Zone: The Shire
Type: Unknown
Quests: Starting: 13, Involved: 8
Mobs: 25

In the northern reaches of the Shire, past the Bindbole Wood and the townships of Overhill and Brackenborings, lies the Greenfields: a vast green pasture with a deep history. It is on this field that the great Bullroarer Took repelled a goblin invasion by hewing the head off their leaders head: Golfimbul! Interesting enough, many hobbits credit the old took for the invention of golf (not that many hobbits participate in it, mind you). While these pastures have not seen Golfimbul or his kin for many years, a Ranger has been spotted on its borders; and rumours swirl from Scary about the presence of Goblins!

The Greenfields play a pivotal part of the history of the Shire; indeed, if it was not for Bullroarer Took, the country would have been consumed many years ago. That very evil, though, is brooding once again and players will seek to stop it - or at least hobbits will! For it is through the Greenfields - and into Golfimbul's Hole - that the epic prologue quest line takes aspiring hobbits. Yet there is also another goblin encampment to the east of the hole. Aside from goblins, however, there are many sorts of wildlife - including bears, badgers and foxes - and a plentiful amount of tier two resource nodes.


Major landmarks, NPCs and other points of interest


  • Badger, Beast
  • Gransfoot Battler (Elite), Goblin
  • Gramsfoot Guard, Goblin
  • Gramsfoot Hurler, Goblin
  • Mature Black Bear, Beast
  • Red Fox, Beast
  • Wild Gramsfoot, Goblin
  • Wolf Hunter, Beast
  • Halros, Ranger of the North (26.7S, 67.0W)
  • Mungo Burrows (24.8S, 67.4W)
Points of Interest
  • Golfimbul's Hole (instance) (24.7S, 69.5W)
  • Golfimbul's Hole (non-instance) (25.7S, 68.5W)
  • The Scrag Dells (24.8S, 66.6W)
Resource Nodes
  • Ash Branches
  • Barrow-Iron Deposit
  • Silver Deposit
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