Tom Bombadil's House  

Zone: The Old Forest
Type: Building in Old Forest
Level: 15 - 17
Location: 32.7S, 57.3W
Quests: Starting: 5, Involved: 2
Mobs: 1

“There was Tom Bombadil’s house before them, up, down, under hill. Behind it…the land lay grey and bare, and beyond that the dark shapes of the Barrow-downs stalked away into the eastern night.”

- The Lord of the Rings™

Tom Bombadil, the master of wood, water, and hill in the Old Forest, lives in a simple stone house adorned with beautiful flowers and lush gardens. Travelers in trouble may hear his merry singing and be granted refuge in the home of the River-daughter, where an ancient strength keeps the shadows of the Barrow-downs at bay.

To get to Tom's house from Buckland, go from Crickhollow to the Old Forest Tunnel. Once through the tunnel, you will see a path and lighted torches. Follow the torches to Bald Hill. The lighted torches do not go on, but the path does. Follow the path past Bald Hill. There will be stones on either side. Follow the path down a slight hill. Near the bottom of the hill you can go down to the river, or you can continue to follow the path directly to Tom's House. The Barrow Downs are just north on a trail from Tom's House.

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    Tom Bombadil's House