadhrim War-horse Skill
Galadhrim War-pony Skill
Green Painted Skeleton Horse Skill
Green Painted Skeleton Pony Skill
Green-clad Horse of the Gap Skill
Green-clad Pony of the Gap Skill
Grey Horse Skill
Grey Pony Skill
Grim Crystal Skill
Guide to Galtrev Skill Class: Hunter
Guide to Harndirion Skill Class: Lore-master
Guide to Stangard Skill Class: Hunter
Harvest-brew Goat Skill
Harvest-brew Horse Skill
Harvest-brew Pony Skill
Harvestmath Horse Skill
Harvestmath Pony Skill
Horse of Many Colours Skill
Improved Eagle-friend Skill
Lithe Festival Horse Skill
Lithe Festival Pony Skill
Liver Chestnut Horse Skill
Liver Chestnut Pony Skill
Lossoth Steed Skill
Muster to Stangard Skill Class: Warden
Pale Golden Summer Horse Skill
Pale Golden Summer Pony Skill
Perfect Snowball Skill
Perlino Horse Skill
Perlino Pony Skill
Pile of Fluffy Snow Skill
Pony of Many Colours Skill
Potent Bird Seed Skill
Prized Algraig Horse Skill
Prized Algraig Pony Skill
Prized Dunlending Horse Skill
Prized Dunlending Pony Skill
Prized Galadhrim Horse Skill
Prized Galadhrim Pony Skill
Prized Grey Company Horse Skill
Prized Grey Company Pony Skill
Prized Isengard War-horse Skill
Prized Isengard War-pony Skill
Prized Malledhrim Horse Skill
Prized Malledhrim Pony Skill
Prized Ost Dunhoth War-horse Skill
Prized Ost Dunhoth War-pony Skill
Prized Rivendell Horse Skill
Prized Rivendell Pony Skill
Prized Smokey Black Horse Skill
Prized Smokey Black Pony Skill
Prized Stangard Horse Skill
Prized Stangard Pony Skill
Prized Tame Redhorn-goat Skill
Prized Theodred's Riders Horse Skill
Prized Theodred's Riders Pony Skill
Prized Thorin's Halls Goat Skill
Red Painted Skeleton Horse Skill
Red Painted Skeleton Pony Skill
Red-clad Horse of the Gap Skill
Red-clad Pony of the Gap Skill
Return Home Skill
Return Home 2 Skill
Return Home 3 Skill
Return Home 4 Skill
Return Home 5 Skill
Return Home 6 Skill
Return to Stangard Skill
Sable Harvestmath Horse Skill
Sable Harvestmath Pony Skill
Simelmyne Horse Skill
Simelmyne Pony Skill
Skeleton Painted Horse Skill
Skeleton Painted Pony Skill
Snow-jar Skill
Specimen Jars: Gross Bugs Skill
Spider Leg Skill
Springfest Horse Skill
Springfest Pony Skill
Springtime Horse Skill
Springtime Pony Skill
Steed of Minas Ithil Skill
Steed of Night Skill
Steed of the Champion Skill
Steed of the Dusk-watch Skill
Steed of the Eastemnet Skill
Steed of the Horse-lords (Horse) Skill
Steed of the Horse-lords (Pony) Skill
Steed of the Jester Skill
Summerdays Horse Skill
Summerdays Pony Skill
Summerfest Horse Skill
Summerfest Pony Skill
Symphony of the Hopeful Heart Skill
Treasure Laden Goat Skill
Treasure Laden Horse Skill
Treasure Laden Pony Skill
War-steed: Medium Skill
Warden's Steed Skill
Wayward Easterling Horse Skill
Wayward Easterling Pony Skill
White-clad Horse of the Gap Skill
White-clad Pony of the Gap Skill
Winged Herald Horse Skill
Winged Herald Pony Skill
Yule Festival Horse Skill
Yule Festival Pony Skill
Yule Festival Snow Horse Skill
Yule Festival Snow Pony Skill