The Party Tree  

Zone: The Shire
Type: Notable Location in The Hill
Level: 1 - 75
Location: 29.9S, 71.5W
Quests: Starting: 25, Involved: 14
Mobs: 30

The Party Tree lies to the south of Bag-End, once home to Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. The Party Tree itself has considerable fame - largely thanks to Bilbo Baggins - as it was the sight of his eleventy-first birthday party in the Shire. It was here that he invited 144 personal guests to his table, thanked them in turn, and then mysteriously disappeared! For years afterwards many hobbits spoke of this mischevious event on the part of old master Bilbo. The place itself has not fallen under ill-use but it has not hosted quite the party since!


Unlike the old hole at Bag-End, the Party Tree has more then sight seeing endeavours - though it is a considerable locale to behold. There are a variety of hobbits mingled in its borders and there are three ovens: crafting stations for potential cooks. Some players enjoy the sights while they prepare delicious food and drink.

Between the ovens, in the hillside, is a Bag End Cellar Door. A note says that "Bag End Cellar events must be active in order to use this door. You must have completed the quest 'Bilbo's Letter'." We currently have no record of this quest or any quests for this location.


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    The Party Tree